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Hello there. I'm just a fan of FiM from Mexico giving the whole "Write MLP fanfiction" thing a try.


You've probably heard this story before. A unicorn mare with big ambitions lets impatience and greed overtake her, tries to defy Princess Celestia, and escapes through a mirror portal into another world. She emerges in said world in a new form, in front of a school, and decides to use this new scenario as a starting platform to prepare and plan, and eventually return to her own world and take what she considers to be rightfully hers.

This is not that story. Or rather, this story deviates at the most crucial point. After all, inter-dimensional portals are a... delicate matter. Even if you can expect what you may find on the other side, it doesn't mean it will be that. She'll travel to another world, yes. She'll emerge in a school, alright. Though this is where what you may know will stop. For the world that awaits the unicorn may be familiar, yet strange even to us, and the more she stays and learns about it, the stranger it will get. So venture forth, as our protagonist takes the wild ride that is...

Hourai High School!

Cover image pending. Tags (specially character ones) may or may not be final.

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