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This story is a sequel to Divine Entertainment

Atlas, Discord and Starswirl have safely arrived in the newly founded Equestria. The ponies that came before them already built up quite a few flourishing cities, setting aside their differences and living together in harmony.

Close to one such newly founded town, Atlas built what he personally insists on calling a "secret lab" where he conducts research and experiments to gain a better understanding of runic magic. Assisted by his adopted son Discord and his scholarly friend Starswirl, they'll have to recreate this lost art if Atlas wants to be prepared for the foretold showdown between the greek gods. All while keeping an eye out for the events that are supposed to bring the true Equestria into existence.

This sequel story will focus mostly on Atlas' research into runes and the timeline that is known to him. Therefore I've decided to replace the adventure tag from the last story with slice of life, although there might still be some adventure-y chapters.

Cover Art by Navanastra, go check out his awesome stories!

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Research! Arc:
Chapter 1 - 4
9’208 Words

Travels! Arc:
Chapter 5 - 7
12'858 Words

Research 2, Research Harder! Arc:
Chapter 8 - 11
7'920 Words

The Two Sisters Arc:
Chapter 12 - 23
38'885 Words

Equestria Arc:
Chapter 24 - xxx

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After the emotional last chapter of Divine Entertainment, I'm excited for this new installment in Atlas' story. Also if you make a semi-undead Amythest into Sombra I will beat you sideways with the largest foam noodle I can acquire.

...Wow. I was not expecting them to be his children.

Well this was interesting to read, looks like Discord has siblings that he didn't told about. I wonder how the first encounter Tirek and Scorpan went with Atlas and Starswirl. I wonder what was the Crystal Empire was compared to the other old pony kindoms were the crystal ponies created by with rune magic I wonder when Discord started his mischiefs and how it degenerated to the point they had to use the Elements of Harmony on Discord. What about the Love poison incident, and the Changelings.

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the fact that Celestia and Luna are his Children took us by surprise.

Hell yeah!

I absolutely love this.

This... This chapter, I like it!


But in all honesty, Divine Entertainment was just fantastic to read, and seeing this up on the front page...

Yeah, it's definitely made my morning.

Finally, we are getting to the present!

Good. Good. More. NAOW! This is great! :pinkiehappy:

Celestia and Luna are his kids? Who'd have thought. That would make them the same strength of Zeus of the Pantheon. That's one way of winning.

8172654 now we want to see it

A great way to start a sleepy morning!

As soon as I saw this on my dash, my eyes shot wide awake and I was just... "Flip, heck yeah! Pone words! Atlas!...


Woohoo! Keep going Orthoros!


Also, you only have ONE editor and ONE proofreader? You know, I am particularly good with spelling and grammar, and I could help out if you really need it. I'm proofreading and editing two other sweet stories on this site, one more wouldn't add much to the proverbial plate :twilightsmile:

Another thing, I think we broke your view counter :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

4 story views and 62 chapter views!

We where reading the description when we realized.......we don't even care what the description says, we are still going to read it. XD

Good description though!!!!

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:Bwah ha ha hah ha! Prepare little ponies to have your minds further broken! Also the fact that Discord was a statue makes a bit more sense, it was due to sibling rivalry and infighting among siblings!:rainbowlaugh:

GOD, THOU CANT KEEP TEASING US LIKE THIS!!!!!!!! (sobs) Write moar thou literary Einstein!!


Well damn. This only raises the question of blood, magic or adoption...

Will we be split between then and now in the timeline, or is this just another cruel teaser? Either way, I love how casual he was with it.

oh my god, I wanna see what happens with Discord! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Adding to Elite Favorites, tracking.
Woona and sun-butt being Altas' children was... quite the twist. Really, in retrospect I should have expected it with Altas ending up as the father of Discord and all, but an unpredictable plot is something I love dearly. Still, I have to wonder whether they were adopted by Atlas like Discord, or whether they are blood children.
I eagerly await the answers to my questions.

and here i was thinking this chapter would be a nice slow introduction....


Dude, it got featured today!



...sounds painful.

AND.... now I want to know if they were adopted or they're his biological children.

And so it begins...
85th like!

I can't read this...it has a horrible like to dislike ratio...

Hahahaha now that is something I would pay many bits to see.

8172727 We actually have two editors and we're supposed to have two proof readers, however the second proofreader isn't around very often so it falls to me.

8173318 Ah, I see! Well, good job then! I rarely ever see any errors so props to you!

As a side note though:

Atlas replied patting Lunas back.

"Lunas" should have an apostrophe. Otherwise you're using a plural noun instead of a possessive.

8173337 And that's why we have two of us to proof... Oh well...

I missed you so much, daddy!” Luna exclaimed happily, snuggling up to the gray unicorn who wasn’t phased in the slightest.
“Yes, yes. I missed you too, Luna,” Atlas replied patting Lunas back. “A thousand years is a long time to be gone after all.”
By now, Luna’s words had registered with everypony, causing them to adopt a shocked and confused look.
“You as well, Celestia,” Atlas said from his prone position. “It’s nice to see you’ve managed without me.”
By now, nopony knew what was going on, looking towards their princess for confirmation. Princess Celestia had always been their steadfast rock to hold onto when they didn’t know what to do, and now, once again, they relied on her to explain the current situation.
“It’s nice to see you too,” Celestia said adopting a smile after taking in the rooms general expression. “Father.”

10 internet cookies says the old Unicorn Kingdom becomes the Crystal Empire.

Like 135


Don't forget to add this to the group right now only your first story is showing in the group

Comment posted by King_Sinbad deleted May 18th, 2017

OH OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE TWILIGHTS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yep then she going to break and pass out cold bc everything she know has been a lie. mahahahahaha

I was confused as to why I didn't get notified of this. Then I realised I'm not following you, though I thought I was. Only reason I found this was because it was featured

Ok, so you're time skipping to here? I was hoping to see the birth, teachings, etc. Of Celestia and Luna

Hey, could you put this part somewhere in the next chpater

Atlas: you *points at Twilight* have woke me up from my slumber...
Meh! yeah.. i do believe it was high time for me to wake up *turns head to face Tia* so... where's my son Discord? Where's your brother?

Tia: Eheh heh yeah.... uhmm about that...
Atlas: come on.. out with it?!!

Huh huh what do you think, Orthoros:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:
Is it not.. genius:pinkiecrazy::unsuresweetie::twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

8173248 haha, I'm afraid this is just another cruel teaser by yours truly :P Although this story SHOULD be shorter than DE, and the third one will actually be the "present"

I thought so. Sexcellent.

8173949 You'd have found out with the next chapter. So I thought I'd save you some confusion, like ripping off a band-aid...

Maybe story is good, maybe I shall read it. :raritywink:


(Edit; Hah, apparently some people don't get the joke of it being the proofreader saying this. Bait successful.)

Did anyone see a nuke drop, or is it just me?

And the story continues!!!!!! Can't wait for more!

Atlas being Luna and Celestia's father wasn't the biggest surprise, truthfully. Even if he isn't the bio-dad, he would have adopted them eventually like he did with Discord, being the eldest imortal and all.



so is going to be at the past first or the present when starts telling twilight about his living in equestria then go to the past


Again. I apologize.

First chapter of this one and you're already dropping a bombshell on us? You've certainly started off on a high note.

XD we had already guessed that. lol. P.S.................................We will be watching........hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

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