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Set only a week after the banishment of Princess Luna to the moon, the realm of Equestria is in a state of upheaval. Celestia's royal guard attempt to regain control over the vast empire once ruled by dual monarchs, and the young alicorn's actions as a ruler have become a subject of scrutiny after her sister's attempted coup. Two factions have risen in the turmoil: The Knights of the Sun and The Bright Moon.

Far away from the political infighting and sword rattling exists a small mining town on the outskirts of Equestrian territory. Where once the royal guard would have no trouble fending off raids from bandits or other criminals, the panic of the capitol has caused a withdrawal of military forces to more essential cities and trading ports. Completely undefended and without a spell or sword amongst them, this town was soon overrun by a band of bi-pedal canines calling themselves the Diamond Dogs. As brutal as they are lazy, the Diamond Dogs have forced the local population to work until collapse to collect gems from the town mine.

Outraged by his inability to fend off these bandits and thieves, a young unicorn named Bone Marrow tries with all of his might to find his purpose in life - his cutie mark - and hopes that it will be enough to drive off the invaders of his home. He will soon discover that his special talent is far more than he bargained for.

((A Sequel will begin for this story as soon as I finish I Am a Pet Changeling. Stay tuned on Discord! https://discord.gg/nDXd3AB ))

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My only hope is that Celestia doesn't try o kill Marrow because of necromancy. That trope has been done to death. Really looking fowardto more!


Holy crap so far this story seems very promising. I haven't noticed any spelling or grammar mistakes so if they are there then they are probebly not very noticeable. The setting is interesting, and your writing style is very good, as it does not come off as trying to hard to explain things like other stories on this site do. I will defiantly be tracking this story and I hope to read the next chapter! I wonder how long until bone marrow realizes he can use his talent on more then just birds? :)

That's interesting and unique. Please continue. As for Bone Marrow, he can finally free his home and parents.

How convienant there just so happens to be a large number of well armed corpses just lying around.

me thinks the dogs may have a problem.

"At least its not knitting."

:rainbowlaugh: Demolition Man reference, i love it!

Another story for my tracking lists; i sense some real potential in this one, Sanny.

How many of them are birds, though? :rainbowlaugh:

Equestria needs more necromancers, me likes it. I give thumbs up.

Well, the Gryphons are half bird, and they had a total rout, so most of the corpses are gryphon in origin, then there would be a small number of Pegasai, I'd say each being one fourth bird. There wouldn't be many diamond dog corpses, and the invading dogs would have kept killing of ponies to a minimum, so those wouldn't inflate the numbers too much. All in total, approximately one third of the deceased bodymass could count as bird, while about two thirds of the corpses could be seen as part bird.


Looking good so far. And we really do need more ncromancer flics in this site.

He has an army. Nothing can stop them. For every "killed" Skeleton, 5 new take it's place, I can imagine how it could go

Diamond Dog: You and what army, pony?
Bone Marrow: What army? What army?! Look around you, Dog!


More like a Platoon; not exactly an army, yet, but its a start.

Yes. The dialoge was also be a reference to something.

This sounds like it will be good

I find the image of bone marrow standing in front of a army of undead with a skeletal crow on his head kind of cute. Is that weird? Eh probebly. Great chapter by the way!

I could read more of this.... If there was any more to read! :raritydespair:

LOL! I'll wait around I hope more comes soon. :pinkiehappy:

I very much agree and anticipate another entirely new chapter.

Nevermore is always a good name for a raven.

After a moment's realization, Bone was reminded that he hadn't seen the Diamond Dogs or anypony else for that matter for a long time. Night had snuck up on him as he saw the moon making its steady advance overhead. To his surprise, there was a face on the moon now. "Whoa." Bone gasped as a smile spread on his face. "That's so cool! Thanks Princess Luna!"

Well, shit.

Seeing this story in the feature box but not my global feed has caused me to realize that you're not on my watch list. I must rectify this travisty post haste!:pinkiegasp:

Well, when you have a name like Bone Marrow you're obviously destined to raise the dead now, aren't you?


Pfft, necromancy. The poor substitute for full-fledged resurrection.


8272689 Or be an omnivorous scavenger who picks over the remains of lion and leopard kills... :pinkiesick:

Oh yeah, that too.

There was a cat at my window just as I read your comment about lions and stuff. That was...weird.


Or a Doctor who works on Cancer patients.

Next time, watch your grammar, Grammar Nazi.

I did it. I saved the English language. And it only took Hilary Clinton's boobs to do it.


Cancer? Well, Cercan indeed.

PURR-fect. Take me MEOW, kitty-cats! Take me MEOW!

Is it sad that the closest thing to a pussy I'll ever close to in my life is literally going to be a cat? I think that's pretty sad and disappointing given the things I was promised as a child.

(insert sad and sorrowful cliche music here)

Eh. I like Grammer Nazis... They teach me things......

You must be soooo popular at Jewish parties.

By the way, you already know this, but I'd like to be polite and introduce myself - the name is UniqueSKD, and it is nice to meet you in this story's comment section.

(offers hand/hoof for a hoofshake/handjob wait what?)

Giggity It is a Pleasure to make your aquantydink!

You have manners. Now you can have a Follow.

"Dead birds... alive again, but not."

God this line won me over so much. This fic is up to a blazing good start.

I really want bone Marrow to say Nevermore sometime in the story or after he does something cool. Just a thought of course but it would be cool.or he could name the crow Nevermore.

(If you don't know why I want him to say or call the raven Nevermore. Then go to this link https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/48860/the-raven-595a98216532a#mainContent )

Hmm. Interesting that apparently he has a very specific focus he needs to actually do his trick. And the crow knows more than he does... Still, I can't help but think that he is going to grow up very quickly.

Lots of promise here. I look forward to more stuff.

The army of the undead don't kill.
They recruit.

Can't wait for the next chapter to go up. You have a great start to a hopefully great story here!:pinkiehappy:

Necromancy, one of my favourite topics to read about. This story is getting a favourite, even though I have only read the first chapter. It has such great potential and appears to be a great story so far. Keep doing your stuff Sanny.

I truly cannot wait for the next chapter Sanny. This is an amazing story so far and I have taken a massive liking towards this because of its uniqueness. Keep up the good work.

I've always liked stories with the main character as a necromancer. It's really interesting to see how they react, the necromancer and the people around him. It's pretty cool. :)

Great work as always!

From now on, you'll be known as Toothpick!" Bone excitedly announced, his smile wide.

True to name, Toothpick pecked Bone's tooth, causing him to yelp in surprise and cover his mouth. "Don't do that!"

Guess the rave takes it literally.

Eyes darting all around, they eventually locked on a familiar face.

A set of familiar faces, actually. His father and mother. Bone Marrow stood in shock, his body feeling cold. His eyes welled with tears as his mind tried to make sense of what he was seeing in front of him

shame about his parents, my condulences, Bone, pray it was quick.

This is great, for a second I thought Luna Herself was the one in the tunnels. It would be interesting though if Luna was a necromancer.
lol Deus Vult :trollestia:

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