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Garotte Wire, Ambassador of Evil and destroyer of Canterlot and Cloudsdale (By releasing Lord Tirek,) is now freed from her three years' imprisonment in stone. She lives currently with Princess Twilight Sparkle until she can get on her own hooves, and is being taught lessons in trusting others and making friends by Twilight.

Unknown to Garotte however, pieces of her initial evil plan have yet to be tied up. Several clones of Garotte have learned of 'The Original' 's return, and have begun to seek her out.


This story is a direct sequel to The Wedding Aftermath, and it is highly recommended that you first read that story beforehoof.

Yes, I also understand that some beginning chapters of The Wedding Aftermath are a bit crazy, but bear with me. I'm still a new writer, and everypony makes mistakes!

Cover Art provided by askdarlingadelaide on Tumblr!

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 82 )

Monotone reminds me a lot of Maud... was that intentional?

7421161 So, we've got a clone that's close to Pinkie in personality, and one for Maud...
Are there ones that act like Limestone and Marble as well?


There's about 15 other clones still out and about, so its possible ^.^

7421181 ...
There needs to be a chapter in the story where the clones who act like Pinkie's sisters meet the actual Pie family!
...Please? :twilightsmile:


I can probably work it in :twilightsmile:

Still gotta do some real life stuff first, but around wednesday or Thursday i'll be able to write another chapter.

Haven't read the prequel, not going to.
You do a superb job of filling in the blanks for new readers stumbling on the story making them feel in the loop.
The rest of the lore details are fun for me to guess.
Love Garrote.
Love the syncronicity of the naturally evil.



Thank you so much for commenting! I hardly get comments on my stories, and I'm filled with happyface whenever I see the red number saying something happened :raritystarry:

My expectation: Pinkie Pie will discover Pink's power abuse, become Inquisitor Drill Sergeant Pinkie Pie towards Pink, then end the grilling encounter by declaring Pink's status as Probationary Party Pony Pending Practical Perlustration.

Wohoo! A continuation story with more Garrote Wire! I hope we get to learn more about the kind of character she is c;

Yay, continuation!

... Garotte and Starlight are made for reach other.

Ooooh, and now Chryssie is actually listed as a character! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, come on, he's not that forgettable! You know, that guy... Snark? Spark? Oh, yeah, Spyro!

Caffeine withdrawals.

Just another reason why I don't drink coffee.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Great chapter, a pleasure to read.

Hah, I knew Shining would get the short end of Chryssie and Cadance bonding. And changelings and the crystal empire really seem made for reach other. As long as crystal ponies are happy, changelings get pretty much unlimited food.

... I foresee lots of anger in Chryssie's dealings with the clones.

Bleh, I wish people would tell me what they disliked about the story instead of just leaving a dislike with no reasoning :c

Such silly shenanigans to be hads. I cannot wait till "Pink" meets "The Pink One." An epic duel? Time Paradox? Joint Forces? Or perhaps they have already met before on a distant planet far, far away? *head implodes*

You gave Chrysalis a Markiplier Mustache.


It is always because of writing style for any author.

7435539 I know, right? Once in a blue moon, I humour myself and imagine that there’s a dedicated basement dweller whose aim is to dislike as many stories on Fimfiction as possible, as eccentric as it sounds. Perhaps I should write a story about that… except Fimfiction explicitly bars meta stories. :(

Most of the time however, I just ignore the dislikes altogether—there’s always going to be at least one or two in almost every story, save for the few stories I’ve seen on this site that miraculously have 100 likes and no dislikes. Anyhow, there’s more important things in life to worry about.

Say, is it coincidence or did you mean The Trio to kinda remind us of Donald Ducks nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie? Or is that just me seeing them in that way?^^ Anyways, I love the Copy-Wires and their shenanigans. Specially Monotone cracked me up in this chapter, sitting on the fridge just like your everyday housecat, just because she can.

Freak coincidences like that are the best! XD

Also, you should really give Ducktales a try. It´s worth it.^^

Now that's what I call a perfect picture of Garrote Wire

7440408 idk, blue and white to me represents Pinkie's two sisters Limestone and Marble, but pink lets just say she's like Pinkie Pie, so random.

7421179 To answer your question, it's probably blue and white who are similar to Limestone and Marble, they just have a great way of hiding it.

7436558 A markiplier mustache :rainbowlaugh:,
Genius, pure genius, nice one "Pink".

I see that Chryssie and Celestia are making great progress.

Raritone sounds better.

Maybe we'll finally discover what caused the fire. I'm voting one of the changelings really screwing up using a magical oven.

"Pony dig!"
"Pony dig."
"Trio, Trio, Trio!"

I see that pokemon reference.

I swear I added this story to my tracking list when it first came out, yet I apparently didn't, and now I have some catching up to do... luckily it's not much, but still...
Oh well, just got one chapter out of 3 done, and it's just as amusing as ever.

great story. cant wait for the next chapter

"The sun can get sick?"
"Care to elaborate?"
"No!" Celestia smugly chirped in reply, turning her head away from an annoyed Chrysalis.

...Is it odd that I REALLY want to see a oneshot in this 'verse that goes into more detail on that?

Since when do plants have glowy?

Something about that sentence makes it my favorite in the chapter... and I don't know why.

She should've also yelled Klatuu Barada Nikto. :twilightsheepish:

They're being watched by a changeling version of Pinkie Pie! RUN!

7483351 A changeling version of Pinkie Pie...... NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE and ALL the NOPE

That was a pretty good update.

"Finally!" Starlight cheered. "Praise the Sun!"

Dark souls :)

Also Spike xD

Spike has had enough of this shit.

Huh, a plant changeling, interesting.

Spike's reaction at the end was hilarious

well if you live from comments I will give you one. don't want you to starve before it is over. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by cheezewizard deleted Aug 23rd, 2016

I kind of like Leafy. I look forward to seeing what you do with him.

Ah, the total competence factor between the four is probably somewhere around measurement error.

Leafy! I like him.

Monotone is doing quite well, I see.

... Why do I imagine Chryssie and Celestia drawing on Aze with a sharpie by now? Or at least Chryssie.

I see nothing that could possibly go wrong with the clones helping around.

"bfftgh"omg poor monotone..."snickers behind hoof" i hope we see some raritone action going further... also 'leafy' shrugs welp i cant come up with better but it feels like a cop out

Is Leafy A he or she? (I'd say she)

Good chapter.

Dark magic is always safe to use if tempered through holy rites.

Good chapter.

Behold, a changeling dryad.

Good chapter.

Monotone is not so monotone now.
Or did her entire body blush all at once to insure monotony?

7514304 says "Yes" in A monotone

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