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The year is 2154, Humanity is on the cusp of interstellar travel, with the earth united under a single banner. Then an anomaly is detected, 0.75 light years from the sun a Wormhole has formed, large enough to swallow a planet and stable enough to stay open for years at a time, in a rush of scientific progress a vessel is built and crewed with the cream of humanity, the best astronauts from around the solar system.
Then it sets out across the stars, a physics defying engine driving the ship towards this gateway to places and times unknown.

A universe away, a purple coated unicorn trains her telescopes to the night sky, and notices a strange object in the sky. A hole in the endless dark between stars, through which another dimension can be seen.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 681 )

Chapter 1 on the way XD, thanks for your patronage :moustache:

New Chapter, just a quickie while I work on the 'party' chapter (can you guess who the 'Pink Mass' is? X3):pinkiecrazy:
Read, Review, and criticize my friends. I live to learn :moustache:

988744 I'm thinking the pink mass is rarity... Or maybe princess Luna.

haha "cream of humanity"
i'll just read the story now

"fusion reactor 3 going critical"
Every single part of the nuclear scientist inside of me cried when I read this.

Other than that, this seems interesting enough. I'll have to see where this goes

do want

sooooo tracking

can't wait for more

You need to fix some things. But other than that, nice job! :pinkiehappy:

30 minutes until shit hits the fan at dimensional proportions:pinkiehappy:

Needs some work.
Instead of "1 and a half minutes..."
You should use "One and a half minutes"
And any other iteration of numbers within a sentence or narrating.
Better to get someone who knows allot more about grammar to proof read for you...

Other than that, this is set up to be a pretty damn good "encounter" story.
We will see if you can keep it up after first contact.

Thanks for the advice and the praise :)
I did copy-paste , so I guess the formatting is a little off :facehoof:

I'll find a proof reader then :raritywink: I will have to edit it a little then, thanks for the heads up

just discovered this fic and i like it already:twilightsmile:


can't wait for more :)


first :)

lol luna will probably brag about being right now:trollestia:

Awesome First Contact scenario.

Can't wait to see how the ponies will react to the transhuman crew.

Luna, in any other other action or event that you have made or caused I would never say something like this but as you have just ripped a big spacecraft which contains thousands of sentinel lives away from their part of the univers and in the process caused international distress, severe and unrepairable damage to the said spacecraft which in turn might have killed hundreds and endangered thousands, just because you took them looking at the most rare sight humanity has ever seen as intruding on what you think as your sky I must say this


im kinda hoping for a war now:pinkiecrazy:
because luna is just that stupid:facehoof:

War is a possibility , what with humans being humans :twilightangry2:

But I can say that there are repercussions for Luna on the way :moustache:

If energy can be detected, it can be traced back to the source :trollestia:

*god notices Luna screwing with his universe*

"No, Princess Luna SCREW YOU!"

To this day Luna ices her sore buttocks from the butt rape she recieved for pissing of the god of humanity.:rainbowlaugh:

(for those who are to stupid/arragont to figure this out, it's. a. joke. Notice that I also left god in lowercase. I'm not trying to piss of a diety here, just telling a funny daydream I had after reading this. You want something REALLY religously offensive check of Liberty Prime invade... I mean saves Equestria.)

Oh god. If ponies and humans get into a war, it would be SOOOO ridiculously one-sided. A single ship with who knows HOW MANY laser cannons that probably shoot giant glowing middle-fingers of death versus spears, crossbows and magic bolts. Yeah, we all know who'd win that.

Also, was the ship torn in half? I hope it wasn't. In the case they don't have a war, all of Equestria's planet will look in awe at such a ship.

It seems First Contact has gone very, very wrong.

On a side note, if this turns into "Equestrians Are Bastards" or "Humans Are Bastards"; I will be very disappointed.

Also names of ships are italicized.

Comment posted by TheSlowOne deleted Sep 21st, 2018

1026432 I did write her as a little bit 'smug bitch'.

But I feel its justified, she still has an old world way of seeing the world, she could extinguish all life on equestria with no more effort than it takes most ponies to cough. This is the first time she's ever noticed holes in 'her sky'.

1026334 Equestrians, Bastards? That sentence does not compute within my brony mind :applejackconfused:. Also, thanks for the heads up about the ship names

1026016 :trollestia:. That is all...


Comment posted by TheSlowOne deleted Sep 21st, 2018

Oh deary me, here come the Earth-men to Equestria. They might be a tad angry :scootangel:



:trollestia: just did.

Okay, first off, pumped for when they land on the planet.

Second, oh lordy PLEASE start a new paragraph when someone else talks! To be honest, it takes away from the story.

Okay, first off, pumped for when they land on the planet.

Second, oh lordy PLEASE start a new paragraph when someone else talks! To be honest, it takes away from the story.

Equestrians meet Terrans? This oughta be interesting.

Something tells me that the crew's gonna be pissed when they found out that Luna dragged them through the wormhole and collapsed it, stranding them in another dimension and time.

1031251 Yes I am pretty sure that the crew is going to be absolutely irate.

I love this story so far and love the way things are going but please don't end up with a total "War" for first contact.

There are so many different stories that show war as the first choice of contact, at least all the stories that I've read so far end up that way.

Maybe make it so that they are mainly pissed off at Luna and focus their anger towards her but no so much as all out war.

Pretty please? :pinkiesad2:

Anywho you have an awesome story so that makes you just as awesome. :scootangel:

1033592 Don't worry, Be happy :pinkiecrazy:
But no seriously, don't worry. This isn't going to be grimdark. The violence will be mostly PG

...Mostly :trollestia:




Anywho, alright awesome. :yay:

And it is here!

Chunkiest chapter yet, so expect mistakes galore :facehoof:


Poor stupid Luna if only she hadn't been so idiotic. I like action as much as the next person but she hasn't destroyed hopes of diplomacy completly has she?

1041832 Nah :pinkiehappy: This isn't a grimdark war fic. this is just a pseudo-dark stage before the fun stuff kicks in :rainbowwild:

wait are they going to kidnap luna :rainbowlaugh:?

Story aside... you should make up your mind about formatting. If you are going to put spaces between paragraphs, then put spaces between all of them. If you are going to indent paragraphs, then indent them all. Otherwise it just looks inconsistent; like you couldn't make up your mind what you wanted to do.

woot!:twilightsmile: the playing field has been leveled with those anti-magic weapons/defences......so lets get kidnapping!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

1041922 I shall edit! :twilightblush:

1041877, 1041953 And then for the interrogation :pinkiecrazy: What fun they shall have.


Seems like you left italics on the last half of the chapter. The anti magic things seem alright and plausible, and nice to even out the playing field.

I am forever the optimist
It looks like the humans don't want to kill anypony (except as a last resort)
And the ponies are peaceful (ish) by nature
so i don't see this turning out too bad

Let us see how the manure hits the fan shall we?

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