The White Paladin

by Alpha777

First published

The Lone Wanderer in Winterized T51 enters Equestria

He is known by many titles. Three Dog calls him 'Mr. 101', some call him 'The Messiah', his fellow Brotherhood members calls him a Paladin, but to all, he is known as the 'Lone Wanderer'. He help destroy the Enclave and it's remnants, help free the slaves from both the Pitt and Paradise Falls, took control over an Alien Mothership with survivors, and more than he can even listed.

But now though, after stumbling through some portal, is now trapped in a world known as Equestria with only the gear on his back and wrist.

(It's Fallout 3, but with Fallout 4 style. Also, MLP characters will be humanized, but have their abilities. Like the Pegusi will still have their wings, Unicorns, while not having horns, still uses magic, etc)

(NOTE: I do NOT own either. MLP is own by Hasbro and the Fallout Franchise is own by Bethesda)

Chapter 1 - To see Green again

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Chapter 1 - To see Green again

The Lone Wanderer, whose real name is Joshua Williams, was wandering around the Adams Air Force Base alone as he searched around for more salvage to loot. He returned there a few days after he helped destroy the Enclave remnants, along with there mobile base. He is a Caucasin with black smooth wave hair and blue eyes, and was wearing his first and favorite Power Armor he took after helping the Outcasts, the Winterized T-51b Power Armor. Though when he is not wearing it, he would wear the Winterized Medic Combat Armor he salvaged while on board the Alien Mothership Zeta. To be honest, Joshua has a knack for anything winterized.

He usually wields a special Laser Rifle, called the Wazer Wifle, he recieved from a kid in Little Lamplight named Biwwy, while also in possesson of Eugene, a minigun he recieved as a reward from Reilly's Rangers, a 10mm Pistol he kept that was given to him by Amata before he left Vault 101, both the Trench Knife and Jingwei's Shocksword he grabbed where he got his power armor, and a Super Sledge he grabbed off a Super Mutant Master near the Anchorage Memorial.

As he continued wandering around, looking for salvage, he thought to himself, 'Damn, these Enclave bastards must've made sure that there were barely anything left worth for salvaging. I only found a few worthwhile items like ammo and medical items.'

But then he stumbled across a building that was still accessable and started his way towards it. As he entered, he was immedietly under fire by two laser turrets from above. He quickly dispatch them with the Wazer Wifle and continued further in.

But to his dissappointment, there was nothing worth salvaging, not even a gun or a piece of armor. He cursed under his breath, then spoke to himself, "Oh, come on! Is there anything worth value in this God-forsaken place!?"

But then he noticed a Terminal, sitting on a counter. He walked towards it and began hacking. After several attempts, he succeeded and saw one option available. Appariently, there's a secret entrance somewhere in the room he's in. So he clicked on it and the secret entrance opened right next to him.

After watching it open for a few seconds, he walked down the entrance and stumble upon an elevator. As he went down the elevator for a half a minute, came to a stop at a door. The same door that seemed prewar, like the place where the Outcasts were at that he helped out. White with some yellow, with no rust. It opened and he found himself stumbling across what looks to be a research labatory, the kind that seemed to research technology. In the middle of the room was an archway, with some prewar computers and terminals before it. Joshua begins hacking again and afterwards, found a research note that dates before the bombs, on the year 2076. After he read it, he was surprised by his discovery. Now, before, he usually never gets surprised ever since the things that happened to him, especially the Mothership Zeta incident. But this was enough to surprise him because the research notes he read speaks about wormhole gateway travel.

He thought to himelf, 'Wow. So this archway is a gateway to another world? And it seemed to be prewar too, since the date was before the bombs.'

Then he exited the file that he read and looked at the bottom of it, which says, 'Activate Power Generators'. He clicked on it and everything from lights to the computers and terminals went online.

He then thought, 'Huh, maybe this terminal was on emergency power for all this time.'

But then as he stepped forth towards the archway, it activated, scaring the former 101 resident to pull out and aim his energy weapon, and revealing a swirling gateway of energy.

As Joshua calmed down and lowered his weapon as he said to himself, "Huh. Wasn't expecting that."

Then, as the daring, risk-taker he is, decided to stepped closer, slowly, towards the the vortex until he felt something pulling him through. Not even his Power Armor was enough to anchor him down.

He then screamed, "Holy Shiiiiii-!"

Then he was gone, on that very day the Lone Wanderer himself, had vanished.

'In the Everfree Forest, near Ponyville in Equestria...'

It was the middle of the day when Fluttershy was heading back to her cottage after her visit at Zecora's place. She was visiting Zecora because one of the animals she's caring of, have gotten sick and she thought that Zecora would have the required items that can help.

As she walked along, she noticed a bright flash to her left and it seemed that the glow was continuing. As she went to investigate, she came upon what looks like some vortex that glowed a light blue with a black background.

Fluttershy immedietly thought to herself as she turned to leave, 'O-oh my! I gotta tell Twilight about thi-'

But then her thought was interupted by a scream, "iiiiiiiit!" then followed by a big crash that made the earth shook a little.

When she turned back around, she was met with a stranger in large, white armor, slowly standing up, then muttered something she didn't quite hear and the vortex seemed to closed and disappear. The white armored stranger seemed to noticed this and looked towards where the vortex was.

She then heard him muttered, "Oh great. Looks like I'm stuck here. But where is 'here' exactly?"

Then as he turned around and faced her, the stranger seemed to freeze as he saw her. She made an 'eep' as she saw the helmet he wore, which seemed to give an angry expression on it, as if it was supposed to scare his enemies.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, the stranger finally spoke in a nervous, cautous tone, "Uh... hi?"

