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Not much of a brony, but still I do like the show time to time. I like it enough to be one but not obsessed, but still. I'm a Fallout series fan, as well as a Halo freak, Bioshock enthusiast, + more


After the colony world, Reach, fell by the religious alien alliance known as "the Covenant," a cruiser-class covenant ship, Salvation, attempted to pursue the UNSC Pillar of Autumn but a malfunction of the ship's slip space device causing a rupture and sending half of the ship to an uncharted planet of Equestria. Only one surviver, a Sangheili Ultra by the name Akaru' Viranamu comes to his consciousness only to meet 6 small colorful ponies and that is just the beginning.....

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Nice premise, and I personally approve of Halo crossovers. Mostly because I specialize in them. Just got a few minor issues in grammar to work out, but overall, looks nice from the description. Going into the read later shelf.

Well.... Damn it, I had a story in the works just like this.....

Oh well, on my read later list.

Mmmmm.... After reading nearly all of the Halo books I think that this Elite is EXTREMELY different from all the others. Although, it might make sense because the Prophets aren't there to label them heretics...

Okay, I approve

what a nice introduction cant wait for more

This looks very promising. Needs some work on grammar. I'm a bit confused about the elites beliefs though. He doesn't kill any innocent beings that aren't the enemy of the Covenant, and he doesn't kill any innocent beings that are his enemy either? But, he has killed human civilians right? That is part of their genocidal campaign. To kill every member if their species. Children included. Other than that I like how different he is. If you're interested I am available to edit your story for the foreseeable future. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss things. Keep up the good work!

5247472 Well as you now, this elite is different from the rest. He is kinda similar to Arbiter but mixed with Master Chief a little. That means he, as you say 'stands out' from the rest of his own kind. His belief is that no matter what they are or who they are. If they are civilians, he can't bring himself to even harm them.:twilightsmile:

a little bit rushed a needs a bit work with the grammar but besides that its good.:pinkiehappy:

5247508 Well I'm not much of a writer, but I still try my best:twilightsheepish:

The story is interesting, I'm really curious to see how it will develop, but there are some parts that I suggest you to edit (you forgot to put the suffix 'ee at the end of the second name of the Sangheili to indicate their belonging to the Covenant military).
5247480 5247472 Considering their culture based on the honor, it wouldn't be so strange that some Sangheili found rather dishonorable the idea of harm those who are unable to defend themselves, like civilians and children.

5247570 Thanks for the advice and I'm glad you understand what I was trying to do with the Elite character. After all, I'm not the first to make a Covenant alien who instantly became friends with the mlp characters from the story on

5247595 Oh, yeah. I love that story (although I found the Kig-Yar rather out of character).
There are many other examples of Covenant species that befriend the Equestrians, like this
One of my favorite stories in absolute, its concept inspired me deeply

5247629 I love that story as well. especially the part that Dabad defeated a Brute that wields a Gravity Hammer with plasma grenades!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Finally its been awhile seance someones made a Halo fic were an alien of the Covenant is the main character, and not a Spartan or Marine.

5248195 Of course, that's also I was trying to do. I thought we needed a Covenant Elite in the story for once so I made one. Don't worry, I'm going to make it as long as possible and might be able to release 1 or 2 chapters each weekend or so. Also I'm totally not going to cancel it...ever, until it is complete.:rainbowdetermined2:

Poor Ponies and Sangheili, if they know what the Prophets want to do with the "Holy Rings" in that time. Our universe is really an odd place indeed.

5248316 yeah but Akaru have to tell them...eventually. But for now, let us enjoy the moment:ajsmug:

5248316 I played Halo before but it has been a while... I forgot what the Halo Rings do :rainbowlaugh:

5248339 The Halo rings were built by the Foreunners as a weapon of mass destruction. Its purpose is to wipe out all sentient life on the Galactic scale. In other words, a 'Galactic Scale Genocide'. The reason why the rings do that because the Forerunners were desperate to defeat the unstoppable parasites known as 'the Flood'. The Flood feed on living sentient beings and when the halo rings fired, all sentient life would be wiped out and that would starve the Flood to death.

I just came to realize why the Sangheili allied with us Humans. Every living being deserve the chance to survive, and life. The Forerunners know that, and they respected all life in the universe. But you know what's going to be a huge twist in the whole Halo history? All we know the Flood some mysterious parasitic organism life form, and what about that life for was created in purpose, by someone in the universe, without a race, without history, family and relatives even predecessors, and all we know HE is the God of Chaos. God, when i think about it, this is kind of make sense.

5248383 Wouldn't the Flood Be Eradicated as well since the Halo Ring is basically an Over Powered Ring in space that is able to destroy sentient beings in the Galaxy?

5248397 Well no because the rings could be only affect all living organisms except plants, cause they're alive and organic. The Flood are using dead, rotting mutated bodies that is no longer alive.:facehoof:

5248339 And about the Halo Rings, powerful enormous space weaponry, from an ancient race called the Forerunners. They constructed it, and the purpose was to wipe out all living being in the universe. Kind of "Let's save all life in the universe" thing, the Forerunners anno began to create Shield Worlds for the life stock like we humans, and kill the rest before the Flood reach it.
A little creepy i know, but big powers with big responsibility, and even bigger consequences.

