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Enjoy Capitali$m!

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Hey, thanks for tracking my fic... wait, is that a pincho on your picture, I love them.

Hello, I took notice you added my story "The End has begin" to your "Didn't finish, didn't like" bookshelf. I'm fine with that, I wasn't very experienced when I first wrote this a year ago, so I never expected it would be well received, I take any help I can get to improve.

That's not a big deal. :rainbowlaugh:
Hey, at least you're level headed person. You're the first to react to me putting their story into that particular bookshelf and I honestly expected it'd be some butt blasted loser that takes themselves too seriously, instead of someone like you.

Majin Syeekoh

Hi! I’ve been informed by a friend of mine that I got the meme wrong. It’s apparently Spurdo Spärde, or more specifically Spurdo Burger, otherwise known as Le American Bear.

I’m so embarrassed right now you have no idea.:twilightblush:

Anyway, enjoy your day, and thanks again for keeping a permanent bookmark on one of my stories!

Majin Syeekoh

Thank your for adding Chrysalis Works at Quills and Sofas to your “Read, bretty bad” bookshelf! It means a lot to me that you want to permanently keep it on hand for future reference, and the inclusion of the 🅱️ meme in the title of the bookshelf certainly brightened my day!

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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