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Some ponies still remember when the newest princess and her fiancée were replaced by members of an unknown species. For those of you close to the affected, these memories remain fresh in the mind. And many of you are still looking for answers.

But what happens if a human knocks on your door during this time? She claims it is a visit by chance, but she has something in common with these previously unknown shapeshifters.

“Gore” tag is for maximum 800 words of PG-13 rated violence. “Crossovers” tag is for the things related to World of Darkness setting.

Based on the television show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” property of Hasbro, Inc.

Edited by PseudoBob Delightus and JBL. Preread by my precious wife. Many thanks to them!

For more information about the story please check the blog here. Also feel free to ask questions in comments.

P.S. I noticed that this story has a number of attributes of a rational fic as it stated on TV Tropes. I intended to make characters not dumb, so it might lead to other things.

Chapters (33)
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Comments ( 22 )

Is PseudoBob Delightus related to RainbowBob?


They aren't related as far as I know.

I liked that cheating. I wonder what's eating Rainbow, maybe she assumed she did something bad?


Thank you. She possibly assumed that she asked for the race therefore she was somehow responsible. She also might feel as a host here, arranging a better place for the guest.

Ooh, that’s a sure thing.

Ah, the old empty statue trick. Provided he doesn't give away he isn't trapped, he is free to do whatever he wishes, such as going elsewhere to cause mischief there.

I'm wondering how much of an AU this Equestria is from canon. I though it was mostly the same, but this is the first chapter where I'm getting the impression translation conventions and magic behind the scenes doesn't explain the differences.

I wonder if the protagonist's changeling form in this world will play any more of a role. With Rainbow's memory loss, it seems like a free pass on that fact, such that it doesn't have any part of the storyline anymore.


I'm not sure how old is this trick, I have seen it only a couple of times.

And if you consider all events from the show, the story's universe is very far from canon. If you consider only the first impression then not really. Of course the lack of horns and wings can be perceived differently by different persons. So it is up to a reader.

Also I would't call her form a changeling one, but she will use her forms later in the story. Changelings in the story do it another way. The memory loss will also play its role, I can say so because the story is finished and it only needs editing. ^^

Ha, no. We're in Equestria, not in Vvardenfell.

Do me a favour, don't overdo it with "ponies are ever so super special and super-advanced" angle, because if there's one thing I can't buy, it's that any nation or world composed of these characters could out-research an alliance composed of the best and brightest of entire worlds.

Okay, I did not expect this to be World of Darkness crossover. Maybe you should actually tag it as one, because that's just incredibly obvious if you know what to look for.


I'm not sure about tagging, because there are not many elements from this setting in the story. At least from my point of view. Do you think there are enough references to add the tag?


I hope I wouldn't overdo it. ^_^

There were enough for me to notice it easily and they're referred to on a regular basis. Since the site rules say crossovers need to be tagged, you're probably better off simply doing so before someone reports it and a moderator puts a tag on it anyway.


Thank you, I have added the tag.

No prob. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of this. Old Mage is one of my all-time favourite line of games and the unique and human-centric approach it took to Awakened magic and "consensus reality" was very interesting to me. How a group of mages, whose big motto (and greatest failure) is "I can do anything" and whose only real limitation is disbelief in their power, would deal with a place like Equestria is one of those really interesting crossover ideas I've always wanted to see.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?


Do you mean that during imaginary casting for voice acting, who would be the ideal candidates from my point of view?

(Reads description)
Did you say World of Darkness? This ought to be interesting.

A pony with a light cyan-grey mane styled in a mohawk, of all things, walked out of a nearby building. He had a dark grey coat, bordering on black, and a mark which looked like a cloud with a lightning bolt.

Thunderlane! Mi primo!

(Seriously, that's part of my ponysona's backstory.)


Yes, I had him in mind.


I hope so. But this universe is different from the canon World of Darkness, all editions. Though it applies mostly to Earth, because this story unfolds in the world of ponies, so only a couple of characters have direct relations to the World of Darkness.

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