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The Zabrak and the Dragon - DeltaXeno1138

Dath Maul lands in Equestria, and is lead to a young dragon with dark side potential.

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Chapter 5

Five days had passed since Maul had taken up residence in the Castle of the Two Sisters. During those five days, Maul was starting to get used to his surroundings, though he would never entirely adapt to them. Celestia had also requested that Maul come before the town of Ponyville with Twilight so they could all know that he meant no harm. He agreed, recognizing the mutual benefit. The population would be more comfortable with his presence and unnecessary altercations with frightened or paranoid equines would be less likely.

Given the that the planet had no previous encounters with extraterrestrial life, incidents with foolhardy natives, even on a small scale, would be a given. The guard he Force chocked earlier was proof of that, along with the mint green unicorn who rushed the stage during the announcement.

"Are you an escaped human experiment?! Did you come from Earth or that mirror world and that's why your skin is like that?! Was your father black and your mother red?! Or the other way around?!"

Twilight was glad Celestia had sent some Royal Guards as a precaution, and that Bonbon was there to hold her partner back from climbing onto the stage.

"He's an alien Lyra!" Bonbon yelled.

"Yeah! A humanoid alien! Do you know Jules Verne?! What's he li-?! Mm! Mm mm mmm! MMMMMMM!" Lyra continued to scream even though Bonbon had shoved a hoof in her mouth. The guards helped pull the frantic unicorn to the back of the crowd.

After getting a quick nod from Maul, Twilight told the town about Maul's species and that humans did in fact exist. Thankfully the crowd responded with only a few surprised murmurs and Lyra visibly relaxed. She also explained that much like any individual, Maul would defend himself if he were met with hostility.

The event ended with no further situations, and much to Twilight's delight, a few of Ponyville's residents even came up to Maul to shake his hand and give him a friendly welcome. Maul graciously accepted the welcomes with a smile, as he had been taught to. His smile still managed to be unsettling.

As he departed on the speeder he had used to arrive, he could feel Lyra's gaze on him more than the others and sensed he would encounter her again. A minor annoyance, but even the smallest thorn could grant entrance to a lethal infection. He would deal with this thorn when the time came.

Meditation, a form of deep concentration mostly known for calming the mind, seeking your inner self or inner peace. There were others however, who used it to focus their anger, fear, and hatred into inner power. While Maul was no longer affiliated with the ones who practiced the latter, it didn't stop him from doing it anyway. It was still useful.

This "dark" meditation was what Maul did when he wasn't planning Spike's training or using his probes to create his own map of Equestria. He was using this meditation to try and find what precisely drew him to the planet. A world filled with purely light side Force energy was of little to no use to a dark side adept. The light side wouldn't draw him in, that wasn't its nature. There was something of the dark side on this planet, and he was going to find it.

The slightest echo of hoof steps alerted him that his search would have to be put on hold for the moment. He had another matter to attend to. Twilight had provided him with magic stones that when struck could create a spark to send a parchment letter, much like Spike's magic fire, for important messages. He had sent one to her earlier, inviting her over.

Maul wasn't accustomed to using physical parchment, but he found some charm in it.

Standing from his cross legged position on the floor, Maul exited his bedroom to greet the purple alicorn who entered his temporary domain.

"Ah, Princess Twilight, your visits are always a pleasure" Maul said with a bow and a friendly smile.

"Thank you Maul" Twilight replied with a slight bow of her own "I'm glad you've been adjusting to Equestria nicely."

"As am I."

"I'm surprised you invited me over though, considering you haven't exactly been making friends these past few days. Not that that's a bad thing" she added quickly "since you said you preferred some solitude. Ahem, so why did you invite me over?"

"I was actually hoping I could ask some questions concerning your...young assistant" Maul said, retaining his smile.

"Spike?" Twilight paused for a moment, not having expected what Maul said "Um...sure, I guess. What did you want to know?"

Maul had taken the time to think his questions through, how to word them.

"How exactly did you come to have a young dragon for an assistant?"

"Oh that's simple" Twilight smiled "I hatched him from his egg when I was a filly. Hatching him was actually my entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns."

"Interesting, and how did this school come by the egg of a dragon? It is in my knowledge and experience that dragons are quite vicious, and wouldn't let anyone take their offspring."

"..."Twilight was at a loss of words for a moment "I...actually don't know. I was never told, and I never asked." Twilight looked to be ponderous and somewhat regretful.

"Curious" Maul noted before asking his next question "How long have you had him?"

