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This story is a sequel to Lost into Shadow

The impossible has happened, through all the pain and darkness, Twilight Sparkle succeeded in her impossible mission...mostly. King Sombra is still plenty rough around the edges, but despite being an old dog he's making an effort to learn new tricks. Where will this new way of life take him? He has absolutely no idea, but with his queen to guide him, what could possibly go wrong?

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Just to note, this story is marked with On Hiatus instead of incomplete due to the probability of infrequent updates while I focus most of my attention on the other timeline, Path of Damnation. Fear not though, for as inspiration strikes so shall I work on it. I just expect it to take much more time than my other sequel :twilightsmile:

Love the alternate depiction of the chapter. And I love the Twibra:twilightsmile: cover art:heart:. God, I miss the Twibra blog:fluttercry:.

I love how Twilight and Sombra get along in this story. It's funnier.

Must see Sombry and Shiny BBILF (Best Brothers in Law Forever)

Awesome! And here I was thinking there would be a bit of a wait before we got this version of the sequel.

So good!

at least we were not there

Yes we were. You were drunk and I transported to there. Our powers were just neutralized.

how come I have dahjavo?

I don't know.

Ahh, I was wondering how Dash’s issue was going to be handled. By the way, there's a "rainbows" instead of "Rainbow's" in that part.

Love the ending to the chapter.

I hope she gets to keep the green glowing eyes :coolphoto: I bet it will make her friends feel a bit uncomfortable lo

So the paths are two different stories? This does make some sense. I was trying to figure out how exactly you were planing to make a triquel.

4526758 Fixed, thanks for the catch! And thanks everypony for your feedback, nothing makes my day more than comments do (the good and constructively criticizing :twilightsmile:)

Well, this is an excellent start up 2 chapters but they seem to skip quite the bit of time...

4527721 Lol, this is crazy pairing? :rainbowwild: What about Twilight x Discord? Nope, just kidding, BEST, SHIP, EVER. Aside from this one...:rainbowkiss:

the end? it's been a blast so far, and has such great potential too:raritydespair:

4528541 No no no, not done, not by a long shot. Its just going to be slow on the updates is all don't worry.

great...now I'm addicted to Twilight and Sombra shipping.....@#$%



Excuse us whilst we fangirl/boy scream and jump around like idiots!

whoop de doo... *waves finger around*


Hooray! :yay:

WHOOO! AAAAANNNNDDDDD Do the cabbage patch uh huh!

No no cabbage patch thats just wrong.. anyway AND WE CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING ANYMORE!!!!! YEEYEE!!

I do like how you're doing both paths. It's quite interesting, and both intrigue me greatly. A couple things, though. First, it's "Sweetie Belle", with an e on the end. Second, punctuation still needs a bit of work. For example, "How can we be certain that you are reformed Sombra." should be "How can we be certain that you are reformed, Sombra?" Still, looking good so far.

thank god, like my comment on you'r page i how to see more


A jump cut to after she conquers her inner evil? I hope you plan on revisiting her inner battle later because that's a bit of a let down.

4531631 But of course. That decision defined the course of the rest of her life, one that has even shown Sombra that he can overcome his own evil and follow in her lead. Don't expect to see the whole story of that monumental decision all at once though. It will be hinted at, bits and pieces released as Twilight teaches the lessons she has learned, like puzzle pieces to the greater picture :twilightsmile:

we want more and you know it

I showed this to my non-brony brother and his immediate question was,"if this is the good path why do their smiles look so evil still?" I love the cover art but you gotta admit he's kinda right.:pinkiegasp:

Ah, I see. Path of Redemption is an AU-divergence between what occurs when Twilight faces Dark-Twilight; very nice, very nice.

...Now i kinda want to see that fight of both AU's versus the other in an epic multiversal clash; maybe have an overabundance of dark magic in the Damnation Path tweak the EQG Mirror-Portal to the Redemption Path?

Either way, I'm happy to see both options presented before me!


Join the Dark Side… *cough cough* I mean the Twibra Shipping Side… We have Cookies… And Cake…
:trollestia:: CAKE??

