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Not much of a brony, but still I do like the show time to time. I like it enough to be one but not obsessed, but still. I'm a Fallout series fan, as well as a Halo freak, Bioshock enthusiast, + more


He is known by many titles. Three Dog calls him 'Mr. 101', some call him 'The Messiah', his fellow Brotherhood members calls him a Paladin, but to all, he is known as the 'Lone Wanderer'. He help destroy the Enclave and it's remnants, help free the slaves from both the Pitt and Paradise Falls, took control over an Alien Mothership with survivors, and more than he can even listed.

But now though, after stumbling through some portal, is now trapped in a world known as Equestria with only the gear on his back and wrist.

(It's Fallout 3, but with Fallout 4 style. Also, MLP characters will be humanized, but have their abilities. Like the Pegusi will still have their wings, Unicorns, while not having horns, still uses magic, etc)

(NOTE: I do NOT own either. MLP is own by Hasbro and the Fallout Franchise is own by Bethesda)

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great story bro cant wait for chapter 2

So humanized ponies?

Damn, I was looking forward to this story.

Oh well, good luck with it!

Edit:: Yes I did miss the synopsis note about that.

Everything seems good....

Except that you should remove the '2nd Person' tag. If the story was like:

"Well, I do have a way with animals like you do. But please, just call me Josh or Joshua. I'm never good with formalities." You reply.

Then the '2nd Person' tag would work.

8198641 Thank you for letting me know about that. I went ahead and changed the tag.

Why isn't there a dark tag? Also, I wasn't aware Fallout had aliens in it.


The aliens were in the Mothership Zeta dlc.

8200034 There is, in a DLC for Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta, and even without it, there will be an alien crash site in a funny scene of sorts, and you can salvage his Alien Blaster and ammo around there. Same thing in Fallout New Vegas if you have the Wild Wasteland Perk, and in Fallout 4 when and Alien ship crash landed in the Commonwealth at a certain point.

if i ever spawned at equestria and pinky said all that stuff no one knows except me and certain friends immediatly she can not be a friend nope just nope stay away from me knows too much

Joshua chuckled a little before answering, "Trust me. Where I'm from, it's a reality to us, along with domesticated robots, fusion-powered transports, and all sorts of things... but..."

Yeah dude, gotta tame those wild robots before you put em to work

Comment posted by Alpha777 deleted Jun 5th, 2017

Please disregard my previous comment because I didn't see the other chapters.

Oh sh*t the Enclave are here:pinkiegasp: Dun dun dun duuuuuunnn

before i read your comment i said the same thing (oh sh*t)

All of them are humans if you read Knight of steel you should know

Fun story. Moves super fast, short chapters, and underdeveloped characters...but fun for a quick read. I'll give it a like and toss it in my tracking folder...for now.

Then the two retreated back to their secret headquarters that is now home for the U.S. government remnants, the Enclave.

...fuck me with a rusty spork. It's the assholes!

Eeeeeeeeeeeh....................I'll judge later.

update please, don't let the story rot n die

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