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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.


Rickety Gear has been proudly maintaining the Ponyville clock tower all his life. A task that had been entrusted to his family for generations. But his family has also been working on something else in the shadows, and now, the project is finally coming to an end. After years of construction, all that's left is to activate the machine.

But will it really go according to plan?

Cover image used with permission by Konsumo
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Is this a crossover?

This feels like an entry in a larger fic universe. Stagnate is not a name I've heard before. But the premise is good, and your writing is solid. I like the idea that there are other alicorns about, that keep up their thankless tasks with their only satisfaction being the continuation of the world as we know it.

Man, I missed your writing, in this universe or no. I'm sad that things ended up how they did, but man reading this put a massive smile on my face. I don't know if you can personally say it was worth it yourself, in regards to time investment and self purported laziness , but I can say I loved reading this nonetheless!

Not as much a crossover as that it is a new entry in my existing universe.

It is an entry in my "Divine Universe" and while Stagnate hasn't really been in any of the stories yet, he's been mentioned in a blog post of mine before. Thank you for enjoying :)

Sometimes I'm also sad at myself for making this grand plan, just to realize I wouldn't be able to write them out because no motivation. But well, even if this dies in new, as long as I made one or two readers happy, I'm good. There's also the fact that I'm just glad I finally finished this, so it doesn't just sit there in an open tab to shame me xD

Rickety Gear no doubt spent months dealing with a constant returning twilight who just had to know what the machine did

Ok, so, I take it that you will be making more to go with this? I am super excited to see more of the Divine Universe. I've missed it so much. Also, will Atlas be seen in them?

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