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The Ambassador of Evil - Queen Sanguine Dreams

The Ambassador of Evil, Garotte Wire, has alot of catching up to do after three years' imprisonment in stone.

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The Trio, The Pink and The Monotone

Garotte Wire: Ambassador of Evil, Destroyer of Canterlot and Cloudsdale, and a Villain recently freed from stone. Her appearance was skinny yet athletic, as she had lived a life on the streets of the Griffon Empire and often resorted to stealing her food or working odd jobs for anyfeather willing to give her one. Her coat was a light grey, hooves an exposed darker shade of the same grey. Her mane was black from the roots to a slow fade of grey in the middle and further fading to white at the end. It was messy, strands of hair going anyway they chose that particular day, and Garotte liked it that way. She had neither the time nor inclination to 'make herself prim and proper', and she wasn't going to start soon. She absolutely despised any noble or aristocrat of any species on principle. The rich had more money than they knew what to do with, and not once in Garotte's entire life had those stuck-up, self-absorbed snobs ever given her a single bit. There was no way that Garotte was going to do a thing like fixing her mane to resemble them. At most, Garotte wore a Black suit with crimson shirt and grey tie. She was an Ambassador after all. The least she could do was intimidate the shallow pretenders with some class before she spoke. Princess Twilight Sparkle, her first friend and jailer, had been staring into Garotte's blue eyes as the villain was nursing a cup of Chai tea at her kitchen table.

How had this unicorn come to be friends with the Princess? Well, It's a long story. In short, the unicorn known as Garotte Wire was the Ambassador for 'The Forces of Evil' lead by a now unicorn King Aether, whom used to be an Alicorn. Also a long story, explained in another. During the Siege of Canterlot and the Destruction of Cloudsdale, Twilight Sparkle, a newly transformed Alicorn Princess, had confronted the villain behind all of it and offered her a chance to make things right. Twilight had needed the magic of Garotte's special talent in order to confront Tirek, A demon Centaur from Tartarus that Garotte had unleashed as part of her plan. The princess had needed the magic in the first place as she was holding not only the magic of Princesses Celestia and Luna, but Queens Chrysalis and Aze, as well as Discord and Nightmare Moon herself, and finally King Aether. The magics of Sun, Moon, Love, Harmony, Chaos, Shadow and Change had been waging an internal war of dominance, held back only by Queen Aze's Harmony for a short time and preventing the other magics from dominating the others through sheer force of will. The magic of Garotte's special talent, while not obvious to any that would see her cutie mark, (A loop of piano wire) is one of Unity. More specifically, Garotte's special talent is making others work together to achieve a specific goal, no matter how horribly the other beings may hate another or disagree.

With this talent, Garotte Wire was able to use the forbidden knowledge and talents of the Pink One to create an army of Mirror Duplicates. These mirror forms were imperfect copies of the original Garotte, and those that survived the Siege of Canterlot and Destruction of Cloudsdale had lead seperate lives. The common theme amongst them, aside from looking exactly like the villain that had caused destruction of so much, was the suits they wore. Each mirror had decided to differentiate themselves by a suit unique to their personality. Several had been arrested for their part in the catastrophe, while others had escaped. In total, there were over twenty surviving duplicates of Garotte Wire still living. Twilight Sparkle had yet to inform the original Garotte Wire of this, however.

For the past three years, Garotte Wire had been frozen in stone. When her magic was taken, her body had gone into a stasis to prevent its own death. After that time, the eight Demi-gods and deities had regained their power enough to return the magic of Unity to Garotte, and free her from her imprisonment. The mare had taken everything fairly well, which concerned Twilight. Garotte had been acting as if nothing was wrong and she started a new job working at the spa in Ponyville the next day. She knew very little about Garotte, aside from the few moments she had spent with the mare already. She knew that deep down, Garotte wasn't evil. That didn't stop the unicorn from calling herself the Ambassador of Evil, and claiming that Heroes were no better than the Villains they sought to stop in the end.

Twilight had been staring at Garotte for some time now, causing her to feel uncomfortable. While setting her tea down, Garotte asked, "Twilight? You've been staring at me for a full five minutes now. Something on your mind?" Garotte's default expression was usually one of a guilty pony caught in the middle of stealing; her ears were usually turned downward and obscured by her obsessively messy mane and accompanied by a wide eyed look of wonderment or surprise. Now, however, her ears were perked in interest or possibly concern. "I know you like to zone out about things, but you normally don't stare at me while you do it..."

