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Coming across an artifact while exploring a forest cave, a young teen gets whisked off to a strange new land. unfortunately for him, this artifact did more than just transport him, landing him immediately in the world powers proverbial blade tip. Trapped in stone, this is how he spends his time.

Yo! I'm not dead! I'm not done with Amnesiacs tale, just taking a bit more of a break from it. I had this idea floating in my head and i had to catch it. this story will be a lot shorted than I intend Amnesiacs tale to be so I should be back to it soon!

Featured on 11/26/2018! never thought it would happen, but here we are. thank you all.
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An eternal witness is he? Hmm, he'll likely go mad for a while, say around year 50-200, that'll be a bad time, then he may "get bored" and achieve sanity again from the other side. By the time a millennia has passed, there will really be no telling where his personality will be.

How to spend 1000 years...

hes going mad within the year if he cant sleep, but will follow

my question is what does the statue look like, is it a pawn form a chess board or something else. like a single eye that is open as if it looking at something with bunch of tentacle hold it up or come out of the back of it and hold it up

No dislikes, 13 likes. You're good.

The statue in the story is of the human mc himself. Like how discord was a statue of his own. The pawn imagine for the story is kinda just there, but if your wanna look deep into it I suppose it would represent how insignificant a pawn is by itself, similar to how this mc (currently a statue) is. Along with the design and the cracks, shows the test of time and mental degredation from said time. Or im looking too deep into it and it's just a pawn. ;P (the image that is). The human mc does have a look and such but the focus of the story isn't on that yet.

You had to jinx it.... Lol, on a serious note, thanks for the compliment. It certainly helps my motivation

ahh ok, was not sure would been creepy if it was just eye with lots of tentacle come out of it and hold it up,

You have my interest with this story. I can't say I've seen this type of thing been done before either. I eagerly await more of this. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! I was thinking the same thing when I was thinking about the concept for this story. I always try to think, "has this been done before" when I'm writing. Some things can't be avoided, but eh.

At least you had 20 likes when you replied, now it's at 22. That's gotta say something.

Why do I see you everywhere? Are you following me? Am I following you!?

Comment posted by DekaSkittalz deleted Nov 18th, 2018

True true. Again thanks tho. It means allot

the main character is trapped in stone, literally cannot move. why is this so god damned captivating...
take a fave!

I dunno why it's so captivating... Seriously why do people like this? Lol, seriously tho, glad you enjoy it.

I'm really liking this so far, just because its different. Normally the sort of displaced style types stories go like this:
Human goes to equestria.
Human might do something in equestria, or simply wander.
Gets turned to stone by the princesses.
Time skip to whenever the show is set, not a second before, and break out.
And they do stuff. Great.

This ISN'T that. This, I suppose, is somewhat realistic. I dunno if the guy'll ever be released (does he have a name, btw?), but his powers still work and perfectly work with the scenario.
That being said, just try to to time skip too much. You've got roughly 365000 days (excluding leap years, of course), so don't worry too much about skipping 7000 days, but still. Try not to just slip and go straight to the show. Because this is actually original for once, a rarity these days, and I'd like it to stay that way.

9287763 As a sentient mineral now, I highly doubt what passes for a 'brain' in his stony skull requires the biologically-restorative qualities of sleep any longer.

At any rate, he'd go mad from the immobility and isolation in a couple weeks at most.

Try sitting still for an entire day (bathroom breaks aside) with NOTHING to do but stare at the same scene in the yard.

Unless you are well-practices in meditation, you won't be able to bear it.

Now, think about doing that for a week... a month... the average mind would be a wreck already.

Also, he's human... so how did he get into Equestria in the first place? The artifact? Discord?

9285949 Goku would be absolutely fine as he has no mind to break. :rainbowlaugh:

yes of course he has a name lol. everyone has a name. as for the story's premise, yes. i was thinking on the toilet, as most do, what if this happened. as for the power, its honestly just an excuse to get him to equestria, which will link up to other reasons later down the line. it still works because its purely vision based.

as for the time skips... you might be a lil upset because i plan to skip over quite a bit; in the sense of time wise. there will still hopefully be a decent amount of chapters, but i don't plan to drag this out year by year or day by day. some skips will be longer than others, some will be shorter. as for roughly 365000 days? we'll see about that :P

going mad is not nessisarily a full change in mindset. moreso, its just a bunch of tweaks overtime that is so gradual, its hardly noticable. people who are insane don't know it, nor are they all screaming eternally. even if he did go that far insane, after a while, you'd get used to it. people think once you go insane theres no coming back, but after a while you would just regain all you're faculties and be the same you, just with a slightly different mindset. as a sentient slab of stone, does his mind really follow the rules of mental deterioration? :P

and yes, he is human. how he got there? i thought it was pretty clear how. the artifact. the power the artifact gives him is entirely its own thing, not meant to derive from anything (this is not a displaced story and will not feature tokens or any of that).

Eh, it's your story. You do what you want with it. I'll still end up reading it either way.
What I meant by the name thing is what is the guy's name, if you've got one.

Yes, he has a name. It just hasn't been revealed yet. Hence why in the notes it says "yet to be named". Don't worry, it'll crop up soon enough. Also, glad you're that confident in the story that you'd still read it lol.

They say one of the worst things you could possibly do to someone is inflict immortality, immobility, and insomnia on them. He's doing very well after 178 years of this, only 822 years left to go!

Well I can assure you that the site isn't paying attention...

As to why you're seeing me around, you obviously have excellent taste in stories.