"About fourteen years" Twilight replied after a short second.

"That would make him an adolescent by now. Tell me, have you had any worries concerning his imminent behavior?"

"What do you mean?"

"Adolescence is when rebelliousness emerges" Maul said pointedly "And I don't mean to sound...offensive to your ward, but he is a dragon. And from what I've learned, fully grown dragons on this world are slightly more violent than the ones I'm familiar with. I would think you'd have some concerns as he grew."

"I never really thought of that" Twilight said as she used a wing to rub her chin "I have encountered teenage dragons, and they weren't exactly friendly." Twilight shuddered slightly at the memory. "But Spike was raised among ponies, and he's never been like other dragons. He actually proved how different he was from them during that incident."

"Be that as it may, you can't ignore the nature of life. Can you honestly tell me the young ponies of your land don't have their phases?" Maul said with a quirked brow.

"I...guess I can't" Twilight relented "Oh boy, what's Spike gonna be like?"

"That actually brings me to the reason behind my questions. I believe I can help you with your assistant when his imminent behavior arises."

"Really? How?"

"My past training, while ruthful, did come with benefits" Maul said "I was taught to control my anger and aggression, to channel them into a healthy outlet. I could provide your assistant with an altered form of my training to...alleviate you of any difficulties you would encounter."

"Oh that's...kind of you Maul" Twilight said a little nervously "But I don't think that's really necessary. Like I said, Spike was raised among ponies. I'm sure he won't be that bad."

"Hm, very well then" Maul replied in a neutral tone "I suppose this concludes our meeting. Thank you for accepting my invitation, your highness, I wish you luck in your future endeavors."

"Of course Maul, it was no trouble, and thank you." Twilight and Maul bowed to each other, the former turning after and beginning to leave.

"Heed my words, Princess" Maul called out before Twilight could exit, causing her to stop, though she didn't turn back. "The change is inevitable. Keep in mind that my offer remains open."

"......I will. Goodbye Maul" Twilight said before exiting, taking flight once she stepped outside.

"Farewell...Princess" Maul said with a mischievous smile.

Maul was standing before a window in his bedroom. At first glance, it would seem he was observing the nature near his temporary home, appreciating it. If one were to look closer however, they would see a look of concentration, uncommon for appreciating the beauty of nature.

Maul was completely indifferent to the amazing view. He was instead using the Force to reach out into the distance, toward the castle of the purple princess. He had been doing so since her visit over a week ago. Seeds of doubt needed watering in order to grow, and Force Influence was one of the best sources of nourishment.

Mind Trick was technically the same as Influence, but with a specific suggestion. Force Influence was subtle, more of a behavioral shift in direction. This is precisely what Maul was doing. His focus was on the mind of his inevitable apprentice. More often than not, those with dark side potential only needed the slightest of shoves into the right path.

Maul may not have been able to see what transpired in the castle, but he could feel the young dragon's growing emotions each time. It wouldn't be long before the alicorn decided to return to accept his offer.

He ceased his influence, sensing that Spike's emotions had grown enough to continue the job themselves, as they always did. He took a seat on the floor, entering into a calm session of his dark meditation with a smile. He wasn't at peace per say, but was rather in contentment, reveling in his small success.

Half an hour later, his smile grew when he sensed Twilight approaching the castle. He had a slight feeling of Deja Vu as the events of last week played out the same way, him arising to meet Twilight as she entered.

"Oh, hi Maul" Twilight said a little confusedly "Did I...send you a message saying I was coming?"

"No, I sensed you approaching."

"Oh right, you can do that" Twilight said, slightly embarrassed she had forgotten that "Actually, I probably should've sent you a message. Not exactly courteous to drop in unannounced."

"There is nothing to fear, your highness" Maul said reassuringly "I could sense your urgency, and I would be glad to help with whatever issue you may have."

"I..." Twilight paused, flabbergasted "Wow. Maul you...I wasn't expecting this sort of behavior from you so soon. You must really be adapting to Equestria! Does this mean you'll accept Pinkie's invitation to a 'Welcome to our Planet' party?"


"Okay" Twilight made a mental note to pass that onto Pinkie, again. She then switched to a slightly hesitant demeanor. "Actually, my situation has to do with what you brought up last time."

"Regarding your ward?"

"Yes. Spike has been...acting out lately, it's so odd. First he brought up the fact that he still sleeps in a basket rather than a bed, and that even after the castle showed up, he just got a glorified new one."