"Oh!" Twilight jumped, broken from her thoughts and forced back into reality. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about a few things." Twilight moved over to the kitchen table, bringing her own cup of tea in a lavender glow of magic and setting it down on a coaster. "Are you adjusting well to living inside of the castle?"

Ponyville itself had been razed to the ground three years prior, as part of the first 'attack' from the Forces of Evil. In the end, the entire situation had been a grand plot by Celestia to give hope to the regular ponies of Equestria by convincing them that there were problems they -the regular ponies- could solve even if something happened to the Elements of Harmony or the Princesses. The town was saved when an army of disguised changelings lead by Queen Aze had routed the Forces of Evil and quickly dissipated as if they were ghosts in a bright flash of light. The stories of the Attack on Ponyville had spread throughout Equestria of the ghostly protectors of the land, and ultimately giving Princess Celestia's plan a stamp of success. The downside to this plan was that a few ponies had taken the tongue in cheek messages of the Evil Overlords that lead The Forces of Evil to heart. One of those ponies had been Garotte Wire, who Pinkie Promised to the Pink One herself that she would be the greatest Evil she was able to be, and then immediately raised two armies, leveled two cities, released Lord Tirek from Tartarus itself, and then united all of Equestria through the hardships she had given them. The Pink One, known to her friends as Pinkie Pie, had never given an explanation for her actions other than 'I thought it would be good for the story!' All involved had long since learned to not question anything the Pink One ever did, as they were usually unable to understand her logic or lack thereof. During the destruction of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle's library home had been burnt to the ground. For her ascension into an Alicorn Princess, Twilight had been given an artifact that later revealed itself to be a seed, which grew into a Crystalline castle on the outskirts of the newly rebuilt border town. She had lived there for a full year before Garotte had been released, and grown used to the vast empty halls that had been decorated by her friends to be more like a home than a science project.

"Well, it's spacious." Garotte simply replied, taking another sip of her tea with her ears drooping to their usual spot. "The tea is good though, thank you." she added quickly.

Twilight had been trying to teach Garotte how to trust other ponies and to make friends. She wasn't doing too well, as Garotte had been mistreated and neglected for her entire life. Griffons by nature were generally loathe to share or provide any sort of charity, and had ignored Garotte's existence at best. Raised in that kind of environment, Garotte had learned to rely only upon herself and to distrust everybeing on reflex. This had made her initial confrontation with Twilight all the more difficult during the attack of three years ago, but that was in the past.

"Do you have anything planned for today? We could walk around the marketplace if you're free." Twilight suggested, taking a sip of her own tea and idly wondering where Spike had gone.

"I'm trying to avoid going out into town if possible. Ponies still give me nasty looks or just gallop away when they see me. Besides, I'm more concerned about what The Pink One has planned for me than anything." Garotte shuddered, pulling her warm cup of tea closer to her muzzle and looking from the corner of her eyes at the dark places of the room.

"You know, you could just call her Pinkie Pie. Saying 'The Pink One' makes her sound like some sort of spooky ghost." Twilight giggled.

Garotte blinked a few times in disbelief at Twilight, before deciding that explaining the obviously terrifying abilities of the Pink One would serve no purpose other than to start an argument between them over whether her friend was to be feared or given a hug in apology. She then finished off her tea and scooted away from the table, levitating her cup towards the sink that had been made from a crystal that she wasn't familiar with. It wasn't Twilight's fault that she hadn't given The Pink One a closer look. Most ponies outright ignore anything that is too out of the ordinary for them to process, and Twilight would probably freak out if she had learned of the few abilities that Garotte had been given by the Pink One herself in order for her to complete her original Promise. Thankfully for everypony including Garotte, that promise had been revoked and she was free to be her own pony. Whom that was, however, was completely lost to Garotte. She didn't have to scrounge by to survive anymore, but she didn't have an official job as the Ambassador of Evil either. The Forces of Evil had been transformed along with their Citadel into another city unto itself, complete with all the trappings of a utopia.

Garotte sighed, having returned to the table yet refusing to sit. "You know what?" Garotte asked, looking to Twilight with a slight smile. "I might as well go outside. I'm not going to get used to Ponyville being stuck in your castle."

"That's great!" Twilight replied a bit louder than she had intended. "Now we can introduce you to ponies so they won't be so scared of you all the time."

