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Entering into a world full of magic, tolerance, and ponies is the fantasy of every Brony. A chance to become the next hero, explore a new world, and of course make friends would be guaranteed.

But what happens when that dream becomes reality? What if the creature you become is on the top ten most wanted list?

Welcome to my world; where lies and deceit are my allies by nature.

Where my friends and enemies are one in the same.

Special thanks to BluegrassBrooke and listener

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I must say, this story is very good! And your first one? That is pretty surprising. I don't have anything to say apart from keep doing what you did in this chapter. I liked the story and favorited and await anxiously for more!

4351438 Thanks for the vote of confidence and I will try to keep it going :pinkiehappy:

4353758 Thanks much for both, it means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

Amazing chapter. I liked it very much. Keep it up!

4360783 Glad you liked it :twilightsmile: Working on editing the next chapter so it should be ready in a few days. Hopefully it will continue to be enjoyable of a read as I'm trying to change the writing a bit compared to the first chapter.

Poor newborn. Spluch and no head :rainbowderp:
Nice story btw I look forward to see where you are going with this.

4362860 Thanks much :pinkiehappy: Hopefully it will continue to go very smoothly and become much more enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

I would love to be a changeling, sure it would be a pain, but the whole magic/flight/shapeshifting/notneedingtoeatrealfood/beingawesome makes it worth it. Not to mention how incredibly easy it is to become accepted in pony society as a changeling (at least in the fanon universe...)

4392228 Being a changeling would be unique overall bonus compared to most races, but like with anything I'm they have their own drawbacks. Dum dum dummm :twilightsmile:

4392271 I know, the drawbacks are being almost universally hated and needing to feed on emotions to power magic.

4392305 Kinda of like a vampire awesome bonuses and terrible drawbacks, a none sparkly vampire version that is *cringe* Brb going to dunk head in some acid to clear the mind.

4392342 I personally would consider the drawbacks to be minor at worst. If I were a changeling in Equestria, I would create my own persona, then become friends with the mane six, then reveal myself to them. I would have Twilight cast a lie detector spell, then have everypony say a truth and a lie to show that it works, then tell them how I am friends with them, and everything I have enjoyed with them as a friend was genuine, then reveal myself.

After that, well, plead my case to the princesses, and as the mane six as character witnesses, I would at worst get community service, and at best full Equestrian citizenship. I would later divulge that I wasn't always a changeling and about the human world, but that would be later on.

Being a changeling would be awesome though.

4392406 Good plan overall, though that's only if it didn't turn out to be a twisted reality of the show. :twilightsheepish:

4392429 Well, in the event where fate decides to bend me over and buck me sideways, I would go out with a bang.

...I mean I would go down fighting...

I mean I wouldn't go easily. That's better, no sex puns here. Damn my dirty mind...

4392473 I'm sure some would find being launched into another universe without warning would be good way to start out as Fate flipping them off :twilightsmile: But time to retire for the night got a long day of being attacked by more random things falling out of the air at the work site luckily only a stapler had a vengeance for me today :pinkiehappy:

being transformed into a changeling at the cause of losing your manhood, :pinkiegasp: poor guy. but i love the way you start the story keep up the good work .ps remember kids don't text and drive, or you'll crash and end up in Equestria

Interesting meeting with Luna, but why switch to her perspective in the middle of the main character's perspective?

4397417 I should have put something in there to kinda of show that change in perspective. But it's my first story and I haven't exactly written in a good 10 years so yeah still rather new to it all :twilightsheepish: Besides that still learning on the does and don't of writing overall :twilightsmile:

Well you did it again in this chapter. It's a bit disorienting to be honest. You should try put down little breaks like this "-" or something when the perspective changes to third person. Though I feel like you should've stick with first person whenever it's back to Nameless' perspective. Speaking of whom I wonder how he'll convince them.

4397575 I will try to make sure the chapter I am working on will have breaks in it where necessary to make it easier to follow and thanks for the tip. :twilightsmile:

4473340 I half part of the next chapter already done, but I still need to edit or else you may think I just slammed my head against the keyboard a few times and posted something :pinkiecrazy: But don't worry more will be on its way in due time :twilightsmile:

4473378 I think I saw an episode of the 'Gmod Idiot Box' by Dasboschitt on youtube where there was a bit that was the creator smashing his head on the keyboard to create a new episode.

