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For the Record · 7:21pm Apr 27th, 2017

If someone had told me even a year ago, that i would become mildly addicted to MLP fan-fictions, i'd have been certain they must be joking; And had they also told me it would help break me out of the creative and motivational malaise that i have been languishing in for years now, i'd have called them crazy.

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A few of my favourites

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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

TLost Little Wolf
Yet another human-in-the-body-of-a-show-character story
PrincessColumbia · 48k words  ·  1,016  58 · 15k views

I look forward too seeing that. Though personally my anger at him is wrestling with my pragmatic side. Seeing him suffer for a change will feel cathartic to us the readers, but really any death at all that puts an end to his cruelty would be sufficient; so long as it curtails any additional harm and damage he would have done.

The public outcry for Merry to receive his just reward has been so strong as to prompt a change to the end of the story!

No really, what we had in the original draft just doesn't cut it. I've got a very special scene planned for the final chapter. :trixieshiftright:

And in that scene, yet another B5 reference will be clear.

Obviously by design... made all the more infuriating by the fact that his truly vile personality makes complete sense when you account for the utterly rotten system that inflicted him upon the rest of the galaxy. There is no saving someone this far gone, 'Lord' Merry Weather badly needs a bullet to the brain pan; pronto.

Hehe he has that effect on people

A FIMFic combining MLP with Babylon 5 was something i honestly never thought to look for, and throwing Nyx of all OCs into the mix just makes it even better.

Though i do fear a little for what some of the coming chapters are likely going to do to my blood pressure... Merry Weather has decisively made it onto my shortlist of characters who truly make me want to reach through the monitor and strangle them to death with my own two hands :twilightangry2:

Thanks for favouriting Flurry in Time! It's nice to see a fellow Babylon 5 fan!

I did not know this.

Years ago i took the name from a location name in the computer game Homeworld 2, which itself i have always assumed the devs were vaguely referencing the real life Ancient Egyptian necropolis (a literal city of the dead) called Tanis.

Much more recently i have learned that Tanis is also a female name in certain parts of the world, but i like the name too much to be bothered to go through the almighy headache of changing it on the myriad accounts i have used it for over the last decade.

Did you know that the goddess Tanis was called Caelestia by the Romans, and her coins depicted one of either a horse, a pegasus, or a unicorn?

There are also images of her suggestively raising the sun.

Ok, well i hope you enjoyed the chapter

Sorry, i've been a little preoccupied lately. I did read the chapter right after it dropped, but couldn't really formulate a coherent comment to make at the time.

Hi, just wanted to let you know Influx: Beyond the Adventure has been updated for a little while now with Super Stable 24. I've noticed you've left comments on the previous chapters and thought you might have missed this one.

If you haven't seen it yet, then i hope you'll enjoy it and i look forward to your feedback.

I very much look forward to future chapters of Legacy.

As for the technical discussions, i've always had a keen interest in these things, and i have been slowly working on an original Science Fiction setting of my own creation, for the last ten years, called Frontiers.

A large chunk of that development work, has been in designing stuff in SketchUp:

Thanks so much for the favorite on Legacy, I very much appreciate it! (Plus your technical discussions are hugely fascinating!)

Thanks for being on this site. :)


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

It's not like i was hiding; i use the same account name and avatar image between FIMFiction and Discord.

Eeeyyyy i see i found you on fimfic finally!

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