Garotte made a scrunchy face. "Yeah, sure. 'The Ambassador of Evil and destroyer of homes is among us. Lets give her a hug!' " She snarked.

"Come on, Garotte. It won't be that bad." Twilight said convincingly, though Garotte knew that the Princess had just tempted fate, and her day was about to get interesting.


"Hey, do I know you?" A stallion had asked with harsh tone, directed towards Garotte.

Yep. Called it. Garotte thought.

"Maybe. Have you see a statue, about yea high," She raised a hoof off of the ground to be on top of her head, "Bowing in sorrow, surrounded by garden related plant life for about the last three years?" she replied sarcastically, completely annoyed at both the tone and the repetitive nature of each of the encounters she'd had while outside. Twilight Sparkle had run off someplace to fetch somepony that she said Garotte would relate to, and had left the Ambassador of Evil to her own devices.

The stallion became more upset, walking towards Garotte with a disapproving stare. "Do you know how much pain you caused me and my family with your little stunt?"

Garotte set her hoof back on the ground, and rolled her eyes. "Yes. It is completely tragic how you now have a large home to live in with unlimited groceries and more room than you know what to do with. It must be so horrible." She deadpanned. After the destruction of Canterlot and Cloudsdale, the cities had been rebuilt in record time thanks to several impromptu singing numbers. The effect of songs has been well documented throughout history as being able to increase efficiency as well as strength, intelligence, durability and resilience in innumerable cases. The scientific theory was currently, 'If pony is exposed to song, then pony becomes ten ponies.' Following that theory, The two cities were rebuilt entirely in a month, and better than before. The funding had come Pre-Stasis from Queen Aze, whom had amassed a gargantuan fortune of bits that threatened to overwhelm the economy with its magnitude. Thankfully, the Changeling Queen was actually dependent on altruism to survive, and had donated a sizeable fund to Princess Celestia in exchange for her hive to be allowed to remain in Manehattan, where they offered friendship for food in both senses of the wording. Ponies would go into any of the stores run by Aze's changelings, and receive food in exchange for making friends with the staff.

"Yes it's horrible! My family and I were out on the streets for an entire month with nothing to eat but carefully planned meals next to a fireplace!" The stallion harrumphed. "Do you even understand the hardships that a six thousand square hoof home comes with! The cleaning bills alone!"

"Truly. A fate worse than death."

"We've even had to hire workers just to make us meals! I don't have the time that I used to for my hobbies!"

Garotte sighed, standing there and forcing herself not to strangle the obnoxious stallion before her. She could easily do it. Nopony else was around, as the idiot had caught her skulking around in an alleyway. Just two steps forward, rear on her hind legs, and hug the consciousness right out of him. Simple. But, alas, Garotte had said she would attempt to befriend ponies that she'd met. Using her abnormal strength (For a unicorn) to hug ponies unconscious wasn't making friends, it was getting rid of problems temporarily.

Besides, her ability to hug ponies had given her both her namesake and a job at the Ponyville spa. Apparently, it does wonders for the back when you have the life nearly crushed out of you. Maybe that's how massages work in general?

"Are you even listening!?" The stallion yelled, getting in Garotte's face.

"No. I wasn't."

The stallion growled in response.

"Your teeth are nice." Garotte said unexpectedly, throwing the stallion's train of thought far from the tracks.


"Your mane is also well styled." Garotte continued.

"What are you doing?" The stallion asked confusedly.

"Complimenting you."


"Because having you yell at me all day -like everypony else I've met so far- is annoying." Garotte replied matter-of-factly.

"We- but- um..." The stallion stuttered, and Garotte took her chance to walk past the stallion and continue on down the street away from him.

"Have a good day." She called behind herself, disappearing around the corner.

The stallion later turned around to see Garotte Wire had gone. Confused, he decided to continue with his daily routine when he was shocked beyond belief to see three more Garotte Wires all standing in front of him. From left to right, they had different suits on. White jacket with Blue shirt and black tie; Grey jacket with White shirt and black tie, and Black jacket with bright red shirt and black tie.

"Hello!" Blue said.

"We saw your little confrontation with our Garotte there." White added, adjusting her tie.

"Wouldn't want something like that to happen again, though." Red menaced.

"What do ya say there, champ?" Blue continued. The three were speaking as one, finishing each others sentences as if a single train of thought existed between the three of them.

