• Published 15th May 2016
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The Zabrak and the Dragon - DeltaXeno1138

Dath Maul lands in Equestria, and is lead to a young dragon with dark side potential.

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Chapter 3

"So Maul" Twilight said after a few minutes of walking "I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me." In truth, she had quite a few questions, but she knew better than to go overboard, especially with Maul. His actions with her friends and the manticores left her both incredibly curious and doubly cautious.

"I am willing to answer them, as long as you answer some questions of mine."

"How about a back and forth?" Twilight suggested "I ask a question and you answer, then you ask a question and I answer, and so on."

"That sounds reasonable" Maul acquiesced "Ask away."

Where to begin? Twilight asked herself, taking a moment to think of what to ask first. "I've encountered a species very similar to yours, but there are some noticeable differences. Are you a human?"

From the way she'd spoken, he guessed that she knew of humans but they weren't common on this planet. Something to look into in the future. "No. My species is zabrak. We are a humanoid species."

So then he knows about humans. And there are humanoid aliens out there. Yay! New term.

"I believe it is my turn. What planet am I on? Or perhaps I should ask, what do you call your planet?"

"We call our planet Equis. We ponies are kind of the dominant species, but we do live among other sentient species. Griffons, minotaurs, zebras and dragons."

So krayts are sentient on this planet Maul thought to himself. He doubted this made the large, dangerous reptiles pleasant to be around. His silence prompted Twilight to move on to her next question.

"You lifted Pinkie and the cub into the air without touching them. Are you a practitioner of some form of magic?"

"No, I am a practitioner of the Force."

"The Force?"

"You do not know of it." It was a statement, not an inquiry.

"I've never heard of it, no. Would you mind explaining it to me?"

"The Force is the energy field that holds the galaxy together. Life creates it, and in turn, it gives power to those who can wield it, such as myself. This is what you and your friends witnessed today." There was no harm in giving her the general information that any curious individual could find out on their own.

Twilight found this explanation quite fascinating. It sounded remarkably close to what Equis believed of magic. An energy that made up the universe and could be manipulated. She definitely wanted to learn more of it, but she had already asked one more question than she should have.

"I would like to hear more about it, but I believe you have the next question."

"That I do" Maul acknowledged. "This magic you refer to. I take it that is what I witnessed from you. Would you mind explaining it to me?"

"Well...it's actually quite similar to this Force you described. Or rather, we perceive it in a similar manner. Energy of the universe that can be utilized by some, in our case unicorns and alicorns."

The rest of the walk was spent learning more general knowledge of each other. Maul learned of the three races, or technically four with the inclusion of alicorns, the four princesses and their designations, the extent of Equestria's technology and thus their lack of space travel, the occasional power hungry/power mad villain stopped with the "magic of friendship".

He doubted that literal friendship managed to defeat these foes that sounded as though they could give his old master a challenge. More likely their personal feelings amplified their magic, much like a dark side users anger amplified their power. The demeanor of these ponies made it apparent that they had more of a light side approach to how they used magic however. But he still sensed there was something or someone who had potential for the dark. The feeling that drew him here had increased since he landed, and it grew as they neared their destination.

Most of what Twilight learned was basic knowledge of Maul himself. His skin color was actually a result of being ritually tattooed from birth, his horns were vestigial unless he chose to use them in some manner, and quite surprisingly, his legs weren't armored but part of an entire lower body prosthesis. This fascinated everypony present.

He wasn't willing to divulge how exactly his entire lower half was removed, or how he survived! At least not in a way that really satisfied her curiosity. He claimed his strength in the Force allowed him to survive. Even though she wanted to know the actual biological reason behind it, she knew not to pry into such a sensitive matter. She instead focused on the amazingly advanced prosthetic he was sporting. Upon listening closely, she could hear a slight whirring. This was far more advanced than anything Equestria had. The most advanced they had was metal wings, which mostly went to veterans.

Aside from the personal stuff, she learned that there were entire worlds with sentient species and that many of them had the ability to travel through space for over thousands of years. She found it astounding that none of them had ever reached Equis before. Maul even claimed that the only way he found the planet was by having sensed it through the Force.

The others were given an opportunity to ask questions as well. Rarity of course asked about his "interesting" wardrobe and what he could say of fashion in the galaxy. Unfortunately for her, he didn't have much to say on the latter besides the fact that the clothes of the wealthy on Coruscant were known to be beautiful and elegant. His current wardrobe had been provided to him.

Despite her reservations about him, Rainbow couldn't suppress her curiosity over his ship, and how fast it could go. She was naturally left speechless when he revealed it had the capability of light speed.

