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It's been a while · 2:31am Apr 23rd, 2016

First off, I'm taking this time to apologize to everyone who has been patiently waiting for an update to my fic, and I wish to thank you all for showing your support and to hear that so many people enjoy the story.

A lot has been going on which has caused me to put the story on hiatus. Rest assured it's not "dead" or "Canceled" I just need to brainstorm on it.

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Hello. May I continue your story please?

Is it okay if i made your Mlp and tfp story and make into a sword art online and tfp story, I promise to make for you on wattpad

thelastprime, might i offer a word of advice? I feel that with each passing episode/season, the hole of continuity you're obsessed with just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I suggest just keeping it in canon at the time it was written. Just say in the description "Set between end of season 3 and beginning of season 4". It might make life a little bit easier for you if you just stick with what you started with. It might be contradictory to other stories that DO encompass the entire series, BUT, even so, your story would still turn out great in the time that it was set in. Please write back soon.

2318730 Well...Good luck then, hope you get the drive soon :D

Another reason besides the writer's block is also lack of time due to being busy with real life.
I'm also having a hard time trying to regain the original drive and inspiration that spawned this story. Some of it was lost in the past year due to loss of interest in MLP and TF especially after Prime ended. That and the dissolvement of the Hub into Discovery Family didn't help either.
I'm trying to find time to binge watch older episodes of both shows to regain some of the magic of both shows and the love that The Hub once stood for with the fun and the great atmosphere the channel represented.
Again, I don't want the story to be unresolved, but my current situation, life priorities, and lack of interest lately have affected it.
Still not giving up though.

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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