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Hello there. I'm just a fan of FiM from Mexico giving the whole "Write MLP fanfiction" thing a try.


When a new nation is born, more often than not it is bound to face the many issues and hardships that come from becoming a new prescence in the world stage. And for the United Mexican States, it was no different. After a brief period of keeping the monarchical rule, they now proclaimed themselves a federal republic. As one of the emerging nations in the Americas, Mexico was ready to stand on its own after centuries of colonial rule.

For other nations, a significant event in their history can act as a rebirth. A time where they can start anew; sticking to their past, forging a new path, or a combination of both. And for the Kingdom of Equestria, it was no different. After a time of ruling Equestria, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord, was finally overthrown by two alicorn sisters, who were made the new princesses of Equestria. And thus, Equestria would enter a new chapter in its history.

These two countries, not even found on the same planet, it was unlikely they would ever meet. That is, until fate had other plans.

The United Mexican States suddenly found themselves alone after a mysterious event. The rest of their world had seemingly vanished, their country now itself an island. Panic gripped the areas near the new edges, and while the rest of the country was still skeptical, the newly formed government now found itself dealing with this new problem.

What they would soon find, however, would create more questions than answers.

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Good story so far. I can't wait to see what comes from the interaction. Could I perhaps do a reading on this story on my channel? I know that the vast majority of those who answer this question say yes, but I still like to ask just out of respect.

Good premise, enough hints to give us an idea of what time is it in Equestria but not enough to tell us the whole picture, it helps that very few knows about Mexico so this will be a fresh story. That's all I have for now, the pacing wasn't bad, but longer chapters will be desired (long enough to satisfy ourselves).

I would like to give my own twist to this idea, but I would have to use a different timeline, but I'll discuss that in other forums, I like to hear opinions.

For you, yes, keep it up. This idea can work and I hope it works, we need more stories like this.


You mean as in a recording of reading it out loud? Sure, I don't see the harm in it. Feel free to.


Yeah, I do plan longer chapters after this.

Oh, you also want to give the concept a try? That would be interesting. Would look forward to what you come up with.


SO far I have 5 possible time periods: The Great Colombia (1825), after the Federal War (1864), During the dictatorship of Antonio Guzmán Blanco (1872, by this date he has defeated every single caudillo that tried to oppose him and he already made Venezuela a country to respect), after the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómes (1936) and after the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1959). But I'm not sure which one would be the most useful (I'm also not sure what time period to use from the show).


Well, for the human side I could only advice to go with what you may find easier, more interesting to show, or the most potential. Right from the start I would advice against the entirety of the Gran Colombia, but that's me thinking to just stick with just one entity. Same way why I discarded using the First Empire for this story, as it would involve Central America sans Panama as well, and I would rather just stick to my own country. But if you think you can pull it off, feel free to.

For Equestria... well, I choose the time I did for the novelty of the idea. If there is another story with this concept that doesn't use the modern day version of Equestria, I haven't found it. Other than that... can't really advice on this.

Well, good luck with school, the tension was made just fine.

Los Angeles eh? Interesting...

Well, good to see you back with this story, I hope you have more free time for one or two updates before back to school. So far this looks good.

While it's obvious that the pegasi can't understand the humans, it's unclear whether the humans can understand the pegasi. Clarify, please?

Other than that, I still like this a lot.


School can certainly take too much time, huh. Heh, well, not for these past weeks, actually. I got Fridays off for this quatrimester. Though admitedly, not all of them were dedicated to writing.


They can't, either. I thought I made that clear as well. Hmm, would need to see over it again and see if something needs changing, maybe.

Good, now we'll finally see a 1000 years younger Celestia and Luna. Curious with how you will characterize them.

They have Starswirl

We have guns.

I have spotted one error: Calestia

“But, Lord Starswirl,” the one named Calestia protested.


Celestia turned to stare at her. Luna simply chuckled.

*Celestia turned the stare at her. Luna simply chuckled.*

In boundaries of Equatria lied many small settlements.


staying hovering in place with a surprised face

*hovering in place with a surprised face*

Those are the ones I found, good chapter, I think you did a good job on Celestia and Luna, I recommend you to keep writing because its improving its pacing.

I really loved the pacing here, the lore was also a very nice addition that gives a bit more immersion to the story (and extra points for knowing more about México) and the conversations felt natural.

You've really improved.

eh honestly i think the displaced russians should form their own country or is equestria on earth in this story?


The other way around, Mexico is in the same world Equestria resides.