I can see it now, you start smashing your face to your keys and after about seven hits, you should have a masterpiece.

My favorite chapter so far. I can't wait for next chapter XD

4473523 Glad to hear its enjoyable and this chapter was one my favorites to write so far :twilightsmile: Then again I think I went a tad overboard with the 10k words :twilightoops:

4473606 nah! 10k words was fine. I mean, I normally don't really 'like' 10k chapters, but this one couldn't have been complete with less (or so I feel it would.) Perfect chapter XD

4473641 Thanks for putting up with the lengthy thing and I didn't think it was that long till after the fact it was done. But I would agree it didn't feel complete if shortened glad it just came together in the end :twilightsmile:

I wasn't expecting a 10,000 word update, but you did have the Your and You're problem a couple of times.

Anyway, I'm surprised that Twilight was able to do that to him like that, while the first time she cried seemed genuine, the second time seemed like she was doing that on purpose to get him to stay here... which is weird. So much for slipping out and coming back in a different guise, looks like he'll have to get to know the Elements much longer than he thought. I'm already betting he'll be caught by the end of the week now.

4473867 Caught within a week? I did plan to skip a few days here and there so it wouldn't drag out too long for no reason, besides rather not force the story. But I will do my best to keep an eye out for minor grammar moments like your and you're so thanks for the heads up on that one :twilightsmile:

As long you're skipping the boring parts, then I say we're good. ^^ You're welcome and good look.

THIS. This is how chapters should be written. You, good sir, did a wonderful job. And I couldn't be satisfied more with this chapter! Thank you for putting so much effort into it. The result was worth it! :twilightsmile:

4475903 Thanks for the complement :twilightsmile: I will try to improve more as the story progresses and hopefully things will continue to be a great read. Glad to know that the work going into it is enjoyed :pinkiehappy:

4475959 The question of the day, though... Is RD going to apologise properly? 'Cause I'd really love to see that scene.

4476476 In all honesty I have yet to decide how she would apologize, but I got a few ideas just nothing solid as of right now, then again this story does have a dark tag :twilightsmile:

4476495 The dark tag seems to be already expressing itself, that's for sure :twilightsmile:

4476580 Didn't know if it was being described to be honest. Glad to hear that its working its way out though :twilightsmile:

4476620 It sure is. And you do an awesome job keeping the story interesting to the point where even 10000 words just get swallowed and the time passes without being noticed. Yet it was a wonderful time. Thank you kindly for that. :twilightsmile:

Hey, Cutrose, I hope you're having a great time this Summer, but please, don't forget about this story of yours. It was awesome so far, don't let it die, please.

4728256 Don't worry I have not died nor has the story died. I am dealing with the evil world of collage and work. An possibly the death of my inner muse which is making a slow recovery :pinkiehappy: With luck I will get a break away from tests in the next few days and see how things go from there.

4728426 That sure can be hard sometimes. But if you'd like an advice, I'd suggest you re-read your own story from the very beginning. Sometimes your mind might just start continuing it as soon as you reach the last word of the current last chapter.

4728427 I actually did that and discovered the huge want to rewrite the first few chapters, but I will put that off for the time and concentrate on the next chapter. Besides good advice is always a want :twilightsmile:

4728467 It's just that when you're re-reading the story, your mind seems to be getting "on the track" of it, starting to think in the same direction it was when you were writing it. That helps with deciding what the next chapter should be written about.

4728475 I understand what you mean so no worries there :twilightsmile: I mainly have the issue of putting ideas down on paper which now that I think about may not be a bad one a timeline if you will to help me keep things in perspective....thanks for that idea :pinkiehappy: But for now time for that evil thing of school today and the math test of horror. :pinkiegasp:

I... WANT...
:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

4951893 Sorry for not updating right now I am dealing with ransom demands from Procrastination and School Work to retrieve my Inner Muse. After a large debate the story should be back up and running soon and if we can break the Lazy Barrier will get a update out this week if all goes well.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say: Please update! It's been to long, we need it!

I'm sure this human, “Nameless,” won't simply stroll into town tonight.

Cue nameless wandering into town that night

It's either Babble or a red herring, not sure though >->

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