• Published 29th May 2017
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The White Paladin - Alpha777

The Lone Wanderer in Winterized T51 enters Equestria

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Chapter 2 - Well... this is new

Chapter 2 - Well... this is new

The Lone Wanderer stare into the kind blue eyes of this light pink-haired girl, who also have light yellow feathered wings on her back for some unknown reason. She was wearing a light yellow sweater with a few butterfly designs on it while wearing a light blue knee-length skirt and braided sandels. He was trying to think a way to not scare her, since to him, he saw fear in her eyes.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, he finally said, "Uh... hi?"

'Damnit! I fucked it up! This might as well be a shitty start.' He thought to himself. But then he saw her calming down and her fear in her eyes were replaced with curiosity and shyness, since she was hiding part of her face behind some of her hair.

She responded back to him in a quiet, shy tone, "H-hi."

After we continued to stare at each other, I finally broke the trance and look around me. There were trees everywhere, and no, not the dead scorch trees or the mutated trees like from Oasis. No, these trees are pure, living trees, like the ones before the bombs. Same thing with the grass, the bushes, and even flowers! Then finally, he looked up and was met with the pure blue sky with white, fluffy clouds. It also seems to be midday since the sun is at its highest.

Then he heard the shy girl asked him, "Are you okay, sir?"

He looked towards her and saw that she was concern. He responded, "Y-yeah. It's just that I really never saw actual living trees or grass before, since where I'm from is a wasteland, which was resulted by war, unfortunatly."

He noticed that she was surprised by his answer. He guessed that from that look she gave, that war around here was probably rare.

He then thought, 'Well, I may as well ended up in a different world, since nowhere on Earth has any real, living trees or grass, let alone bushes and flowers.'

Then he asked her, "So... uh... what's you're name, miss?"

"M-my name is Fluttershy. I take care of the animals around here." she answered in a quiet tone. "What's yours?"

He began to rub his hand against the back of his head as he answered, "Well, I've been called by many names and titles, but you can just call me Joshua."

Then Joshua asked her, "Can you lead me out of this forest, Miss Fluttershy? I doubt I'll find my way out of this forest quickly before sundown."

Fluttershy nodded and replied, "Yes, you can follow me to my cottage out on the edge of this forest. Besides, I have to take this medicine back there to help one of the animals in my care who is very ill."

He nodded and replied, "Alright, lead on miss."

'15 minutes later, nearing the cottage...'

As they reached the edge of the forest, Joshua was met with a scenery that he never thought he would meet. A rolling landscape of grass, with a few trees here and there, and beyond that, a town. The town itself seemed to be built in an old fashion that seemed medieval in some way. Joshua also sighted a farm of sorts with trees as their crops. But what caught his attention was the large castle in the far distance that is attached to the mountains.

Then they both started to see Fluttershy's cottage and as Joshua observed the cottage itself, he thought, 'Heh, I could definetly live here, or a somewhat similar house. Seems very comfortable.'

Then as they arrived at the front door, Fluttershy said to him, "Make yourself at home, i-if you want."

But as Fluttershy opened the door, Joshua's eyes widdened as he saw a whole lot of animals from small ones like squirrels and birds to big ones like bears and such.

Joshua said to himself, "Well... this is new."

Then Fluttershy spoke out towards the animals, "Hello everyone! I'm back and we have a guest!"

Well, it seems that he wasn't the only one who actually understands animals, since Fluttershy revealed that she can communicates with them, and they understand her. Though now Joshua could feel every eye from every animal staring at him, as though they were judging him. Then a brown bear walks up to him and stares at him.

Joshua spoke cautiously, "Uh... hi, Mr. Bear. How are you?"

Then in an instant, the bear hugs Joshua as if the bear is accepting him. It seems that his charisma still has an effect on the wildlife here, since all of them acknowledge him now.

Then Fluttershy replied in surprise, "Wow. They seemed to like you, Mr. Joshua."

"Well, I do have a way with animals like you do. But please, just call me Josh or Joshua. I'm never good with formalities." He replied.

Fluttershy nodded and replied, "Alright. Now I have to go upstairs and check up on Mr. Raccoon. I'll be right back and we can both go to Ponyville to have you meet my friends, is that alright?"

"Yeah, sure! I'll wait here." Joshua replied.

Then as Fluttershy left out of sight, he started to think to himself. 'Well, this is certainly a turn of events. Me, salvaging for stuff at an old air force base, found a portal gateway, and ending up on a different planet, while meeting a nice, cute girl- alright, let's stop right there. Let's not go to far in that thought. Yes, she is cute, but I doubt she likes me in that way. For now though... I need to figure out how am I going to get back home. Wait, do I even want to get back? I'll figure it out in some way, but for now, I'll just enjoy the peace I recieved while it lasts.'

The Fluttershy came back and gained Joshua's attention, "Alright, are you ready, Joshua?"

He nodded and replied, "Yep, let's go."

To be Continued...

Author's Note:

Hello, in case you were wondering how The Lone Wanderer is able calm and communicate with animals, It's because in Fallout 3, there is a Perk called the Animal Friend Perk, and makes all animals, which are mammals, like dogs, Mole Rats, Yao Gui, and other to be passive towards you and even help you in combat except against other animals. Bugs like Radscorpions, Ants, and others, as well as Deathclaws are not affected and will still attack you.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy!:twilightsmile:

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