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Student, means study, but sometimes I like to just think, and to dream, and that is what I do


A human displaced in time and space, no immediate hope of getting home, no friends to call his own and trapped in a body that is not his. Will he make it past the first day let alone the first week and how will he overcome the challenges he faces.

Noah is simply student of engineering, in an instant he is displaced in time and space, his body transformed into that of a changeling at the same time the invasion of Canterlot is repelled. The town in which he lands first fears him for his looks, unknown to them is the outcome of the royal wedding and the identity of the wedding crashers. Taking on the name No One, he searches for a way home, making friends along the way as well as a few enemies. His role in Equestria uncertain and his future unknown.

*The use of a human is to portray an alien being devoid of a link to magic as well as provide a reason for a learning experience of the customs of Equestria.
*Will not contain, or will avoid to an extent, shipping. Friendships yes but beyond that I don't have enough skill in the area of writing to pull something like that off without pissing off a lot of people.
*This is my first story ever so please provide constructive criticism, I need it.
*Changes to characters and categories will occur when required.
edit 24/11 *forgot to mention this story will take place mainly between the undisclosed period between seasons 2 and 3. I say undisclosed because a lot of time could have passed.

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I like the storyline alot so far :)

3530057 thanks, im attempting to inject a bit of humour to start with, the next chapter should start to go from funny to more serious

I like this chapter XD

well that doesnt seem to be very good, hope he isnt too badly screwed

3591877 spoilers, but not too bad, a slight conflict to break monotony.:pinkiehappy:

It is a good story, Just keep up the development and I will be appeased :3

Nice story, will be following it

i wonder how the main six will react when they see him in town?

3611165 that may take a bit of time, my affinity for short chapters means I still have a bit of more minor conflict to get through before they meet. All in good time.

3612275 I thank thee. This is my first posted fan fic, let alone fimfic, so I was a bit apprehensive about how it would be recieved, especially with a human changeling tag.:pinkiehappy:

3612302 Well, I like it. That's for sure. :ajsmug:

Loved it!!! This is good for a first attempt at a story. I like stories like this. Could you perhaps add a bit more comedy please. Anyway you got a like and fab. Please update soon.., Thanks

3614250 I can't make any promises, two great sayings are

"you can't please everyone," and "Trying to please everyone often leads to pleasing no one,"

I will attempt to inject more humour, but I am not going to try and force it, otherwise it may seem to contrived.
On another note I may use those quotes in story some time.

Nice :pinkiehappy:
when reading the end of this chapter I had a thought :derpytongue2:
"oh no the mane six are going to beat him up when they come back :pinkiegasp: they don't know he's not a normal Changeling"
:rainbowlaugh: they going to beat him up. :rainbowlaugh:

SWEEEEEET! Although I thought he would be a little tougher.

I am soooooooo happy!!! I got a mention in an awesome story!!! Yay! And it was an awesome chapter! I can't wait to see the Mane Six's reaction when they come back from the wedding, and find a changeling living in Ponyville! Anyway, epic chapter, please update soon!!!

3617556 There should be enough time between now and the arrival of the mane 6 for him to drink a cup of concrete

3617651 It's still his first day, and besides no one should ever underestimate Derpy

3617787 3617862 3617932 Glad you're all liking it so far.


Shiz man, nothing stops a mother on a war path...

Yay, just read another awesome update. Will be waiting for the next update. I am literally checking every hour for an update... So please update soon!

As for misstakes, I don't nootice any that stod out, so it was fyne for me, beesides, all I really kare about is the quallity of the stoory, not the gramar.

As for writing about romance, you're doing a better job than me, I am an emotionless robot, so I would suck at writing that sort of thing!

Anyway, keep the good work up, and keep on writing. I hope you are enjoying writing it is much as I am reading it!

Cool :pinkiehappy:
I'm guessing No One is picking up the hive mind of the other Changelings :derpyderp2:
I also have a theory about the Changelings you know at the beginning where the four pony races got together :pinkiesmile:
I think the spell they used to bring No One into the pony world turned them into Changelings by combining all four race tributes :twilightblush:
Just a theory :twilightsmile:

3627741 A perceptive one you are. that may indeed be the formings of a hive mind, on the other topic, it's a nice theory. :twilightsmile:
3627440 Updates will happen at most once each day around midnight my time, otherwise I will leave a day or two in between each chapter so that I'm not rushing things. Glad for you enthusiasm though:pinkiehappy:
3621792 3619626, Im glad the humour of that situation didn't fall flat on its face:facehoof:, (please dont hit me).

Why Thank you :pinkiehappy:
I like making connections within stories planning ahead of time to think of possible routes and then been wonderfully surprised when I'm wrong :twilightsmile:
Just don't have gruesome character death :twilightoops: it takes away from the atmosphere

3628110 No, no tragedy, no death, some sadness, I'm not sure yet, and I don't necessarily want to add in a dark or gore tag. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I like the story so far, keep at it

Awwww, at the end of the chapter, I nearly forget there wasn't any more of the story. This is quality? Please update soon!!!

3630857 Much appreciated, next chapter should be ready soon
3630930 There is more to the story, also is that a question or a statement? Yay?:rainbowhuh::pinkiehappy:
3630943 3633492 well the end to this part wasn't supposed to be all funny, but I can see the humour.

Good, can't wait to read what happens next:twilightsmile:

:facehoof: now he wont be able to sleep
and :pinkiehappy: I SO TOTALLY CALLED IT :pinkiehappy:

Yet another awesome chapter, keep it up..,

huh.. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: cant wait to read more! :scootangel:

3635918 3635992 3636077, Thanks for the support, next chapter will be another day or too. :pinkiehappy:
3635924 Don't count your chickens.:twilightsmile:
3636040 is that hmm good, bad or indifferent?

3640929 It is hm, if handled wrong this will be very bad for the story, but if done correctly will insure this story's well being for chapters to come

3640944 yes, I'm treading carefully right now, this story is walking a fine line as it is so I have to be careful. Hence why the next chapter won't be out for another day or so.

Noooo, a whole day!!! Are you crazy!!! We need to feast on those chapters! WE NEED TO FEAST!!!!

Sorry, that was my mad, apocalyptic side. What I was trying to say is that, I can't wait much longer as this is a really good story.,,

Derpy singing to Noah and Dinky in a little pony pile... this level of adorableness is lethal. Must have more! :twilightsmile:

So once Luna figures it out, will she or Celestia be sending guards to "collect" No One...? I'm expecting a decent stand-off between Derpy and the guards and/or the Elements of Harmony. No doubt they'll want to say Derpy is being controlled by No One, just like Shining Armor was. I'd also like to know when or if No One will realize he's collecting love/friendship from the locals. He's got to figure that out eventually, even if the blue orb doesn't teach him about it first.

You may rest. The swarm HAS been fed. But we will return shortly for another meal...

Use you little time wisely, and enjoy Christmas, and get writing...

3646315 I'm picking up some crazy passive aggressive vibes, :rainbowhuh:, I haven't even done christmas shopping, so this story will take a bit of a back seat.

3646267 I was going for more lethal dose of adorable, hopefully no one actually died. hmmm, yes and no, to most of those parts, I can't tell you much without giving things away, also the orb is a magenta, I was trying to call it pink without saying pink, but that's a lot harder than it sounds. Plus I'm not a huge fan of the colour pink.

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