Starlight herself was as curious about the Force as Twilight but wasn't comfortable enough to ask the alien anything yet. Everypony else had nothing to ask, except Pinkie, but she knew to give Maul some time before conversing with him again.

After the ten minute trek back, the group finally exited the Everfree. Maul immediately took note of the other ponies milling about, who in turn started noticing him as he was guided through the town towards Twilight's castle. His eyes shifted about as he started to feel the confusion, skepticism, and most of all fear, emanating from the populace. The smallest hint of a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. They were right to fear him.

"Don't mind them" Twilight told Maul in an assuring tone "They're just not accustomed to an seeing an alien. I'm sure they won't do anything to try to harm you. They're probably too afraid to try anything anyway." If only she knew how right she was as much as Maul did.

Maul's eyes drifted upward as he approached what he surmised was Twilight's castle, taking in the admittedly impressive size and...unique design. Considering his size in comparison to the ponies, Maul was able to ascend the steps two at a time, though slowly since he knew not to break the guard barrier.

And of course there was the intensified sensation in the Force. Whatever had drawn him was residing in the castle, and there was no doubt now that it was a living being. Curiously, he felt that there was something else of great power in the castle, but it felt different.

Maul was lead into a large sort of council room through two large doors, and at the very center was the source of the power he was feeling. A large, circular table. While it was emanating a significant amount of power in the Force, he felt that it wasn't the type of power that could be used to his advantage. For this reason he focused his attention on the individual he had been sensing, who was in a smaller version of the surrounding chairs.

And this individual was in the middle of a nap.

A questioning look developed on Maul's face as he beheld the small reptilian. Aside from the tail and the face, the small being looked like a Trandoshan child, which he doubted is what this youngling actually was. He reached out with the Force and was surprised that this was indeed who had drawn him to the planet. That and the fact that it wasn't power he was sensing, but untapped potential for it.

"Why am I not surprised?" Twilight suddenly said with an eye roll, eliciting suppressed giggles from the other mares. "Give me a second Maul, we need him awake if we're going to get a letter to the princess."

Maul watched Twilight as she approached and nudged the sleeping figure to wake him. "Spike, we're back."

"Huh?" Spike muttered as he began to stir from his slumber. He rubbed one of his eyes before he snapped awake completely. "Oh! Yeah. Hey Twilight. I was just resting my eye-" He froze as he suddenly caught sight of the imposing figure among his friends.

"Spike, it's not polite to stare."

Spike blinked away his surprise, not realizing he had been focusing on the new arrival longer than he intended. "Oh, sorry. So um, this is the...alien?"

"Yes, and thankfully he means us no harm" Twilight informed her assistant "In fact he actually needs some help, but first, you should properly introduce yourself to him. Go on."

"Yeah, sure" Spike said before getting off his chair and approaching the alien, ignoring the odd feeling that had suddenly developed in the back of his head. "Hi, I'm Spike. I'm a dragon, and the personal assistant to Princess Twilight Sparkle" Spike said with a smile and an outstretched hand.

The zabrak regarded the youngling for a quick moment before leaning forward and shaking the offered hand. "I am Maul. A pleasure to make your acquaintance" he said with a small smile, which surprised everypony there. Twilight considered that he might've decided to make better first impressions. Though what he said next caused a bit of a problem. "You are a dragon?"

Uh oh everypony thought collectively. They knew where this was gonna go.

"Yeah I'm a dragon" Spike said defensively after letting go of Maul's hand "What? Do you think I'm too small? I've got the fire breath to prove it. I'll show you!"

"My apologies, I meant no offense" Maul said quickly before Twilight could intervene "I'm merely unfamiliar with your...breed. The dragons I know of are far larger and bestial. They certainly don't have the power of speech, or the ability to breathe fire. Quite an impressive feat."

Spike immediately developed a smile while everypony else was left stunned. This was the nicest Maul had acted since they met him. Some of them weren't even sure he could be this nice.

"Yes. Yes it is. I could tell you a story or two actually..."

"Spike" Twilight interrupted "While I'm sure it would be nice to hear one of your stories, again, Maul still needs your assistance."

"My assistance? Um, sure. How can I help?"

"I need you to take a letter and send it to the Princess Celestia and Luna."

"That's all? Yeah, sure thing." Spike pulled out a parchment and quill and began composing the message once Twilight began.