"I mean, seriously. Look at it" Spike said as he gestured to his sleeping area "It's like my old basket was given gold plating."

"Well yeah, it looks nice" Twilight attempted to reason.

"Polished manure, Twilight. Polished manure." Spike then gained a cross look as he lead her back out into the map room "Do you not want me to have a proper bed or something? Do you think I should act more like a faithful dog?"

"Wha- No! Of course n-"

"That's it isn't it? I'm more of a dog to you! I just happen to be able to write and magically send messages! Doesn't help that I was turned into a dog when we went to that mirror world."

"Spike!" Twilight exclaimed "You're not a dog, and nopony sees you that way, me most of all."

"Then why can't I have a proper bed?"

"You can! I'll look into getting you as soon as possible."

"......As soon as possible?" Spike asked with crossed arms and narrowed eyes.


"Good" Spike said curtly before turning and walking back to his room.

"Wow" Twilight said breathlessly. She hadn't expected this sort of outburst from Spike of all individuals. It practically came out of nowhere.

"You've had him sleeping in a basket this whole time?"

"Oh don't you start!" Twilight exclaimed as she turned to Starlight "And were you eavesdropping?"

"Not exactly eavesdropping when it echoes throughout the castle" Starlight pointed out "Seriously though, why didn't you get him a bed before?"

"He never complained about it before" Twilight shrugged "He always seemed so content with what he had."

"He's a teenager by now, right?"


"He's probably getting those teenage hormones. I actually got rid o- encountered, encountered that with some teenagers who were newcomers to Our Town.

"Teenage hormones?" Twilight asked specifically.

"Of course. And I wish you the best of luck in dealing with a teenage male dragon" Starlight said amusedly as she walked off.

"Hey, you live here too!"

"But you're the guardian, ta-ta!"

"Ta-taaa" Twilight mockingly grumbled in Starlight's direction. Her face became thoughtful as she turned back to look in the direction of Spike's room, Maul's earlier warnings coming to mind.

"And that wasn't the only thing" Twilight continued "He brought up that he always has to ask for bits instead of having his own, and that I'll bring him along with me just to take notes."

"And are these accusations accurate?" Maul asked with a quirked brow.

"I....I'm ashamed to say they are" Twilight said as she hung her head momentarily "And even though I'm looking to change all that, I realize that Spike's attitude probably won't go away anytime soon, and may actually get worse. Teenagers do tend to take issue with excessive chores, and Spike's have increased since the castle arrived. That's why I'm here. I was thinking I might take you up on your offer."


"I wanted to check what specifically your training entails."

"That is fair. My training will consist of rigorous exercise of both the body and mind to strengthen them and to release tension. I will teach him combat in hand to hand as well as weaponry."

"I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with Spike learning how to fight" Twilight interrupted.

"I would imagine from the past adventures you've told me of, there were a few instances where his assistance could've been useful" Maul countered.

"You...do have a point there, but what if he uses what he's learned to hurt somepony he shouldn't?"

"That is precisely what the mental aspect of the training is for" Maul replied "I will teach him to fight only when necessary, such as in self defense or in an altercation, and how not to let his anger make him lose control. I'm sure you would prefer he release his frustration on inanimate objects rather than someone who might find him in a bad mood."

"I..." Twilight hesitated, taking moment to think over Maul's words "I suppose you're right. I can't just ignore what's happening, and it would be awful if Spike literally lashed out at someone when he didn't mean to."

"Then you accept my offer?" Maul asked with a smile, already knowing the answer.

"....Yes, I do" Twilight said with a confirming nod "But Spike should have the final say, not me."

"I agree. He should be given the choice I never had. I trust you will send me a message when he's given his answer?"

"Even better, I'll have him send the message to you personally" Twilight affirmed "Well, I should go and tell him the news. If it means anything Maul, I'm confident he'll accept and that you'll be an excellent teacher for him."

"That is thoughtful of you to say, your highness. You have my deepest thanks" Maul emphasized this by placing a hand on his chest before giving Twilight a respectful bow. Twilight returned it in kind with a smile; she and Maul bid each other farewell, with the former asking that he call her by her name, as a sign of friendship.

Maul watched Twilight as she took to the air from his home yet again, releasing a chuckle as she got further away before proceeding to his bedroom and stretching out his hand to once again reach out to the young dragon.

Maul smiled as he felt Spike's elation, opening his eyes and placing both hands behind his back, waiting. It wasn't long before he saw the wisp of green magic carrying Spike's response. He stretched out his hand, using the Force to call the message directly to him.

