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So... I met Discord. Cool guy, if I do say so myself. We were actually having a nice chat, but something made his powers go haywire and drag him back to Equestria, with me along for the ride. Oh yeah, I also became my OC Lightning Blaze, a vampony filly with the power to control Fire, Lightning and Darkness. So now I have to cope with conflicting memories, powers that I know next to nothing on how to control and how strong they are, cybernetic limbs, ponies treating me like a kid (which I guess I am now), and overall, trying to not get put into an orphanage because I am an orphan now. Fan-flaming-tastic.

Oh, and apparently, Diamond Tiara has a crush on me. Help.

For those of you who followed the pre-rewrite, this is a completely new plot with only a few details from the old one. Hope it's better than that cringey thing.

Cover art doesn't show it, but Blaze's front hooves are actually cybernetic enhancements due to reasons that will be explained on the story.

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Comment posted by CroisSunnyPlay deleted Apr 7th, 2018

Are all those dislikes from before this re-write?

I'm actually liking the rewrite... I definitely needed the refresher

I also have discord for my phone and I am skilled at making discord servers

Thank chu! I'll be honest, I don't know what I had on my head when I first wrote this story. Looking back, it was terrible!:twilightsheepish: But then I made stories people really liked. My Little Bat Pony for example was just a fun draft at first, but then I saw how good I could make it with a few edits, and boy, was I right. So, I decided to do the same thing to this story, discarding the original idea and putting elements that are more enjoyable. I'm still on my way to fully erasing the M.S. Virus from my OC though, so I expect you all, whose opinion I learned to respect, to help me along the way!:twilightsmile: I'm already working on the next chapter, hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. Sunny leaves now... BONUS DUCKS!!!:duck::duck::duck:

the power to control Fire, Lightning and Darkness

seems op if you ask me

Dunno, that's the very basis of my OC, back when I first created her. The plan I have here is to have her learn how to use Fire, have trouble using Lightning, and only use Darkness by accident or when she have no othe option left. Though she will subconsciously be using the Darkness to cast simple spells without noticing, like levitation.

that does seem a bit more balenced if she has trouble contolling her powers

I based my oc on a pokemon

I punched Pinkie Pie in the face.

Yep to Tartarus with him

True, she may be OP in the Magic department, but she can barely control it

*Pinkie goes flying fast into a building from the punch*

Blaze: "Um, oops." *laughs nervously*

Interesting story, not sure what it was like before the rewrite but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next :twilightsmile:

I approve of this OCs fashion since.

Yah know, this makes me cringe a little from reading it, but from i can see, those downvotes are not entire deserved. This actually seems like an interesting story, too, so im going to preemptively give you a thumbs up.

Ok, but seriously, that cover art work is fricken gorgeous.

Eae Sunny, tempo que não acho uma ficha sua, bom trabalho nessa, só tenta não deixar a OC op de início, vai com que ela vá ficando forte aos poucos


Discord using Discord

Lol. when I first was told about Discord (the site), I kept confusing it up with Discord (Chaos Spirit). took a half hour to see the difference. And i'm just waiting for the day Discord (the site) lives up to it's name.

I punched Pinkie Pie in the face.

PTSD of TWO lives flow within her. Surprises are the worst thing you could ever do. Bruce lost his planet. Blaze was tortured as a filly.
And Pinkie Pie had the idea to Jump scare her! THAT IS KINDA FUNNY!

Hey you still working on this story

Please give us more


Do it for Fluttershy.

I say you should it would be fun!
Also I’m really liking it and can’t wait for the next chapter!
Finally, my condolences for your loss and hard times.

Sorry for all that bad stuff happening. *Sigh* Dang it now I’m thinking about my great-grandma. Who has been dead for the past five years now, or maybe four.

Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter and hope life turns, and stays, as good as it can be for you.

I laughed when he punched pinkie....sorry pinkie

"Welcome to Sunny Town"

But seriously this is not good....continue

I’d like something a little different than the original Sunny Town. Maybe have them undead but eh, just a noticeable difference.

Also, love the work.

Aí Sunny poderia ser o original com um twist podemos dizer, eles não serem tão que nem no History of the blanks

What sunny town fuck noo *the sewn of a windo braking can be hard in the bakrawnd*

Oh God it's Sunny Town, why?!

Did you not notice the Star Trek reference? Discord's voice actor also played an amazingly similar spirit named Q. Its quite the grand pun.

I do nowadays. Never watched Star trek until I read this story.

"Bollocks" is right. That's got to have hurt

"Welcome to Sunny Town."

Oh god, gouls

I would love to have read the original, even if it was a grammatical nightmare.

is the story dead?

It's been a few months since there was an update, so that's possible. But there's also a chance that an update may be coming. At some point...

*munches on the free bread* the story is looking good

Interesting take on things

Almost fogot.
Btw loved it.
+1 Like :derpytongue2:

Why is this reminding me of the story of the blanks

If you want a new oc to add to the story I have one you can use.

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