5248422 Wait really? I thought the Rings automatically wipe all living things in the universe, including the animals and plants too. Well, thanks for the info buddy. Gosh i just love the Halo, one of my best and well written stories in my life, and the game good as well. :rainbowlaugh:

5248482 If all the plants were wiped out too, then the war between human and Covenant won't ever happen 'cause they won't exist. All life requires plants, like herbivores and omnivores. Without plants, herbivores and omnivores die out. then carnivores would die out if there are no more meat for them to eat, and so on and so forth. It's called 'Chain of Reaction'.:twilightsmile:

5248495 Then why bother to construct a smart big ass laser gun in space when you already want to wipe out all the sentient life in the universe, pff if i was in the Forerunners place that time, i was like " Yeah, nope. This is your problem, imma outta here." And just flee to the darkness of space. I know its a dick move but hey, like our ORANGE friend says Dexter Grif, "Dying [today] sounds like a bad idea! Cant we push dying to a week from from Friday?!" :trollestia:

5248555 If you were a Forerunner and when you and your civilization is deserate to defeat the Flood, would you or would you not build a construct that is able to wipe out all SENTIENT life including yourselves, would you?:ajbemused:

5248609 Well, i don't know, I know what is the right thing to do and all that jazz but, really. Sacrifice yourself, but you safe the galaxy. Or flee to elsewhere, and maybe you survive. Oh fuck this, you're right man. You just the example a good hearted soldier. (salute)

5248703 The Flood is relentless. They won't stop until they consume all sentient life in the galaxy, plus the flood is smarter than your average zombie. Somehow they are able to use weapons, drive vehicles(only in Halo 2), and capture and repair space ship on their own. I mean, remember from Halo 3, the Flood gotten a hold on a covenant cruiser and made it to earth.:rainbowderp:

Comment posted by Alpha777 deleted Nov 9th, 2014

5248703 Plus, I would rather find an another way to stop the Flood like Master Chief has. All I have to say, is 'HOORAAH, SOLDIER!'(salutes back):rainbowdetermined2:

5248555 Sometimes what Grif says is okay, but there is a quote that says, In Christ we see a maturity of love that flowers in self-sacrifice and forgiveness; a maturity of power that never swerves from the ideal of service; a maturity of goodness that overcomes every temptation, and, of course, we see the ultimate victory of life over death itself.

Vincent Nichols

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/v/vincentnic532657.html#rwoB5DZLVlmrsYTP.99


5248791 That was wise indeed. But my god, the Flood really just the curse of the universe, didn't it?
But if they smart, (ok kind of smart), then why? Why they do this? They have a hive mind or something like that, they can talk, why don't consume i don't know, animals rather than sapient, half-sapient living life forms. Or they just pure evil, and they know what they do when they consume their prey. Yeah, the sick bastards.

5248868 Because of one thing that is on their minds(if they have a brain), HUNGER. They will never be satisfied
Also they do consume animals but they want intelligent lifeforms as the 'Main Course'

5248893 The Flood technically is able to assimilate every kind of life form without distinction in order to increase its own biomass. In Halo Wars there is a clear example a planet surface that has been completely assimilated by the Flood, while in in the last book of the forerunner saga are mentioned the so called Burns, entire sections of galaxy infested infested by the parasite.
The Flood prefer assimilate sentient creatures because doing so it can reach more quickly the 'coordinated stage', when a new Gravemind is created so that it can organize their efforts to reach further nourishment sources (see High Charity).

5249100 Yeah, I know. I did play the original Halo 2 and the Platinum Hits Halo:Combat Evolved. Besides, There's have to be a reason why they are called 'the Flood'. The way I figure it, they do spread and multiply really fast.

(involves with a single flood spore)

5249173 "One single Flood spore can destroy a species."
This single sentence summarizes the nature of the Flood.
To be infected is sufficient to breath a single spore.

5249193 Exactly, Thats what I mean by them being 'relentless'. They only need one spore. But yet, they still add more spores. It's the very definition of 'over-kill'.:rainbowdetermined2:

5246939 no lord it does not matter yo story must go on

To the author/prereader hipper is actualy hyper

I love how he skipped the whole "I'm destroying humanity for a living" part.:twilightsmile:

5250628 I'd never abandon my story Muffinator, not after what World of Warcraft did. :trixieshiftleft:

5251478 The Warlords of Dreanor expansion in World of Warcraft killed off the star of my only story.

Not that I should be upset, the character is now mine to use, but the character's death didn't sit well with me.

Just click on my name and it will show you my story.

Comment posted by Alpha777 deleted Nov 11th, 2014

5254099 My thoughts exactly friend.

Good luck on this story, you will probably do it better than I could have. *Salutes*

5254227 Don't worry, you'll have a better chance next time. Because like everyone says 'We always get a 2nd chance.' All it takes is something more inspiring. When the time comes, you will know.:twilightsmile:

Plus, I have a quote of my own and it says 'Never give up, never surrender, never back down, and nver stop fighting for what you believe in.':rainbowdetermined2:

Very nice. Although I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, said shoe being, "oh yeah, we also were part of a genocidal campaign against a species that was an a front to our religion'. XD Always love the ponies reaction. Keep up the good work!

5256252 Don't worry, it will come to that....eventually, but for now, enjoy it:twilightsmile:

REMINDER: every weekend (plus, maybe some days off like spring break), I will release a chapter or two, depending on what happens

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