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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


A clerical error in the Registry of Mortals sends an unwitting human to a strange land. It wouldn't be so bad, if the ponies there weren't out for his blood.


A little twist on the myth that unicorns were hunted for their fantastical powers.

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so with the fact that Spitfire is recovering faster than a normal pony should. it sems that what the books says about humans have some credabilety.

hmmmmm! i like this, very entertaining! can't wait to see what happens next :)

also, this needs to spend a few days in the featured box

darn... i was hoping that it was just a myth, leading up to the ponies realizing that they did all that to a sapient being for no reason

It was the sound of spacetime ripping.

I like to think it sounds like the sound of one hand clapping.

Personally, I'm still hoping you'll go for the "it's all totally true" route of superstitious nonsense. The alternative just has a bit of a rather dark undertone that this chapter doesn't seem to be aiming towards.

Any hope on a reverse on the legend that unicorns only show themselves to pure virgins?

6541990 Oh my, that'd be a kicker!

6541990 Humans show themselves to the most craven perverts they can find.

So Dash sees him first. :rainbowhuh:

Not quite what i had in mind but funny all the same.:pinkiehappy:

The sound of one hand clapping isn't much different from two. A friend of mine used to do that all the time back in high school.


Its interesting, even more so that the book is so-so, vaguely accurate so far.

So human petting (or physical contact) help with healing.

Then you also have cuddles, belly rubs ect ect. So many possibilities to explore...


And those are just the tame ones.

Kinda wonder why hair would be said to be lucky, and blood being liked to immortality.. Is it really magic or some twisted tale blown out of proportions?
Cant wait to find out.

I want more of this. I want more of this meow.

:pinkiehappy: Welcome up on the favorite list.

oh good, it made its way to the featured box. excellent!

The beginning gave me a "Hitchhikers Guide" vibe.

I wonder if it the anti bodies in the blood that make it so rare and helpful and it actually evolutionary complex compared to there world evolution very good defense against weak germs.

That was probably the most overblown opening for what amounts to a displaced fic I've ever read. Tracking now.

*Reads description* "Hmm..." *Insta favorites*.

Ten minutes later. *Finishes chapter* "Hmm..." *Unfavorites then Favorites all over again*

It was so good I had to favorite twice!

Wow, no offense, but i came into this story thinking it was going to be something like a harry potter thing and that is was going to be bad.

Then I read the story.

I am fully glad that I was more wrong then ever.

I think this could become a universe, I'm curious to see more.

Swiggity swoogity I need an update.

I see an "E" rating, I want to see ponies and people brutally pone punched, but maybe this will still have great epicness. anyways, right now you have my curiosity, I'll be back for this when I catch up on my other stories.:yay:

I love openings like these, using a lot of big words and psychological personification of abstract entities in the general individual's concept of perceived reality that may or may not be true under the directives of their own imagination.

Whoops, went off on a tangent there.

All the same, loving this so far, and the whole thing with those sentient mathematical terms and the catagorizing of everything in the universes?
Genius, good sir. Pure genius. Have a moustache.:moustache:

The way you wrote this fic, i got such a Terry Pratchet Wibe from it, and that is a compliment.
Also, love how you swapped the myth with humans and Unicorns, this is gonna be good!

Your stories never cease to amaze me!

Hmm an interesting premise and what seems to be a bit of a British flavour to the humor, I'll keep an eye on this one.

Blood Drink, Drink the blood.

The idea is interesting... But I'm going to have to say "No, thank you."
Now before you get mad at me for having a negative opinion, know that I say this out of respect.

The writing style of this story need work. A bit more detail would be nice when it comes to what they are doing would be nice, and switching the story to first person would also help a bit. No one uses it, and with a story idea like this, it would do quit well. It would let you add a fear element with the main character.

I could go on, but I'm tired... Really, spending 16 hours walking kind of takes the drive out of you...


Was picking up more of a Discworld vibe me self.

I wonder if the changelings will join the hunt?

6544126 Thank you for leaving your criticism, I really appreciate it!

I did initially consider the First Person POV, but I decided to go with Third (mainly) limited because I thought it would be interesting to see things from both sides, especially when there are communication barriers. I can't pull off First Person Rotating, so I thought I would fall back on something more familiar.

More description? Yes I think I may have sacrificed some description in the action sequences to speed up the plot. It might not have translated very well. I'll take that into consideration when I make the next round of editing.

Once again, thanks a lot for leaving your thoughts!

Some people like tangential introductions like that, but I really don't.

However; the story more than makes up for the slow start once David gets to pony land. I'm looking forward to this one.

For me, the story kinda feels like the Hitchhiker's Guide.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Babelfish

"W-wait...there's a human in Ponyville and nopony told me!?"


I like this, Sunny.

Though...I am a little worried for our protagonist here. I see you've gone with the "nobody can understand eachother" approach when it comes to communication, which I generally tend to like when it comes to HiE/Displaced fanfictions. Aside from some typos, you've done well.


Probably one of the yahoos at Flight Camp torturing another poor soul.

I see what you did there. :raritywink:

Only five chapters? Blasphemy this is gonna be a long running HiE story full of slice of life and adapting to being a stranger in a strange place!

A very solid start! I'm looking forward to see this end

Too bad this wasn't a women. The ponies could get a monthly supply of blood to drink. Eh? Eeeh? *Crowd boos*

“I read a thesaurus when I was bored,” he explained, mirroring her grin.

:applejackconfused: Wow... He must have been bored!

I'm throwing this a like and a follow purely based on your writing style, which I find astoundingly fantastic.

That really was a good read, your writing style is refreshing on a genre that can be repetitive. I look forward to the future!

interesting I Shall have to follow this for the time being :twilightsmile:

this is one of the rare times( 1 of 3 as of now) that iv had to stop reading a story, place a bookmark and comment that "my god a cant continue any further until i tell you that this is amazing" granted how i usually only leave comments when i finish a story this is quite the accomplishment(for you, not for me, after-all I'm just writing the compliment)

and you did it in the most simple of ways, by explaining why a raven is like a writing desk, because they're both good for writing on, the raven more so.

before i continue from what i said earlier this story has earned my like, favorite and subscription to you fine writer, cant wait to read your past, present, or future works when i look into them later, now or never.


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