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Lyra has finally done it!

She has searched through every book, scroll, letter and note in the Royal Library of Canterlot, through the Griffon Empire, through Minos, and even a few ruins in the Badlands.

All to figure out where the humans have gone. She succeeded!

The only problem with the knowledge she has mastered, is that she must find a willing human to trade places with.

It shouldn't be that hard; humans should jump at the chance to have magic!

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Comments ( 7 )

This is decent, but there really ought to be more of it. The consequences of Lyra's actions could be quite interesting.


I mainly wrote it as a one-off idea, based off a song I heard. I hadn't put much more thought into a plot beyond what i wrote, and I fear that it would just turn into another edgy sobstory thing .-.

A good read, I liked the hilarity /)' 3')\

I think this could have a bit of potential in more stories. I hope you write more! *rapidly presses up one button before realizing it's disabled* aww...

Poor human

Yeah I think it'd be really interesting to read about them figuring out that "Lyra" can't speak their language and is terminally confused and terrified...

Twilight is going to be SO embarrassed when she finds that she's kidnapped a human and paid Lyra a bag of bits... :twilightoops:

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