Maul caught the wisp, which immediately transformed into a roll of parchment. He released it from its seal and proceeded to read. His face transformed into a look of nefarious pleasure as he beheld the written words.

Dear Maul, I'm interested in your offer. If you can really teach me what Twilight told me, then you may have found yourself a student. All I need is a few more details. Just tell me if I should head over or if you'll come here. With regards, Spike.

"All too easy." The message didn't have an actual acceptance of the offer, but Maul knew it was inevitable. The dragon's emotions were too strong, too drawn to the potential, everything until the submission was merely a formality.

Maul approached the desk he had found and moved to his room to write his response, instructing Spike to come to the castle the next day. He used the magic stones to send the letter and sat down on the floor afterward.

He immersed himself in the Force yet again to continue his search for whatever was radiating the dark side. Each day brought him closer and closer to discovering where this thing was.

He received no sleep that night, as he stayed in his immersion for many hours, searching. It would prove fruitful as he finally discovered where he would need to conduct a live search. It was some distance from his abode, but it was doable. Whatever he was looking for, he would find it in the very outskirts of the Everfree Forest.

"Thanks for the lift Twilight" Spike said as he climbed down from the alicorn's back. She had insisted she take him so that he may avoid the dangers of the Everfree. He wasn't one to object to that offer.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go in with you?"

"I'm sure Twilight" Spike said confidently "This is something I need to do on my own."

"Well, okay" Twilight relinquished. She then caught the dragon off guard by giving him a sudden hug. "Good luck Spike, I know you'll do great."

Spike smiled before returning the hug. "Thanks Twilight." The pair held the hug for a second longer before parting.

"I'll see you-" Twilight cut herself off, realizing they hadn't been told how long this would take "Whenever you're done with this. Goodbye Spike."

"Bye Twilight" Spike replied before she turned and flew off. He then turned and looked at the main entrance. Behind those doors was the alien claiming he could teach Spike; teach him to fight, teach him to control his emotions, teach him to not be weak and useless, as he often felt he was.

He took a deep breath and steeled himself before making his way up the steps. He slowly reached forward and opened one of the doors, allowing himself inside. He was surprised to see his inviter down the entry hall, waiting for him with his hands behind his back.

"Welcome to my abode, young dragon" Maul said kindly as Spike approached "I was glad upon receiving your response. You have come for elaboration on my training offer, yes?"

"Hey Maul, and yeah, I have" Spike said as he came to a stop "It's sounds really tempting just from what Twilight said, but I'd like to know exactly what I'd be getting into."

"A reasonable request" Maul said with a slight nod before gesturing to the floor "Please, sit." Spike complied, sitting cross legged across from his would-be teacher, who sat down the same way.

"So, what exactly would I be going through with this training?"

"Well, like most forms of warrior training, you will be subjected to rigorous exercise both physically and mentally" Maul's demeanor then switched to being very serious "However, this form of training will include methods and practices unfamiliar to your world. I will teach you the ways of the Force and how to properly wield a lightsaber.

"The trials you will face will leave you exhausted, frustrated, and angry, especially towards me. But I can assure, the results are worth the effort. Submit to my teachings, and you will be born anew, stronger, faster, more powerful than you could imagine. You will be able to fight and defend yourself, as well as your friends...and loved ones."

Spike had become entranced by Maul's words, unaware his mind was being the slightest bit influenced, his deepest desires being urged to the surface. Spike only raised his head slightly at the mention of loved ones, not giving any form of vocal response. His eyes shifted, taking a moment to think.

What Maul described sounded as though it would leave Spike changed, considerably different from who he was now. But everyone changes with age, with life experience. If he agreed to this, he could become stronger, more powerful. He could actually contribute, not be a liability all the time, actually fight against an enemy if necessary. He had often dreamed of himself in his exaggerated form, joining in the Changeling battle at Canterlot, smashing Sombra's crystals in the Crystal City, even getting in a few good licks against Tirek before Twilight took over. The basis of his dreams, at least, could become a reality.

"Are you up for the challenge of putting yourself to better use?"

Spike was snapped out of his thoughts by Maul's question. He looked to the alien for a quick moment before shifting his eyes downward. He took a quick moment to think it over before coming to a decision. He brought his eyes back up and looked into the ones focused on him.

"Yes, I am."

"Excellent" Maul replied with a smile before standing, Spike following suit "You will not regret this decision. We begin tomorrow."