"Are you going to leave Garotte alone?" White asked neutrally.

"Or are you gonna cause problems?" Red grinned maliciously.

The stallion in question had been darting his head between the three mares and grew more panicked by the second. With Red's last comment, he decided the best course of action was to scream and run away.

"I love it when they run!" Blue chirped happily.

Garotte Wire had used the Pool of Mirrors to create an army of herself during her time of evilness. Most of them were near mindless copies that served only the basest of purposes, while others had emerged from the pool complete with separate personalities. She had been informed of this pool by The Pink One when Garotte had explained that she couldn't do the evil she needed all on her own. With this knowledge, Garotte had raised an army of her clones and caused the destruction of Canterlot and Cloudsdale through clever infiltration and manipulation.

Unknown to her, the group that locals had named "The Trio" had been touring all across the globe and encountering as many activities and beings as possible to expand their knowledge of everybeing and thing they could. They had heard of the Original's freedom from stone, and quickly came to Ponyville to speak with their creator.

The Trio had originally been responsible for freeing the insane and deranged of Canterlot's Mental Health retreats, and releasing them onto the streets to cause as much mayhem as the crazies had felt like at the time. For the stories told after the battle between Princess Sparkle and Lord Tirek, The Trio were responsible for a few evil deeds here and there, yet mostly kept to themselves.

At least, until Garotte came back.

Now, they wanted to be the first copies to meet up with their original boss to see what she wanted them to do.


"Garotte! There you are!" Twilight yelled across the marketplace, causing everypony to first look at the princess, and then scan around where she was looking for whomever Garotte was. Before the grey mare could be spotted, she quickly ducked behind a cabbage cart and tried to shrink as low as possible. To her dismay, the bottom of the cart was well off of the ground and revealed her poor hiding spot. The cabbage merchant was also not a fan of having the villain using her cart as a hiding spot, and promptly pushed it away from her. This revealed Garotte to the town in dramatic fashion when she quickly got up and leapt to another nearby cart that was unoccupied.

"Wow. She's almost as bad as I am." Twilight's friend mentioned within earshot of Garotte.

"Starlight, that's not a nice thing to say." The princess scolded.

"She reminds me of Fluttershy."

"Trust me, she's far from Fluttershy... at least when she's pressed against the wall."

Garotte peeked from the side of the cart, looking first at Twilight Sparkle and then to the pony on her left. The friend was a Unicorn mare with soft pink coat, styled and swirly mane of purples with a stripe of teal, purple eyes and makeup to boot. Garotte already didn't like her on principle.

"Oh, now she's glaring at me. This is going great, Twilight!" Starlight sassed.

"Gah, just give her a chance, will you?"

Starlight raised an eyebrow. "Getting frustrated? Not very friendly of you, Princess of Friendship."

Garotte then re-evaluated her initial findings on Starlight. Maybe she was another evil pony? With this in mind, she ignored the town ponies that had begun to gawk at the mild spectacle before them of two villains and the Princess of Friendship having a spat. Garotte began walking up to Starlight and Twilight, idly realizing their names were fairly similar.

"So, you're the friend that Twilight ran off to find?" Garotte asked cautiously, stopping a few pony lengths from the two mares. She may have been a friend of Twilight's, but no way was she going to trust that she was friendly just because of that. Even then, it's the friendly ponies you have to watch out for. They usually want something from you.

"Apparently, that'd be me." Starlight replied, a hoof on her chest for a moment.

"Starlight Glimmer, meet Garotte Wire! Garotte Wire, Starlight Glimmer." Twilight said officially, introducing the two.

Garotte and Starlight then gave appraising stares, raised eyebrows, and paced around each other in evaluation. This continued for several minutes with muttered remarks under each others breaths, and finally ended when they had made three full circles.

"I give her a four." Garotte mentioned.

"A four?" Starlight asked.

"On the 'Evil' scale. You're like... lukewarm evil."

This irked Starlight. She had been trying to better herself, but who was she to rate her evilness, anyway? "Is that so? And what does that make you?"

Garotte blinked in mild surprise. "Really? You haven't heard of me? I thought I would at least have been known from here to Minos by now."

"Never heard of you!" Starlight quickly shot. "Besides, who rates somepony's evil based off of appearance anyway?"

"I do. A lot of villains can be judged on appearance alone."

"And you are whom, exactly?"

"Garotte Wire, Ambassador of Evil, Destroyer of Canterlot and Cloudsdale, Jailbreaker of Demons and Army of One." Garotte smiled maliciously, raising a hoof for an offered shake.

Starlight looked to Twilight, who awkwardly smiled and nodded in confirmation. She then looked back to Garotte, whom had snuck up close to her face.

"And who are you, exactly?" she taunted.

Unnerved by the proximity, Starlight composed herself and proudly declared, "Starlight Glimmer, Tamperer of Space Time, Stealer of Cutie Marks and Cult Leader."

Garotte backed off, raising an eyebrow with an approving expression. "Tamperer of Space Time? Hmm..." She then rubbed her chin, looking at Starlight with a new perspective. "I adjust my previous rating. I'll give you a seven."

This took a bit of ego from Starlight. "A seven?!"

"Well, you obviously didn't succeed at altering space time in any meaningful way." Garotte smiled.

Starlight rolled her eyes. "Pfft, that you would know of."

Spike, ignored by all and bearer of the title 'The Frequently Forgotten To Be Present', then called from a nearby vendor of gems, (Which he was scarfing down after paying for, using his love of Gems to stave off his irritation in a futile effort to remain cheery) "Just kiss already!"

Both Garotte and Starlight then recoiled from their proximity to each other, which had subconsciously grown closer and blushed furiously.

"Spike!" Twilight hissed in disbelief, "How could you say something like that!?"

"Easy!" Spike replied through muffled gems in his mouth, "They're practically made for each other with how they argue."

Twilight facehoofed. "Spike, just because couples sometimes argue, doesn't mean that's why they're a couple."

Spike shrugged. "Could'a fooled me."

Starlight and Garotte had both taken up glaring at Spike and said in unison, "Seems like it did." under their breath, before both realizing they had the same thought, and looked everywhere but each other's general direction.

Twilight sighed in defeat. "Alright you two, let's go back to the castle. You can talk all you want to in peace when we get there."

"Sure." Starlight quickly said.

"Alrighty." Garotte replied as well, the both of them quickly taking up positions on opposite sides of Twilight with Spike running behind to catch up, arms filled with various gems.

Starlight then looked across Twilight's back at Garotte. "Did you really just say 'alrighty'?"

"Twilight, they're flirting agaaain." Spike complained cheekily.

Garotte looked away from Twilight and Garotte, using her mane as a shield to be embarrassed in peace behind. Twilight groaned in annoyance, and Starlight shot Spike a glare. Spike was oblivious to this, however, as he shoveled more gems into his face.


In short order, the four had arrived at Twilight's sprawling castle.

"Alright, a few rules need to be said." Twilight announced, turning around in front of the door to address Starlight and Garotte.

Garotte patiently waited, and Starlight was giving a look of 'are you serious?' to Twilight.

"Firstly, no using magic to harass other ponies. Second, no hugging without consent. Thirdly, don't annoy each other on purpose. Good?"

Starlight had questions. "Hugging? Seriously?" She then noticed a warmth next to her, and was startled to find that Garotte had once again snuck up on her.

"I'll give you a hug if you really want it." She purred.

Seriously creeped out, Starlight squirmed away quickly from Garotte.

"Garotte, I'm serious!" Twilight protested.

Garotte was giggling at Starlight's reaction. "Alright, alright. Fine. That was worth it, though." she smiled. Starlight was still upset at the invasion of personal space.

Twilight was seriously reconsidering introducing the two at this point and grumbled to herself while fiddling with the door. She tried to open it with her magic, but nothing happened. "Oh come on, seriously?" She then looked at Spike. "Did you lock the door from the inside somehow?"

"Uh, no? Why don't you just teleport in?" Spike suggested.

At that, the door suddenly came ajar. It squeaked ominously inwards, (Against all fire code regulation,) and spooked Twilight slightly. She then shook her head. I'm reading too many murder mysteries, She thought to herself.

Pushing the door open, she was surprised when Garotte pulled the door away from her. She was then further surprised when she looked behind her to find Garotte there as well.

"Hey Twily!" The door Garotte chirped. "Long time, never seen!" This Garotte was wearing a blue jacket with Pink shirt and a white tie.

Garotte narrowed her eyes at the newcomer. "Pink? Is that you?"

"Boss!" Pink cheered. "Come on in! There's a whole party for you!"

Garotte cringed, and Pink quickly amended, "It's not a party from The Pink One, don't worry!"

Starlight and Garotte both heaved a sigh of relief, before giving each other curious glances for having the same reaction. The door then swung open to a well lit central hallway that lead to other rooms within the castle. Following 'Pink' through the castle, Twilight had questions.

"Pink, is it?" She asked uncertainly.


"Are... you one of Garotte's copies?"


Starlight then whispered to Twilight, "She seems way more cheery than the 'original.'"

Twilight nodded in agreement before continuing. "Why are you here?"

"Well, Monotone and The Trio told me that the Boss was back, so I decided we should throw her a welcome back party!" Pink chirped, reminding everypony of Pinkie Pie a bit too much for comfort.

"Pink... have you been using the Pink One's powers too much?" Garotte asked nervously.

"Non-stop!" was her reply.

Garotte grimaced, closing her eyes as if in pain as well. "Pink. What did I tell you about using her powers?"

Pink then stopped, performed an about face, and recited, "Pink, whatever you do, do not abuse the powers that The Pink One has given us, or she will tear all of us a new a-"

"That's enough!" Garotte hastily interrupted.

"Wait... powers?" Twilight asked Garotte."

"Yep!" Pink replied, "The Pink One gave the Boss the knowledge of how she uses some of her powers so she could be better at her job. By convenient extension, all of her copies can use those powers as well, but with the same limitations!"

"Limitations?" Starlight asked.

"Wait, You're saying that Pinkie Pie has 'powers.'" Twilight asked in disbelief.

"I think you tried to figure out the source of them yourself, didn't you?" Pink asked, throwing a metal strainer with a bunch of blinking lights over her shoulder to land on Twilight's head.

"How did you get this?!" Twilight asked in surprise.

"Power~s" Pink replied ominously with accompanying ghost noises.

"What limitations?" Starlight asked.

"Oh, you know. No using the powers to directly harm other beings, no leaving Equestria with the powers, (Though manually leaving Equestria is fine,) and limit the use of them as much as possible."

"Which you ignored." Garotte commented.

"We're here!" Pink said happily, ignoring Garotte.

The group had finally reached their destination, and Pink pushed open the double doors to the kitchen. In said room was the Trio, and Monotone. Monotone was a special personality, as she always spoke mechanically; As few words as possible, no change in her pitch or tone, and revealing no emotion.

"You've arrived." Monotone stated.

"And you brought the Friend-cess too!" Blue added.

"And another minion?" White asked.

"At least tell me she's evil!" Red grumbled.

"I'm not a minion!" Starlight protested.

Garotte raised a hoof in the air to stop the stream of voices. "Come on, everywire. We can talk about all this later." She then lowered her hoof, and the Princess and Starlight walked in with Garotte, slightly at a loss. "Would you mind explaining why you're here?"

Monotone cleared her throat, and explained. "All of us watched Canterlot New News Network. We saw your return. We want to work for you again."

"Doing evil things!" Blue added.

"Or other things." White commented.

"Mainly evil things, though." Red said.

"What do you say, Bossy?" Pink ended.

Garotte bit her lip, looking between her crew and Twilight.

I could join them. Lead them all in doing evil things again, but why? All that happened the last time I was evil was getting turned into a bird's sitting spot for the last three years. Twilight's really been trying to help me adjust, and it isn't her fault that other ponies treat me the way they do. If anything, It's because of what I've done that they hate me. On the other hoof, my crew is practically all me, and they look up to me. I wouldn't need to make new friends if I went with them. Wait a minute....

"Why don't the five of you stay in the castle?" Garotte asked suddenly, looking to Twilight. "Would that be alright?"

Twilight was now in a bind. Her home was rapidly becoming a den of villains and she wasn't sure if she really wanted to reform that many ponies at the same time. Or if she even could. What was the alternative though; letting them go free and un-monitored?

Twilight nodded, "Yes. I'm sure there's more than enough room for your friends here."

Pink's eyes lit up with excitement. "She called us friends!" She then grabbed an un-enthused Monotone, shaking her vigorously. "We're friends, Monny!"

"Please stop."

Author's Note:

From Monday to Thursday I'll be driving my car from Washington to Arizona, so I might not be able to add more chapters until I return.

The cover art will come sometime soon as well!

It'll be a picture of Garotte Wire :twilightsmile:

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