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One conversation can change anything. Your life, your world, your species

It was the beginning of season two when he changed me into what I am now.

Into an emotion eating monster with holes in my hooves and fangs in my mouth.

Follow me, as I find my place as a changeling in world that doesn't yet know what we are.

This story starts in the season 2 episode 1
It's a little cliche yes, but this is something to write while my life gets sorted out

Will get darker and slightly gorey a few dozen chapters from now so I addeed the tags just in case, might change them later

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 236 )

It's alright that this chapter is short, they can't all be long.

So, a non-standard changeling, larger-than-usual edition. Interesting.

So, did he switch with Chrysalis? And if so, can we see scenes of her reacting to being in the human world?

Fast chapter, I'm going drinking later so I want to get it out before I ruin it with drunk typing.


Used concept but interesting start. Often (like 90% of stories human into changeling) is after weeding but that hmm, i will wait for more chapter then will read it :)

OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!! too hot! TOO HOT!

Well... fuck. Keep up the good work, mate.

H'oh boy, if her father comes back now...

I awoke to a rough tongue running up my snout


2088111 Wouldn't you lick a changeling you liekd?

I would :pinkiehappy:


Erm nope ? You like your mom? Go lick her ;p

2088122 My Mom's not a Changeling!! :flutterrage:

Licks are for changelings :rainbowwild:


*hops on for a few secs, sees this updated, reads* YOU TEASE!!!

Yeah out of context quote!

2088792 Heh, funny comic, I see your point.

And yes, yes it is :twilightsmile: Is it vaguely ominous enough for you? :pinkiecrazy:


2088827 :ajbemused: Damn...

I'll have to try even harder for those harder for those dark tags in the next chapter then :twilightblush:


Yeah its more comedy thand dark right now
But im cool with this

Edited* No more ominous quote at the end now


Y'know, you could get rid of the dark tag, and add it in later. I personally don't think it's dark enough to actually need the tag yet.

He has to get with Silver, she is awesome!

2089586 :raritywink:, I'll say nothing more

2089604 Aw thanks :pinkiehappy: Aren't you sweet :twilightblush:

2089656Don't eat meh, Mr. Changeling! Even though I love love LOVE the story, don't eat meh!!!

2089824 But you;re so full of love, delicious delicious love. :pinkiehappy:


2089893 EEP! be careful, don't lose control.

2090073 Soo hungry... :pinkiesick: Hard to keep restraint. Please don't hate me, I can't stop myself.:pinkiecrazy:


If I'm the Chaos God of pleasure...

Did I create changelings?

Im not sure whats up with the low amount of votes/readers. I have traweled the depths of this site up and down for fics for better part of a year and I can unequivocally say that this story deserves at least x20 the amount of upvotes, especially when compared to the drekk out there being raised to the sky.
It seems underexposed to potential readers.
Perhaps a retouch of the synopsis, a good cover picture and a republish during peak hours could remedy this.

2090325 Wouldn't changelings be enemies of Slaanesh? They're emotionless creatures that drain people of love, thereby stopping them from 'getting it on' XD
2092693 :pinkiehappy:, :heart: you for the compliments, thank you for the advice :raritywink:

2089586 Well I might well do so later :raritywink:, the poor guy's life might need a 'Silver Lining' in it's darkest moments :scootangel:

Yes and no.
They would be taking an emotion of pleasure, but who needs love when you can pillage and rape?

A bit bare-bones, but I'll edit later :pinkiehappy:

2094372 Slaanesh is a god of debauchery and excess. He thrives on high emotions and misbegotten love :pinkiesick:
He needs Love to exist, so he can warp it and twist it into something disgusting XD


She smiled and I knew I had her in the frog of my hoof.

Oh, nice one! Can't say I heard somebody use that instead before. :ajsmug:

I like it! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for the next chapter!

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