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Not much of a brony, but still I do like the show time to time. I like it enough to be one but not obsessed, but still. I'm a Fallout series fan, as well as a Halo freak, Bioshock enthusiast, + more


Just after the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam, Edward, or known as Courier 6, left the NCR, the BOS, the Boomers, and others to have their celebration of their victory, until a unknown portal caught him by surprise and gotten sucked in. Landing in Equestria, Edward turned into a pony and was lost and lonely until he meets 6 small, colorful ponies who he became friends with. He then starts to defends Equestria when Canterlot was being invaded by Changlings. He then finds his purpose to stay in his new home, but will he ever return to the Mojave Wasteland to see his old friends? Until the answer is revealed, he stays to defend the innocent and the weak against any and all evil that threatening them. He learned that no matter how far you go, and no matter if the land is peaceful, chaos always follows because WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES.

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5271516 Thanks, and if you don't know where to find the Desert Ranger armor set, you must have the DLC Honest Hearts so that you can find it in some cave near a village, and to what it looks like, it is almost exactly the same as the NCR Veteran Ranger armor set except it has green lenses instead of red, on the helm says 'Forgive Me Mama', and in different colors, plus it is a neutral outfit. that means it's not part of NCR, Caesar's Legion, or any others.:twilightsmile:


This looks promising keep up the good work

5271544 Sure is, in fact, whenever after I made a new character ( after saving Goodsprings), I immediately go there and retrieve it 'cause if I don't, I will never be complete:rainbowdetermined2:

Desert Ranger Of Equestria

Desert Ranger Combat Armour? What r u, a casul? #EliteRiotGearSwag #ScorchedSierra4lyfe

Seriously though, I'll just put this is my Read Later and wait for more chapters...

5271558 Too much info on the description, I would stop at him becoming friends with the ponies and leave at that. But if you want to add other things then don't add the future of your fanfic, it kills the story for me, and probably for many others.

Now I'm not saying you're bad, I'm just giving advice, and if you need help then message me, and I will try to help if I can. And don't add the tragedy tag, unless it is truly necessary, instead replace it with the dark tag.

5272100 Don't judge me, don't ever question why I wear it, EVER!:flutterrage:
It's the only one of its kind, and if there is only one version like the gun 'Lucky', or 'The Machine', I want it. If there is something that there is only one of it's kind, it has to be special in some way.:rainbowderp:

5272228 Well you are to quick to judge, are you?:ajbemused:
but thanks anyway.

5272262 well he has a point you kind of spoiled the whole story in one paragraph with becoming friends and changelings and him not wanting to go home after all that :applejackunsure:

5272255 Lucky is the best Primary weapon in New Vegas, no exceptions, but DRCA is for skrubz.

One man who appreciates the Desert Ranger Combat Armor to another. I hope this takes off. Nice touch with the song too. The Desert Ranger Armor may not be the most powerful armor but it's still a damn fine armor most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.

5273268 well movies, video games, and others have their trailers have some spoilers in them, don't they? The trailers always show scenes of the movies and video games are considered 'spoilers', okay. Even in novels, they have a paragraph or 2 that is a spoiler itself so why can't I give you spoilers? Besides, thats just a tiny piece of a spoiler.:applejackunsure:

5272228 well I have to use tragedy because it won't let me choose sad, plus the tragedy part at only one part of the story soon.:applejackunsure:


some spoilers

yeah SOME spoilers in the paragraph you just said everything he is going to do like we already know he will make friends with the mane 6 instead asking our selfs can he? will he? and he will fight changelings and live instead of use worrying if he will die and you say he will stay instead of us wondering if he stay or leave when theres much in equestria for him or much in the wasteland for him :applejackunsure:

5274440 I said that this spoiler is actually the tiny piece of info. The story itself is a lot more to it. Its not like I told you the entire story, did I?:facehoof:

5275286 well you kind of did :applejackunsure: but atleast you changed the staying thing so that isnt revealed

