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I like to make people laugh, so I try to type out stories that are both funny and slightly serious... What else... Oh, I know a lot about and love Halo and my favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. That's all.


The Multiverse. It is a strange place in which there are worlds where things taste like purple and two plus two equals fish and if you divide that by three you get salmon... truly a weird place.

My memory is awful, but after moving around so much in the Multiverse, I had thought I had pretty much done it all.

At least, I thought I had. You see, the Multiverse is like that. It will lull you into a false sense of security, make you think you know what to expect and BAM! You’re a black kitten in a world full of ponies that are every color of the rainbow and the pet of a baby dragon...

Honestly though, this isn’t even on the top ten of the weirdest lives I’ve ever lead... I think.


Cover art was found on google, who ever made it is amazing and completely deserves all the credit. That person is not me, this is that person.

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Give the chapter a name—the current one just sounds like pretentious, planned indifference. Some cover art wouldn't hurt either. A picture of any black cat will do. The art "sells" a story, even if we don't like admitting that. I like the set-up that you have here; how you used the Crusaders to have Spike reveal that he's been keeping Scruffy a secret from Twilight. Exploring why Spike feels that Twilight doesn't think he's mature enough to handle pet ownership will be the key to the story, as it seems that some friction has appeared between them from the way you describe Spike as not having much to do for the last few months. I think that I'll enjoy seeing where this goes. Best of luck.

:facehoof: Thanks forgot to save after I changed the chapter name and I'll find a piece of cover art soon.

You have a little problem with capitalizing after quotations but it's a promising story otherwise.

when I read the crusaders letting the cat loose all I could think of was cutie mark crusaders animal attack victims.:rainbowlaugh: ...:unsuresweetie: although given opals reputation you'd think sweetie bell would be more catious wouldn't you?

.... also now I cant help but wonder how he's going to react to opal.... (I'm really sorry man for suggesting the author put you near that cat... good luck)

anyway ... guess this is before the dragon migration episode correct given that spike then would be helping take care of owlicous and also would already have piwi correct?

Incorrect actually. It's after the end of season 4 and the reasons for Twilight not spending as much time with Spike as usual has only been hinted at. They are in the crystal tree/castle thing that's why Spike has his own room and he was actually forced to give back Peewee to his parents. It was never actually shown except through a few pictures on the wall at the beginning of a different episode.

5683458 huh really ... still give twilights neurotic tendency's and study habits I'm sure he has a good deal of experience looking after himself, and twilight. the feel I've always got is the little brother is always the responsible one in the relationship... with the exception to his ability to ration ingredients involving gems for his snack creation.

‘...I wonder if they make sunglasses in my size?’

Hello, we have a custom-made kitty cat sized sun glasses for you. It has different features too!

Look one of them turns you into Nyan Cat!

Great story , please continue

I want one.... is this a magic kitty or just magic in the way that all kitties are?

If you were curious, the original art(and the artist) is here

Opal, Opalessence ? :duck: Where's baby, Mommy's here . . .

:moustache: Scruffy? Yo where are you?

:raritystarry: Spike what is that stray uncouth fur ball doing with Opal?

:moustache: push ups?


Thank you, I will be linking that in the description now. :pinkiehappy:

I know I did. :pinkiehappy: Here, have a chapter.

5690058 I don't know but as long as that bunny gets it I don't care

“You enjoy that now, I gotta go serve Princess Twilight and little Spike theirs then I’ll be back.”

I get the feeling that, for a lot of the staff, they are just trying to keep the workload off of a kid that's... well still a kid. What kind wants to spend their time doing chores?

Spike does... sorta.

5690058 Fluttershys Stare always felt to close to mind control to me because, no matter what some stories will tell you, cuteness can't be weaponized (except in very weird stories) and Fluttershy is in no way shape or form, intimidating. So mind control.

5690597 Some stories have it as a focus of all the anger she store deep, deep, deep inside.

IT'S THE MONSTER FLUTTERSTINE! Meow !:twilightoops::flutterrage::pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::raritystarry::moustache:

So.. we are not going to talk about Chef. We're all okay with Chef?
Cool Cool

Chef is for the win... I'd give you a chapter for your comment, but the voices in my head tell me to wait till the afternoon. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by caloricmango deleted Mar 3rd, 2015

In Japanese culture, Black Cats mean good luck, so Spike's gonna be alright. The only reason they're bad luck here and in Europe is because of witch trials that was really just mass hysteria and paranoia. So in other words, BS reasons.

Though while Spike may have good luck, I don't know about Scruffy himself...

My guess is: The CMC sneak into the Everfree anyway after they are told not to, and drag Scruffy along (everyone knows cats can see ghosts). Spike follows to get his cat back, and they run into Sleek in his/her true form as a changling or something else hiding out in the castle. Just please, not the timberwolves, I have seen timberwolves by the cord attack the CMC.

No Timberwolves, got it. Thanks for reminding me that cats can see ghosts too. I'm going to have some fun with that in a few chapters. :pinkiehappy:

5694425 Well I got that from Discworld, so I assume it is gospel everywhere.

And of course a cat can walk off the Stare. Go genre savvy kitty!

I still think he's Starswirl reincarnated.

How's this for something different: Twilight and the gang have done enough restoration work on the old castle that most of its safe so long as an adult goes with them to keep them out of the bad parts. And who better to babysit than the new assistant, Sleek? (Is there more to her name thank that?)

Kitty then drives the whole gang nuts by being the only one to see the ghosts and has to be pulled out of trouble by the tail.

Scruffy finds Opal attractive and ignores the chaos all around .

Opal come to mommy :raritycry:
Scruffy where are you?:moustache:
:flutterrage: Angel bunny !

:pinkiegasp:Did you hear that?
:applejackconfused: Curse of the Werekitty !
:rainbowhuh: Call PETA I'm going to stomp the cute outa them!
:facehoof: I need a vacation

:scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie: Cutie mark crusaders critter catchers!

this cannot end well, ... any one thing witches/possessed cat? or giant sabre-toothed poisoned joked cat?

They're going to get covered in tree sap.

Great chapter! And is that, SpikeBelle, I'm smelling?! Yes, I think it is!:moustache::unsuresweetie:

The Adventures of Scruffy the Cat, are a GO!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the comments, glad your liking the story. Here, have a chapter! :pinkiehappy:

So damn cute, heart warming and funny! Love it!:moustache::heart:

P.S. You forgot the "e's" in "bye".:twilightsmile:

Fixed now. :twilightsmile: As I was re-checking this I noticed that I forgot to italicize one of Scruffy's thoughts, so thank you for that.

Just for future chapters though, if you, or anyone reading this, sees an entire sentence capitalized, it means I forgot to re-type it and italicize. :twilightsheepish: Hopefully that won't be often.

I say low,
you say high,
I say by,
and you say bye, bye, bye, oh why?
I say hello, and you say goodbye,
Goodbye goodbye
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello :twilightsmile:

(With profound apologies to the Beatles)

I expect a tag team of Angel and Scruffy vs Sleek. :trixieshiftleft:

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