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Hi there! Eye'm Cirno! -I mean "I'm Cirno"- No wait, I'm... Gah, I can't remember!

Well, whatever. Eye-I mean "I"!- was going to head to con when suddenly I got stuck in magical pony land as one of the biggest joke characters in gaming! And the worst part is, I think Eye'm starting to become her! No, I'm starting to become her!

Ugh, I hope they can help me find a way back home soon, I don't want to stay a baka. In the meantime I'll just have to show them Eye'm the strongest there is! - I mean lay low and stay out of trouble! Gah! Celestia, Luna, Twilight, hurry up please!

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“Moneybags, I’m afraid i have something much more important to attend to.

I hate to be that guy, but....

6793311 No, please, go ahead and be that guy. I need to someone to look out for that stuff.

I don't exactly know who the hell this character is, but I'm already liking this story.
(Though I can't upvote for some reason...)

6793519 If you've clicked on the thumbs up, you already have. It won't show anything until 10 ratings(good or bad) go through. Smart idea all things considered.

6793519 Cirno is one of the most popular characters from the game series Touhou, though she isn't the main character. I hope you'll stick with me and learn more about her.

I look forward :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Cherished deleted Jan 3rd, 2016

I'm interested...Go on.

Easiest way to describe Cirno is she's the Dan Hibiki of the Touhou series. If neither of you have heard of Dan Hibiki, for shame.

6794444 Oh believe me, I know Dan. Honestly sometimes I think one of them took notes from the other, considering that Cirno calls herself the strongest and Dan's fighting style is Saikyo-Ryu.

Well fill me with cream, dunk me in chocolate and call me an Oreo, that is effing adorable and even if I don´t know the slightest about Touhou I wil fave this and upvote this and cuddle the everloving moe fluff out of this Cirno and... *devolves into muttered ramblings*


Looks at Cirno then pats her on the head while calling her adorable.

aaaawww' so cute X3

How much knowledge of the series is recemended to understand this? Because mine is basically 0, I only recall seeing this character before, but know nothing about them.

6796892 With luck I'm hoping to write this so that anyone can enjoy it, though there will be some treats for those that are familiar with the series.

Another one?
What could you possibly mean by that, Tia?
Also, this universe's Celestia seems a bit more responsive than my headcanon for the canon variant.
Can't say too much about the Displaced yet.

Well, fuck. Another anime I have to go watch. Like I already wasn't behind in Naruto, Deadman Wonderland, Bleach, Sword Art Online, AND SEVERAL HUNDRED MORE.

Thanks, asshole.

6799626 Video game series, actually. And a long one with a mind-boggling number of characters, though not all of them are important. The plot of nearly all the games could be summed of like this:

Bad/strange thing happens. Heroine(s) go to find out what's causing it. Beat up someon who had nothing to do with the incident. Beat up someone who has nothing to do with the plot, but points them in the right direction. Beat up the big bad's battle butler. Beat up the big bad. Incident is resolved and everyone, including the bad guys, has a party. Extra boss fight. Another party.

It's a very silly series.

6799664 Yeah, but I looked it up. It's an anime, too. So yet another I have to watch. Like Persona. Gotta watch that one too.

6799669 All the anime's are fan made. Just saying.

And the hell did she/he/it see?! That cover art brings up some strange thoughts, man.


Oh sweet Hakurei, no universe is ready for the mighty number ⑨ :applejackconfused:

For she is the strongest...

6800422 Ha! Definitely making that a chapter title.

At least it's not Flandre, cause there wouldn't be much to save if that was the case.

Celestia groaned internally and tried not to roll her eyes or massage her temples. Once again she had to sit through Moneybags' attempts to get her to approve his request to allow him to lower his employee’s wages so he could make a profit...

Come on man, you're better than this. Making a profit is the whole point of starting any business. Why do you even let Celestia have the power to set wages for a private business? Why not have some other opening problem and let Moneybags go broke off-screen because somepony else is willing to pay wages equal to the skill of the employees and thus be able to service his customers because he has actual employes to do it?

Other than that, intrigued, and want to see more.

6802034 I'm not an economist. Also, I watched "A Christmas Carol" recently, so Ebeneezer Scrooge behavior is on the brain right now.

Please sir, I want some more!

6802691 If this is half as entertaining as Gilgy, I will enjoy this. By the way, will there be a cross between him and this? At any rate I would like to.

6803867 No spoilers. Though I hope you will stick around. I definitely intend to have this more comedy focused, much like the "Mighty Warrior of Epicness" and less of the darker plot turns in "For Glory! For Equus! For Epicness!"

6803879 Fair enough, definitely gonna enjoy this. By the way, the offer of a cross with SPD Emergency still stands, don't know how well it translated during the "Vacation Arc" but Cruger's great with kids.

6803892 I think it would be good if Cruger met Katsuo. I need to build a bit more for him though.

6804376 Fair enough, but I've got dibs for being the first Displaced she meets right?

6806139 Sure, if that's what you want.

6806180 It is, thank you, PM me when you're ready.

6803775 Your profile picture makes me think of Very suggestive things... I kinda like it.

Also Shini I may or may not have put a reference to you in both of my stories... It might be a 70 30 percent chance that I did though.

6814231 What do you mean by "a chance?" Like, accidentally?

6814237 No, I'm just saying that I may or may not have put a reference in my stories to one of your stories.

6814227 I just chose it because I like Oberon from Warframe

6814481 Ohh ok... Still looks suggestive and still liking it.

6814258 Ok, I'll give them a look at some point... which will hopefully be soon.

6814626 Oh ok then. Didn't really expect you to actually take a read at them but that's awesome.

Dunno what this is from but I like it :pinkiehappy:

Oh, this is going to be fun, especially when she encounters other Displaced.

So, the intro is for OOO if I'm not mistaken, can't wait to see what you do with both of them. Except for our OOO crossover, I already know about that.

This is delightfully silly, very much so. Please proceed.

MC can't remember cause he/she inherited Cirno's level of INT...

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