Sorry people, my internet connection is total SHIT, so it might take me a while to make more chapters.:ajbemused::applejackunsure:

5276751 It was supposed to happen, every story I read involves meeting the Mane 6, so why not tell that part. What kind of a story if the main character doesn't meet the Mane 6 anyway.:applejackunsure:

I don't want to set the world on fire is not country music, it is rythm and blues

5299206 Sorry, it kinda sound country to me, though I never heard what the Blues sound like either, so sorry:twilightsheepish:

5301086 NCR stands for New Californian Republic while BOS stands for Brotherhood of Steel

5310985 Sorry, sometimes I mispell things like that, I will change it.:twilightsheepish:

5310985 Okay I fixed it:twilightsmile:

5316428 Don't worry, I've always hated everything that is Nazi-related things like that of your picture.:ajbemused:

this seems appropriate i never played the fallout series hey well another one bites the dust

wait, is he listening to pre-recorded songs or to a GNR radio signal?

5323750 It's an actual song by Ink Spot which was used in the Fallout games, but to answer your question, GNR music is already recorded since of course it's been 200 years after the bombs were dropped.:twilightsmile:

5320692 I've already known that song since I can remember, I love classic music like AC-DC, Lead Zeppelin, and others. I also love today's music IF it is Heavy Metal or hard rock like Breaking Benjamin, Avenged 7 Fold, 5 Finger Death Punch, and others. You can say I am a Head Banger:rainbowdetermined2:

i prefer male vocalist like radioactive and queen

Red-Glare? Battle saddles? Hammer space for his pipboy?

5324696 the what? What do you mean by 'Battle saddle' and 'Hammer space'? I think I know what you mentioning about the 'Red-Glare' because of a weapon that is only in the 'Lonesome Road' DLC, but the other two I have no clue what you are mentioning.:rainbowhuh:


"Battle saddles" are weapon mount in fallout equestria. "Hammerspace" is like a personal space too store or take from. Like pinkie pie and her cannon, or the lone wanders with their pipboys. In fallout, when you pick stuff up, where do they go?

5312490 It's okay I don't expect you to be great with grammar.

5331465 Oh, okay I see now. thanks for the informatio, but He is a unicorn so he can levitate his weapons.:twilightsmile:

5332761 oh course, like everyone says: there is no such thing is perfect.:twilightsmile:

Holy crap I forgot about this story:rainbowderp:, cant wait to see more:pinkiesmile:

You know man, I like your sory, but .... how to put it .... errr ..... ah I know, you write like an F1, you should revise this chapter now, because there are too many jumps !

And, where the fuck are the other mane 6, they just disappeared in the middle of the chapter !

And if I come across someone who is saying that he come from a different world yatatatatata, well, I don't know what I'd do but I surely not befriend him. (And even if your story is canon with EG, because Twilight should know he don't came from the portal)

Then there are the errors but I can't point them because I'm not english, or american, or australian, so I'm not really grammar friendly.

Edward replied, Hey, Spike, it's nice to meet you too.

forget a quote

5763643 Hey, go and take your insults with you somewhere else, dumbass.:ajbemused:

5764852 Man, I was giving you some advice, I wasn't insulting you :ajbemused:

Take it or not I don't care, but I know when I'm insulting someone.

And I was NOT insulting you :twilightangry2:

5767521 Well to me, that comment you said below basically means "You suck at writing" so try to add a few things like "and I'm not trying to insult or anything, just giving you a heads up"so that the reader like me can be able to understand it more.:applejackunsure:

A little short for a chapter, still good to see you back.

Oh I just love this fic keep up the good work (even though it was short, I also made a really short chapter in my fic)

6215981 actually, it's kinda made up in a way but let's just say it is a second attempt from the changlings.:rainbowderp:

6229260 ok makes sense (lets see them blasting off again!)

Also ive did some editing to some of the chapters.

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