This is a pretty cool concept. I look forward to seeing more!

After three chapters, I say HELL YES to more. Brilliant work.

Thanks. I plan on more. Now is it brilliant work? I dunno. I was a lil uneasy honestly because to me the entire thing seems all over the place and stone other thing I can't find the words to describe... Not really following one train of thought I guess I would say.

But someone trapped in stone for 150 years wouldn't be following just one train of thought, either.

That's why I felt alright posting this one, despite my hesitance.

Just checked the Popular page. This is at the top.

I wonder if he'll get any Luna kisses?

Would you kiss a diary?

Liked what I've read so far! It WAS a bit confusing how Luna seemed to go back and forth on her knowledge of the origin of the statue (that it was originally a sentient), but I think you meant to show that she doesn't know that he is AWARE, and that he may be dead effectively. It's the only thing that makes sense with the timing for the almost breaking of the statue scene.

Hope this goes the distance for the full 1000 years! I wouldn't even mind if you go back and forth on the timeline. While Luna is there for him early on, I can just imagine how the weight of time blasts that away, and other fillies and colts will end up spending time around the Observer.

Around the time when she nearly smashed him, she didn't really care about him. She just spent her time in the gardens. Then she started talking to the statue, because she knows that that statue is one that used to be a person. She was fighting herself because she didn't know if turning him to a statue killed him or what. She don't know what state hes in. Then, over the years, she's gained an appreciation for the statue. To the point where, she hopes he's alive and can see and hear her. But she knows that it's also just as likely that she's Legit just talking to herself. So you are essentially right, just a bit more detail. She
Her knowledge doesn't go back and forth, she just doesn't care at that point.

As for going back and forth between the years? Not likely. I think imma end up going numerically. Might make bonus chapters for the funny numbers like 69 and 420. Maybe another one that I can't say cuz it would spoil shit.

Either way, glad you're enjoying it!

Even with her treating the statue as a friend, she's ultimately a terrible one in the she doesn't really care about them. If she feels that he can hear her and is alive, then he KNOWS that she refuses to release him even though she knows he was only imprisoned because her sister heard of a legend, not because of any action, regardless of how she feels for him. In short she's a selfish little shit.

Mate you're too close...I might have to make you disappear... Lol jk. But honestly, what CAN she do? It's the elements of Harmony. They don't know how to reverse it's effects. They see it as a weapon. Why would she wanna use Weapon on her friend? Don't get me wrong, she's still selfish af, but think about it from her perspective. How could she possibly know what to do?

Keep it coming deka, i can really see why your a proof reader!

Lol, thanks. Part of it is just having an extensive vocabulary as to be able to accurately and better convey your message. I figured, with that on my side, only issue I have to worry about when writing is "will people like the story itself".

Welp, I read it all to date... and I can see that the format will be your greatest adversary. While his inner monologue is well-written, one can only go so far with a guy stuck as a statue for a thousand years. How much will change within that time? From what I can think, I cannot see how to shift things up - as he at most will see different gardeners, plants, and animals through the time that he's stuck as a statue.

There is not much to tell, actually - one can only say so much before going bored with imagining vengeance against the sisters for screwing him over or the snark commentary, after all.

But I digress. I will trust that you'll surprise me with your experiment, and with all this said...

I hope that this criticism finds you in good health, and I will be waiting for where you'll take this project.

PS: Did Stone Cold manage to avert the Nightmare scenario by being there? Or there will be a change in circumstances that will cause things to go downhill in the future? Also, methinks that he's stuck in an indestructible stone body like Discord until something triggers the breakdown of the petrifying spell.

And it is no wonder that Luna cannot perceive his mind - the poor sod's awake. Been awake. Will remain awake for god knows how long.:rainbowderp:

Thanks for the feedback!

IDK who this "stone cold"is. I think you mean null(unless you were making a joke, in which case, good job). And yes, there is only so far one can take the dudes inner monologues, that's the reason for the time jumps. As will something happen to switch up the format? Well... Not for the next thousand years or so...;P. I've got ideas churning around. Did he Avert the nightmare event? We haven't even gotten that far into history yet! It's called 1000 years. Did you think this was the same thousand years of peace after Luna's banishment? Hahahahell no. This is the thousand years BEFORE that. Pick apart what you will from that ;P.

I really do hope you stick around till the end, cuz I have this story pretty well planned out (already got the end generally planned) and there will be a twist towards the end. So while the format won't change for a while, I just might later on ;3.

Also yeah. He been awake. Barely hanging on to sanity by latching onto whatever coherent thoughts he may have and driving them into the ground with his monologues. Poor Luna can't tell. But poor null for being the one to suffer from that drawback amirite?

Thanks for your kind reply.:twilightsmile:

I'll trust your plans for your story, and I am happy to see that you have a good outline of how you're going to write it off. :moustache:

As for the 'Stone Cold' comment, was a joke - in fact, it's the nickname of a wrestler named Steve Austin. Since the dude's stuck as a statue... the pun was too tempting to ignore.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Oh believe me I know all about stone cold Steve Austin, lol. From when wrestling used to be good.
It just wasn't a pun that connected in my head lol. Good on ya. Anyways, once again, thanks for the feedback. And of course it was gonna be a kind reply! Not enough time in life to bother being mad at much of anything.

I approve of ya.

Good philosophy. :moustache:

I enjoyed this story alot and am actually really excited to learn more about the eye and what the future holds for the characters

I have a feeling something bad going to Celestia, in a humiliating way. At least I hope it's that last part.

Because your OC have a HUGE grudge against her.

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