"Dear Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, I have successfully made contact with our other worldly visitor. His name is Maul, and he claims he's looking for refuge. He has requested that he meet with you personally to further discuss this matter. He has made it clear that he doesn't mean to harm us so long as he isn't given reason to. I eagerly await your response. Your fellow princess, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike rolled up and bound the parchment before sending it off with his magic fire, something that Maul found interesting but didn't dwell on. Twilight informed him that all they had to do now was wait. During this time, Maul took a walk around the room, realizing he had missed the subtle amount of energy that the entire castle seemed to be made of. Spike meanwhile welcomed Rarity and Starlight back with affectionate hugs, the latter of which seemed to last a bit longer.

"Is there anything you might like Maul?" Twilight asked "A beverage or snack?"

"Some water will suffice" Maul responded. Twilight gave a nod and walked off toward the kitchen.

Maul ceased his walk in front of the large table. He eyed it for a short moment before slowly stretching out a hand to it. Gently placing his hand on it, he was able to get a small glimpse of its magical power. Beneath it, or rather magically hidden, was a map of the country, each region name suddenly entering his mind. Griffinstone, the Dragonlands, Manehattan, etc. He also sensed that this map was connected to all but one of the seven mares he had met. The nature of the connection was the only thing that alluded him.

After removing his hand, he turned his focus back to the small dragon. He took note of the boy's affection toward the two mares, which seemed to almost be in conflict, and his earlier anger. Anger that was only barely tapped into. Both of these emotions would surely come into play when the boy's training began.

"Here you go" Maul turned to see Twilight had returned with a glass of water being held in midair with her magic. He thanked her before using the Force to bring the glass to his hand. After drinking half of his water, Maul sensed something coming from Spike.


And just like that, Spike expelled a scroll into his hands. He unrolled it and informed everyone that a chariot was being sent to bring them to Canterlot castle. Spike requested to join them, which Twilight gladly allowed. Maul finished his water and set the glass on the map before following his new acquaintances. By the time they exited the castle, a rather large golden chariot attached to two pegasi was waiting for them. This world was continuing to intrigue its visitor.

Maul felt the gaze of the town residents as he boarded the carriage with the others. They were all still unsure and frightened of him. He paid it no mind as the carriage took off into the air.

As they approached Canterlot Castle, it was impossible for Maul not to feel two things. A large amount of light side energy very near to a large amount of dark side energy. Curiously, the dark side energy felt...suppressed, despite how much there was.

Once they landed in front of the rather impressive castle, some of it appearing to come out of the mountainside, they all got off the carriage and began walking to the front entrance. Maul found it curious that there wasn't any guards lined up to welcome them, most likely to appear more welcoming. Though he did sense a minor disturbance.

To say Oates was anxious would be a huge understatement. Unicorn fresh out of the Royal Guard Academy, first day on the job at Canterlot Castle, and it had to be on the day an alien is coming to visit the princesses. Even though he was put on a simple hallway patrol, he couldn't help but feel he should be ready to fight. He realized that this feeling had made him go back and forth in the same hallway rather then walk into another. It was right next to the door beside Celestia's throne.

He caught a glimpse of Celestia's flowing tail as he passed by the door yet again, no doubt her sister was alongside her. Of course they would be calm for this, which is what she urged her guards to be when the alien arrived. Easier said than done. And then the large double doors opened. He heard the sound of hoofsteps, along with those of something he had never heard. Oates cautiously turned back and walked to the doorway. Then he saw the alien walking alongside Princess Twilight, and went about doing something quite idiotic.

"Alien!" Oates yelled as he charged through the doorway toward the demonic looking being. He skidded to a halt and without even thinking, he lowered his head, charged up his horn and fired three blasts of magic at the alien. His head snapped back up immediately with an overly confident smile, which quickly disappeared when he saw the alien react.

In an amazing display of reflexes, the alien drew a small metal hilt that was hanging from its hip, out from which a blade of black energy emerged. He deflected all three shots as fast as they had been fired and shot out his left hand. Oates suddenly found himself in the air, his throat being constricted by an unseen force.

One thought went through the young guard's mind as he looked at the alien's angered face and the air was restricted from his lungs. This was a bad idea.

Author's Note:

I'm not too satisfied with how I had Maul explain the Force, but it was the best I could do without having him go into the Yoda and Obi-Wan spiel or revealing the whole Sith ideology.

FYI, I only use everypony when it's just ponies. If Spike and/or Maul is with them, I use everybody.

[x] Contrived problem that allows character to use the Force and their lightsaber

Holy crap, was the last chapter really in May?! Well then here's a small tease. The wait for the next chapter won't be as long. In fact, it should come out quite soon. Let's just say...this chapter was actually a bit longer. And the extra material I took out hasn't been discarded or forgotten. :raritywink: