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The first hint I was given that everything was not going to plan, was a purple alicorn staring at me. The second was a small purple and green dragon baby doing the same, puffing smoke.

The most annoying, was that I was only able to move my head, as the rest of me was locked in place by either spell or magical inhibitors.

This is going to go great!

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Comments ( 74 )

I like it.
All of it.
Especially Sombra being adorable, it makes me want to hug him.

I do not like the fact that I go well with ketchup, and am also crunchy.

Spike has some very bizarre tastes to think that ketchup goes well with crystals. But again, some people have ketchup with rice. (What?) :applejackconfused:

"No being evil, and I'll let you have Cocoa. Deal?"

If ponies simply bribed villains to not be evil with cocoa instead of going through a convoluted plot, episode lengths would have been redced by three quarters. The bulk of the episode that’s left would consist of their sitting snugly before the fireplace sipping delectable hot choc, of course.

7446891 now we just turn him into a foal and the Diabetus dispenser is done:rainbowlaugh:

Really? Only me. What, is there some ban on dark magic?

It's more the location. I doubt many ponies who use dark magic are near the Crystal Empire... though there is also likely some kind of ban on it as well...

I looked at her skeptically. Seriously? What are you, the Princess of Friendship?
"It is my duty as the Princess of Friendship to give everypony or otherwise a second chance for peace." She continued, quite proud of herself from the looks of it.


"How am I supposed to know if you're serious or not?" She asked in an annoyed tone.
"You won't." I replied, annoying her with my cryptic response.

That sounds more like something Discord would say (both pre- and post- reformation)
Speaking of Discord, it would be hilarious if he and Sombra ended up talking together at some point.

A lot of Sombra's behavior here reminds me of the version from the Ask King Sombra tumblr that recently finished its storyline...
I'm leaning towards it being a coincidence, though.

There is one question I have, and it'll probably be answered later, but I might as well voice it here:
How exactly DID Sombra end up returning a second time? His body was obliterated by the Crystal Heart Love Wave.
Unless it has something to do with his horn.

Overall, though, I have just one thing to express my reaction to the chapter:


I literally have read no other fan fictions involving King Sombra, so any relation or likeness to other Sombras is completely coincidental.

Snarky, cynical and sarcastic? A great iteration of Sombra if I ever read one.

I sqweed so hard I shook my boos.:rainbowkiss:

Man I love this, reminds me of Regarding Falling Villains.

I looked up at the three whom were expectantly awaiting my reply. "It means that my special talent is coming back from the dead."

...Given the kinds of cutie marks we've seen in the show, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that WAS somepony's special talent.

I like how all the pones are super sillies while the only sane being that sees through Play Write's shenanigans is Spike. (But nobody cares about Spike, lol.)

I'll not walk around like the rest of these degenerates with my 'bits' plain for all to see.

I thought kings loved to show off their wealth.

"Thanks to the Elements of Harmony, my friends and I were able to cleanse the corruption from Princess Luna about six years ago. It's also how we became friends! I mean, my friends in Ponyville and I, not Princess Luna. We are friends! Luna and I, I mean." She rambled a tad.
How wonderful for you, Twilight. You made some friends and released the mare that nearly killed me again yesterday. Bravo. "Very well. What else has happened?"
"Well, Discord came back about a year after that."

This is something I tend to debate with people a lot, but I'm pretty sure the defeats of Nightmare Moon and Discord were a lot closer than a year apart.
Mostly because of the celebration of the Summer Sun Celebration being in the season 4 premiere.
Some would probably argue that the SSC is something that takes place every four years, but I'd argue that, since it's meant to celebrate the longest day of the year, it's a yearly thing.
Plus, I tend to think of each season as only being a few months, due to a combination of that, and one of the teasers for Legend of the Everfree mentioning that it's been about a year since the first EQG movie began, and each movie takes place at the end of their respective seasons (despite Friendship Games coming out at the same time as episode 14 of season 5, and LOE coming out at the same time as episode 22 of season 6).
I apologize if that was a bit rambly, but I felt the need to explain why I felt that way in detail.
And the difference in our thoughts on the timeline isn't necessarily a problem with the story, just something that bugs me personally whenever it comes up.

Overall, this story continues to be hilarious.


It could be that every season is 3 months' time in the show, and that would explain the 4 season difference between the Summer Sun celebrations. :derpyderp2:

which allowed her to promptly freak out, shouting 'yesyesyes' in a completely undignified display that was embarrassing for all to witness.


I absolutely adore this fanfiction and cannot wait for more! I can wait but it's just a saying.

Huh, I thought Sombra would be happier to see the castle is made of crystal.

7506882 Yeah but if you think about it, it has no defences at all. it doesn't even have locks on it!


Sombra is a crystal connoisseur. He's not impressed by just any old crystal thingamajig. It's like a wine taster. They know the good from the not so good.

And Sombra knows a terrible crystal castle when he sees one. And he sees this atrocity to Crystarchitecture and calls it for what it is:

An affront to crystal castles everywhere.


You want to laugh.

Whenever you write Sombra from now on, prep your mind by listening to this:

Sombra: Oh YEAH YEAH! Takin' notes eh colts? I know it's tough (Hey!) to be (Hey!) The King of the Crystals!

Just gets better and better.

I recently read a post that said you were interested in some constructive criticism of your works. So far have only read this one but I like your writing style. While I have seen fics that imagined that Sombra was a blank flank before I really enjoyed the idea was that he never discovered his special talent because it was so obscurely esoteric. As well I have liked his reactions to things that didn't exist before this point, though I would point out that logically he shouldn't know what a train is, as I imagine they likely didn't have have them given how remote the empire is supposed to have been at the time of his ruling. Also it struck me as a bit odd that Twilight tried to hide that a new ring had been put on his horn, as doubtless she would have been able to recognize that he would feel the effects of his meddling no longer being there. I have done a lot of tabletop role playing over the years and I have found that when you have a character that has an odd quirk that would dramatically change his reactions from a normal person it is good to try to keep it in the forefront of your mind when reviewing your actions or similar. I don't know if any of that is overly helpful, but I hope at least some of it is of use.


Well, when the Crystal Empire came back after a thousand years ,they had a train station pre-built already, right? So, logically, He would know what trains are.

I think it says more about the complete lack of technological advancement of Equestria at that point, :pinkiegasp:

I had always assumed that was built by Celestia some years before anticipating the empires return. Though I suppose the idea of stagnant tech is just about as likely.

Ahm. The forceful removal of clothes would be seen as rape or something, in other fandoms.

But mlp says SCREW IT, WE'RE HORSES!

Seriously, take that scene out of context. ..

"I modified it a little bit, and it turns out it worked perfectly!

This door part actually made me cry. It was needless slspstick, just in a different way. It was cruel, and made me upset.



Um, if you take -any- scene out of context it becomes that: Out of context.

Ponies don't wear clothes, so that scene would be the equivalent of Humans putting clothes on someone whom doesn't like to wear clothes as a prank. How is that forceful sex against someone's will? How is that rape?


I don't know how it made you cry.

You just say that "This slapstick makes me upset" and give no reason for why, or how to avoid it or any helpful feedback.

If my story isn't to your liking, why are you reading it? There's literally thousands of other things to read on this site.

This was hillarius :rainbowlaugh:
*Applaus* you have comedy skillz yo!

So, are you gonna keep Sanguine in the story? I really like her.


Yeah, she'll be staying in the story.

My current Profile pic (As of 9/1/16) Is of Sanguine for reference, btw.



But also, if Sanguine is your OC, which is your main one? That Changeling Queen or Sanguine.


Used to be Queen Aze, but I've decided on making Sanguine my permanent one. Complicated life reasons.


Complicated life Complications are Complicatedly Complicated?


Yeah. I don't want to go into detail for all to read.


I wouldn't expect you to, people need secrecy.

Just so long as he doesn't spend the next chapter charging his power while yelling incessantly.

I Love it!! Also

"Oh, do you like it?" Well, Sanguine did tell me to make friends.

is that shipping i see:duck:?

"No cocoa for you!"

I don't know why, but something about that line makes it my favorite in the chapter.

Woo! New chapter!
Which I'm a tad late for, but eh.

The title now makes sense! Sombr a has to decide whether he is going to be mortal and drink coco, or immortal and no coco xD

This was pretty funny. You definitely have a knack for comedy. Just like with Banana duck, this story has Sombra addicted to Hot Cocoa... Banana Duck has a funnier mental image than Sombra Cocoa... but it's the thought that I actually laughed at this. I LOVE deadpan snarkers and Sombra here was pretty fun... Like Dragon Tribe, I am only going to read this first chapter... then when it is complete I will give a better review. It's just really hard, you know, to remember what you read between updates. At least for me.

Plus with this and Dragon Tribe, it will be just as hard to stop once I catch up. It's why I don't read a lot of stories in progress. I read a good Equestria Girls and Pony crossover where Twilight gets stranded as a pony on the other side of the mirror and started following it, but I just can't remember what I read, and while it was enjoyable it's a hassle to try to follow alongside it.

I am definitely going to track it though, and read it fully and happily alongside Dragon Tribe as that interested me enough, but I can't read the rest of this as it is going to hurt later on... so I am saving myself the pain later by stopping now.

Pfft, what a glorious return.

Equal parts adorable and hilarious.

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