• Published 29th May 2017
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The White Paladin - Alpha777

The Lone Wanderer in Winterized T51 enters Equestria

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Chapter 1 - To see Green again

Chapter 1 - To see Green again

The Lone Wanderer, whose real name is Joshua Williams, was wandering around the Adams Air Force Base alone as he searched around for more salvage to loot. He returned there a few days after he helped destroy the Enclave remnants, along with there mobile base. He is a Caucasin with black smooth wave hair and blue eyes, and was wearing his first and favorite Power Armor he took after helping the Outcasts, the Winterized T-51b Power Armor. Though when he is not wearing it, he would wear the Winterized Medic Combat Armor he salvaged while on board the Alien Mothership Zeta. To be honest, Joshua has a knack for anything winterized.

He usually wields a special Laser Rifle, called the Wazer Wifle, he recieved from a kid in Little Lamplight named Biwwy, while also in possesson of Eugene, a minigun he recieved as a reward from Reilly's Rangers, a 10mm Pistol he kept that was given to him by Amata before he left Vault 101, both the Trench Knife and Jingwei's Shocksword he grabbed where he got his power armor, and a Super Sledge he grabbed off a Super Mutant Master near the Anchorage Memorial.

As he continued wandering around, looking for salvage, he thought to himself, 'Damn, these Enclave bastards must've made sure that there were barely anything left worth for salvaging. I only found a few worthwhile items like ammo and medical items.'

But then he stumbled across a building that was still accessable and started his way towards it. As he entered, he was immedietly under fire by two laser turrets from above. He quickly dispatch them with the Wazer Wifle and continued further in.

But to his dissappointment, there was nothing worth salvaging, not even a gun or a piece of armor. He cursed under his breath, then spoke to himself, "Oh, come on! Is there anything worth value in this God-forsaken place!?"

But then he noticed a Terminal, sitting on a counter. He walked towards it and began hacking. After several attempts, he succeeded and saw one option available. Appariently, there's a secret entrance somewhere in the room he's in. So he clicked on it and the secret entrance opened right next to him.

After watching it open for a few seconds, he walked down the entrance and stumble upon an elevator. As he went down the elevator for a half a minute, came to a stop at a door. The same door that seemed prewar, like the place where the Outcasts were at that he helped out. White with some yellow, with no rust. It opened and he found himself stumbling across what looks to be a research labatory, the kind that seemed to research technology. In the middle of the room was an archway, with some prewar computers and terminals before it. Joshua begins hacking again and afterwards, found a research note that dates before the bombs, on the year 2076. After he read it, he was surprised by his discovery. Now, before, he usually never gets surprised ever since the things that happened to him, especially the Mothership Zeta incident. But this was enough to surprise him because the research notes he read speaks about wormhole gateway travel.

He thought to himelf, 'Wow. So this archway is a gateway to another world? And it seemed to be prewar too, since the date was before the bombs.'

Then he exited the file that he read and looked at the bottom of it, which says, 'Activate Power Generators'. He clicked on it and everything from lights to the computers and terminals went online.

He then thought, 'Huh, maybe this terminal was on emergency power for all this time.'

But then as he stepped forth towards the archway, it activated, scaring the former 101 resident to pull out and aim his energy weapon, and revealing a swirling gateway of energy.

As Joshua calmed down and lowered his weapon as he said to himself, "Huh. Wasn't expecting that."

Then, as the daring, risk-taker he is, decided to stepped closer, slowly, towards the the vortex until he felt something pulling him through. Not even his Power Armor was enough to anchor him down.

He then screamed, "Holy Shiiiiii-!"

Then he was gone, on that very day the Lone Wanderer himself, had vanished.

'In the Everfree Forest, near Ponyville in Equestria...'

It was the middle of the day when Fluttershy was heading back to her cottage after her visit at Zecora's place. She was visiting Zecora because one of the animals she's caring of, have gotten sick and she thought that Zecora would have the required items that can help.

As she walked along, she noticed a bright flash to her left and it seemed that the glow was continuing. As she went to investigate, she came upon what looks like some vortex that glowed a light blue with a black background.

Fluttershy immedietly thought to herself as she turned to leave, 'O-oh my! I gotta tell Twilight about thi-'

But then her thought was interupted by a scream, "iiiiiiiit!" then followed by a big crash that made the earth shook a little.

When she turned back around, she was met with a stranger in large, white armor, slowly standing up, then muttered something she didn't quite hear and the vortex seemed to closed and disappear. The white armored stranger seemed to noticed this and looked towards where the vortex was.

She then heard him muttered, "Oh great. Looks like I'm stuck here. But where is 'here' exactly?"

Then as he turned around and faced her, the stranger seemed to freeze as he saw her. She made an 'eep' as she saw the helmet he wore, which seemed to give an angry expression on it, as if it was supposed to scare his enemies.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, the stranger finally spoke in a nervous, cautous tone, "Uh... hi?"

To be Continued...

Author's Note:

Hello, I'm back, and this is supposed to be a replacement of the story, 'Knight of Steel' and I hope you enjoy it!:twilightsmile:

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