Reading both, need new chapters for both!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't really know where your going with these alternate versions of the story but I like (you might want to find yourself an editor though, I've noticed some minor mistakes in your stories)

Twilight looked at her in surprise, as if it should have been obvious. "We're Twilight Sparkle of course! That makes you the goody-four-shoes, and me the far less socially acceptable." Still maintaining the grin she hefted the book mightily over the wall and was rewarded by a bloodcurdling scream silenced by an explosion like dynamite.

Was that the Bombinomicon?

This. Is. Awesome!

Keep going!

I don't exactly like it that much:pinkiesad2:. While I like it more then when I first read it. The part that follow a different path then damnation seem rushed to me. And thats strange as I usualy don't care for such trivial things and just enjoy any story.

I understand that friendship is a powerful force and friends are willing to forgive a lot of things. But there are some boundaries where friendship becomes blind loyalty as the mane 5 seems a tad to easy on forgiving.
The Rainbow Dash wing problem doesn't seem to be even needed here beyond setting up how awesome it is to reverse engineer dark spells into the light form. Yet, it could have been a nice part where we could have seen a strain between two friends relationship on account of one accidently (more or less) harming the other and costing her her dreams. But noooo, we have Deus ex Twilight fixing it immediately.
Also no pony, not even Luna, imediatly attack Twilight the moment she casts a painful spell om Rainbow.

You could end the story on this part and everything would seem finished. Twilight has been forgiven anyway and thus got her redemption with no need to do anything. And no one in the story cares about Sombra's reformation anymore.
Sombra doesn't give a damn about it.
Twilight knows that he's not as evil as others believe, or atleast that she can bring out (your dead:pinkiesmile:) the good side of him.
Celestia doesn't give a damn anymore so long as she has her pseudo daughter and Sombra doesn't go around terrorizing foals.
Cadance is fine with him so long as he stays the hell away from the empire. don't want to give them a mass heart attack.
And Luna is outvoted, so her thoughts about the situation doesn't even matter:trollestia:.

Dunno, maybe seeing as how amazing the first story was my expectations had been increased in the sequel.

And then the universe collapses on it self and everyone die. The end!................................................:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Seriously though, the event play out decently but not exactly very good, but, I'm not expecting perfection or masterpiece like some people. I'm not perfectionist. So this is good enough for me. Although, I still expect epic battles. :pinkiehappy:

yay happy beginnings.....wait that sounded wrong

To be honest, I prefer this path to the other one, the other one is needlessly brutal and a tad ooc, at least in my opinion...


oh i hope this comes off of Hiatus soon!

4534341 Nope, just a picture book. As said earlier in this chapter, words are power and pictures are worth a thousand words. Therefore, picture books are weapons of mass destruction.


:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Someone should totally make nuclear weapons out of picture books!

I need to use that logic in a joke at some point :rainbowlaugh:

OK, this may be a skewed priority speaking, but what happened with the other cover art:rainbowhuh:? I actually miss it already:raritycry::fluttercry::applecry:.

4546918 I was politely requested to remove it by the artist, so I quickly complied with his wishes :twilightsmile:

4547401 oh, I see. Well, I'm going to miss the cover art. BTW, the artist is female.

what happened to the artwork for the fic? (the one with Twilight and Sombra dancing?)

4547401 I suggest maybe adding a link to the art work so others can find it, but its just an idea so you don't have more repetitive comments like these. :twilightsmile:

4548109 I'm an idiot for not seeing the two previous comments.

Writing two stories simultaniously? Sounds challenging, but I bet you can pull it off. Just remember, you're supposed to spell out numbers unless they're "complicated". Twelve, not 12. A number like 377,827 is excusable, but 99% of the time the proper thing to do is spell out the numbers.

If I remember correctly the artist for the original artwork took most of their Twibra stuff down because people pirated some Folios from them. I can understand that but I am saddened by the art being gone.

This split reminds me of KOTOR to be honest. Where Revan can go light or dark in the end as well as sway his/her love to the side he/she as chosen.

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