Definitively going to take a look at this later. Tad sad Mexico didn't get ISOTed before it stopped being a Monarchy, but maybe it'll come back.

A la madre... Esta historia está viva!

After seeing stories of ponies interacting with historical figures like Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, etc. It makes me glad to see another figure meeting them. I like the direction you're taking here.

Sunset Invasion can be fun, though not so much if you're playing as kingdom or empire in western Europe with an intention to colonize in EUIV.

Glad to see this story back, interesting to see your new approach and I think it works. I may not have that much of a criteria for writing but I'll say that you did a good job on making an interaction without using words.

Finally, the history book quote at the very beginning was a nice touch.

I can't seem to like this story (as in give it a thumbs up), so I'll leave this comment as a sign that I did, even if I couldn't. (I hope that made sense.)

Edit: After some time passed, I was able to like this story. Before that, I was giving a lot of stories that I read and liked a thumbs up, so maybe I tripped some kind of like spam prevention feature.

I really like this story. Not many ‘country in EQ’ stories out there.

good to see another chapter and good luck with college

Lo único que lamento al ller la sinopsis, es que Equestria no va a conocer a Pancho

Wanderer D

Ah, chinga... y esto de donde salio? :rainbowderp: Pues a leer entonces...

Well, environment and religion isn't something most tend to touch with this kind of stories so I'm cool with it.


I did checked, and March 20, 1825 did fell on a Sunday.

Dang, you got my respect for making sure the dates were right.

As long as it's handled with more grace than the blunt hammer off 'religion declares pony to devilspawn' it tends to be, religion can only add to the story.

Spreading Catholicism in the Ponyland? Oh boy...
Bishops should watch out for their own turf, because discovery of magic could undo their work in regions that are yet to be fully Christianized.

Also don't they like need a new Pope? Is Pope Leo XII the Vicar of Christ in all of Creation(s) or only on Earth?

Nice to see you’ve updated! I can wait however long it takes to post the new chapter!


That is a good question. I considered if to add that the archbishops were also discussing that, but I ended up not incluiding it. Suffice to say, they did. What is the result of that? Well, I am certainly saving that for later. Though one thing I'd mention now, whatever they consider about loosing contact with the Holy See, is a separate matter on whether they need to reestructure their hierarchy.

Actually fine with Catholic faith (ex-Catholic, current Protestant here) in the story so long as its not in a holy war situation (I think others have and will add similar sentiments), to a big extent because you are right; Catholicism was and remains a powerful force in Mexico. Also glad that some branch of Christianity (even if I view it as following incorrect doctrines) is in.

It certainly has to suck for any "outsiders" whenever something like an ISOT type situation happens.

This one being worse than most. We're having a first contact happening and the people on the mainland have no clue whatsoever of the monumental events unfolding.

That's going to lead to a fun few weeks trying to convince everyone they're not crazy when they get back.


Well, I was actually referring to the situation of people that only happened to be passing through or temporarily visiting a place, thus being separated from their homes, their families, their friends, or some combination.

But yeah, I suppose that's also a downside. When you have an entire country flung into another world, big groups tend to miss out when stuff happens. :rainbowlaugh:

You could always provide a synopsis for the events on Earth via blog. If you are planning to make a story about it, please provide a link.

Guerrero braced himself, standing still, though with an arm ready to cover his eyes again in case he didn’t closed them in time. The unicorn took a step to the side, likely to have better aim, horn glowing again. Pointed at him now, the glow began to get brighter. Knowing that was the sign, Guerrero quickly closed his eyes.

"Avada Kedavra!"

And thus, the Homo–Equine War started.


Yeah, translation is often author's preference. No translation spell means miscommunication becomes key to the scenes, but a translation spell means the story can focus on the characters getting to know one another more personally. Either way is a good foundation for culture clashes.

Language barrier is now solved.

Good, now for the multi-layered interdimensional information and culture barrier. :derpytongue2:

No, I must not fall in doubt now. It’s a high risk to take, but I didn’t become captain for backing down at the slightest sight of danger. Besides, whoever they are, I doubt dealing with them could be worse than Discord ever was.

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong..."
-Murphy's Law

'Oh my celestia! A ship! Better report it to the guard!' Is the logic being applied to the end i find it quite funny how suspicious and illogical the ponies of equestria are, it adds to the comedy and the future plot of the story.
I look forward to reading the next chapter

Cant wait for the Sequel its a good story

Buena historia, me gusta mucho lo que hiciste. ¡Esperaré con ansias la continuación!

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