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Twilight feels a little bit on the thick side, so conscripts her friend to help her burn off a little extra padding her librarian days have put on her hips.

Who else to ask but Rainbow Dash?

Complications arise (inevitably) when the Prismatic Pony finds something else to occupy her mind.

(A ship fic -I have to do one, fan fiction rule- between two characters I got out of a random generator. Plan to make this a thing. wish me luck XD)
The second half of the ship (first is Rainbow Dash) is revealed in the second chapter (already written)

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One conversation can change anything. Your life, your world, your species

It was the beginning of season two when he changed me into what I am now.

Into an emotion eating monster with holes in my hooves and fangs in my mouth.

Follow me, as I find my place as a changeling in world that doesn't yet know what we are.

This story starts in the season 2 episode 1
It's a little cliche yes, but this is something to write while my life gets sorted out

Will get darker and slightly gorey a few dozen chapters from now so I addeed the tags just in case, might change them later

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The year is 2154, Humanity is on the cusp of interstellar travel, with the earth united under a single banner. Then an anomaly is detected, 0.75 light years from the sun a Wormhole has formed, large enough to swallow a planet and stable enough to stay open for years at a time, in a rush of scientific progress a vessel is built and crewed with the cream of humanity, the best astronauts from around the solar system.
Then it sets out across the stars, a physics defying engine driving the ship towards this gateway to places and times unknown.

A universe away, a purple coated unicorn trains her telescopes to the night sky, and notices a strange object in the sky. A hole in the endless dark between stars, through which another dimension can be seen.

Chapters (21)
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