"So soon?" Spike asked in a surprised tone.

"This form of training requires an immediate start. Is that too soon for you?"

"Uh, no! Not at all" Spike replied quickly "I said I was up to the challenge, and I am."

"Good. Return here tomorrow....six in the morning should be appropriate."

"Six?" Maul cocked a brow at that "Which is no problem at all, I'll just set my alarm clock early. At least it's not as early as Shining's wake up time when he was at the Royal Guard academy."

Maul walked Spike to the front door after their meeting time was established and Spike used some of Maul's parchment to send Twilight a message to pick him up.

"I will be awaiting your arrival tomorrow, my young apprentice."

"I'll make sure to be here right on the dot..." Spike paused unsure of how to continue "What should I call you? Calling you 'teacher' just doesn't really feel right."

"Perhaps a more apt name to address me by would be...Master."

"That...actually does feel like it fits. Master and apprentice, I like it."

"I sensed you would" Maul replied with a smile as Twilight descended to the ground.

"Hello Spike, Maul. Can I assume from your expressions that everything went well?"

"You sure can, Twilight" Spike said "I start my training bright and early tomorrow."

"That's great Spike! I'm know you're gonna do great" She then addressed the Zabrak still at the entrance "Thank you for this Maul. This would really be Spike's only option since dragons aren't accepted into the Royal Guard academy, I checked. Plus, you're bipedal, so Spike should have an easier time than if he were trained by ponies. Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

"The opportunity to pass on my knowledge is payment enough, Princess Twilight. But coupled with my allowed residency, I should actually be repaying you."

"Oh Maul, that's really not nece-" Twilight cut herself off as Maul finished approaching her and held out some form of device that appeared to have some form of screen on it.

"This is a datapad. It is used for the input, storage, and displaying of information. This one has a rather large memory size, it contains information on vehicles, devices, weapons, a few hundred planets and their cultures. I know you are fond of new information, and I thought lending you this would serve as a decent repayment and a sign of friendship."

Twilight had taken the datapad with her magic as Maul spoke, her eyes never leaving it.

"Your highness?"

"You just gave Equestria's most bookish, knowledge hungry pony a device with literally multiple worlds worth of information" Spike explained to his new master "I'm pretty sure you broke her for the moment."

"Will she be alright?"

"Yeah, this has happened before" Spike assured him "I just gotta point her head in the right direction while she's flying. I'll see you tomorrow, Master."

"Farewell, my young apprentice" Maul said as Spike climbed onto Twilight's back before giving her sides a harmless jab. She unconsciously spread her wings and took off with Spike holding onto her head so he could direct her.

Maul reentered the castle and made his way to his room, taking his place at the window he kept staring out of. He managed to catch the slightest glimpse of the duo before they were completely out of sight.

Not long after, he received a very repetitive and large font 'thank you' response from Twilight, to which he rolled his eyes at. Manipulating the alicorn had been easy once he knew her weakness. She would be occupied with the datapad for quite some time. Thankfully he made sure to erase any extensive data on the Jedi and Sith. What remained essentially told that they were Force practitioners of opposing ideologies and nothing else. He crumpled up the parchment and threw it away before redirecting his attention to the distance.

Tomorrow he would begin his new apprentice's training, and perhaps soon after, he would venture to the outskirts of the Everfree to find whatever was calling to him.

Author's Note:

Been having major writer's block, which became more severe from going back to college. Amazing I even managed to get this out.

Tron Legacy reference just cuz.

The light side wouldn't draw him in, that wasn't its nature.

Is Kylo resisting the light side pulling him to it, or is his former self trying to pull him out of the dark? I'm saying that in this story's context, the dark pulls, the light doesn't.

I may not know all the Legends info on krayts, but I'm pretty sure they're just wild animals, like lions or tigers. Dragons in Equestria are sentient and basically a-holes, with few exceptions.

Some of Maul's words I intentionally and specifically lifted from a few other characters.

Just want to reiterate, first time doing a story like this, and I can recognize my own roughness. Some of this feels a little rushed, but after sitting on it for so long, I want to move on to the good stuff I have planned. Let's just say I have the Dark tag for a reason. :trixieshiftright:

I was gonna make a joke about the events happening a little fast because it helped the story, but it didn't fit to me. Got the idea from a joke that included this "...and she agrees, 'cause it helps the joke."

No idea when next chapter will come out, or even when I'll start. Midterms! :raritycry: