• Published 11th Dec 2014
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do {} while (true); - wille179

The mare sits at the table and observes. There is a crack in the sky.

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Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed it, considering what it was. Below, I've included a download link to a text version of the code, as well as the actual code itself. If you rename the file "DoWhileStory.java", you can compile it and make it type up your own version of this story.
An interesting thing to note, the code is less than half the length of the story itself.

Comments ( 16 )

Dropped in to say "hi." Not really staying around...

Added a download to the whole java file. That method in the author's notes is the part that runs when you type "java DoWhileStory" into command line, but you need the other stuff for it to work.

Wow, this is very... "unsusual" [sic]. I think my favorite part is correctly predicting that that there would at some point be something hidden in the indent the two "Something changed. The original was forgotten. The change was forgotten. Life carried on."s with nothing between them but paragraph breaks.


what, you can upload this kind of stuff? markov chains, here i come.


i was just going to give you like and fav. you were so close.
but you had to use java.

Got to love those random number generators.

Because I only know how to use java. Or rather, java is my primary language. Don't really know that much about other languages.

Which ones do you code in?


5370307 absolutely every single one. but for stuff like this python would be better
i have generated few randumb trollfics with it

I figured as much, regarding python. Looking at my code, I could just gag... Not very elegant in Java. But hey, I threw it together in 4 hours, split over 2 days.

Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.

Is that text copied from other stories? If it is, then your code was trying to accomplish something entirely different than my code. Your's samples, mine wrote from scratch.

To each their own...


5370542 no shit


An interesting approah to authorship...

I know, right? It was an experimental oddity.

Entirely self-contained and functional.

Strangely hypnotic and more and more claustrophobic with increasing iterations.
That was... interesting.

Well, this was cute. It should have been less than 2000 words, though, I ended up skipping most of it. A larger sentence pool, perhaps one designed around telling an actual story obfuscated by the program, would have made it much more interesting. I like the concept, though, very fun.

Super creepy and weird, but ultimately worthwhile.

10 howling voids out of 10.

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