To be Continued...

Chapter 2 - Well... this is new

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Chapter 2 - Well... this is new

The Lone Wanderer stare into the kind blue eyes of this light pink-haired girl, who also have light yellow feathered wings on her back for some unknown reason. She was wearing a light yellow sweater with a few butterfly designs on it while wearing a light blue knee-length skirt and braided sandels. He was trying to think a way to not scare her, since to him, he saw fear in her eyes.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, he finally said, "Uh... hi?"

'Damnit! I fucked it up! This might as well be a shitty start.' He thought to himself. But then he saw her calming down and her fear in her eyes were replaced with curiosity and shyness, since she was hiding part of her face behind some of her hair.

She responded back to him in a quiet, shy tone, "H-hi."

After we continued to stare at each other, I finally broke the trance and look around me. There were trees everywhere, and no, not the dead scorch trees or the mutated trees like from Oasis. No, these trees are pure, living trees, like the ones before the bombs. Same thing with the grass, the bushes, and even flowers! Then finally, he looked up and was met with the pure blue sky with white, fluffy clouds. It also seems to be midday since the sun is at its highest.

Then he heard the shy girl asked him, "Are you okay, sir?"

He looked towards her and saw that she was concern. He responded, "Y-yeah. It's just that I really never saw actual living trees or grass before, since where I'm from is a wasteland, which was resulted by war, unfortunatly."

He noticed that she was surprised by his answer. He guessed that from that look she gave, that war around here was probably rare.

He then thought, 'Well, I may as well ended up in a different world, since nowhere on Earth has any real, living trees or grass, let alone bushes and flowers.'

Then he asked her, "So... uh... what's you're name, miss?"

"M-my name is Fluttershy. I take care of the animals around here." she answered in a quiet tone. "What's yours?"

He began to rub his hand against the back of his head as he answered, "Well, I've been called by many names and titles, but you can just call me Joshua."

Then Joshua asked her, "Can you lead me out of this forest, Miss Fluttershy? I doubt I'll find my way out of this forest quickly before sundown."

Fluttershy nodded and replied, "Yes, you can follow me to my cottage out on the edge of this forest. Besides, I have to take this medicine back there to help one of the animals in my care who is very ill."

He nodded and replied, "Alright, lead on miss."

'15 minutes later, nearing the cottage...'

As they reached the edge of the forest, Joshua was met with a scenery that he never thought he would meet. A rolling landscape of grass, with a few trees here and there, and beyond that, a town. The town itself seemed to be built in an old fashion that seemed medieval in some way. Joshua also sighted a farm of sorts with trees as their crops. But what caught his attention was the large castle in the far distance that is attached to the mountains.

Then they both started to see Fluttershy's cottage and as Joshua observed the cottage itself, he thought, 'Heh, I could definetly live here, or a somewhat similar house. Seems very comfortable.'

Then as they arrived at the front door, Fluttershy said to him, "Make yourself at home, i-if you want."

But as Fluttershy opened the door, Joshua's eyes widdened as he saw a whole lot of animals from small ones like squirrels and birds to big ones like bears and such.

Joshua said to himself, "Well... this is new."

Then Fluttershy spoke out towards the animals, "Hello everyone! I'm back and we have a guest!"

Well, it seems that he wasn't the only one who actually understands animals, since Fluttershy revealed that she can communicates with them, and they understand her. Though now Joshua could feel every eye from every animal staring at him, as though they were judging him. Then a brown bear walks up to him and stares at him.

Joshua spoke cautiously, "Uh... hi, Mr. Bear. How are you?"

Then in an instant, the bear hugs Joshua as if the bear is accepting him. It seems that his charisma still has an effect on the wildlife here, since all of them acknowledge him now.

Then Fluttershy replied in surprise, "Wow. They seemed to like you, Mr. Joshua."

"Well, I do have a way with animals like you do. But please, just call me Josh or Joshua. I'm never good with formalities." He replied.

Fluttershy nodded and replied, "Alright. Now I have to go upstairs and check up on Mr. Raccoon. I'll be right back and we can both go to Ponyville to have you meet my friends, is that alright?"

"Yeah, sure! I'll wait here." Joshua replied.

Then as Fluttershy left out of sight, he started to think to himself. 'Well, this is certainly a turn of events. Me, salvaging for stuff at an old air force base, found a portal gateway, and ending up on a different planet, while meeting a nice, cute girl- alright, let's stop right there. Let's not go to far in that thought. Yes, she is cute, but I doubt she likes me in that way. For now though... I need to figure out how am I going to get back home. Wait, do I even want to get back? I'll figure it out in some way, but for now, I'll just enjoy the peace I recieved while it lasts.'

The Fluttershy came back and gained Joshua's attention, "Alright, are you ready, Joshua?"

He nodded and replied, "Yep, let's go."

To be Continued...

Chapter 3 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 1)

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Chapter 3 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 1)

As Fluttershy was leading Joshua to Ponyville, she was deep in thought. 'I never thought this day would end up like this. Meeting Joshua in the Everfree Forest, then discovering that he can bond with animals like I can. But where did he come from? Sure, he came from that portal, but-'

Her thought was interrupted by Joshua asking, "Hey. Is there something wrong, Miss Fluttershy?"

"Oh! Sorry. I was deep in thought, Joshua. Also, you can just call me Fluttershy." she replied back.

"Oh, okay." he replied.

As they both started to get near the farm, Fluttershy said, "Here is our first stop, Joshua. Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres. My friend, Applejack, owns this farm."

Joshua nods as he thought, 'Ah, so it's an apple farm. I read about those in those prewar books I have back home.'

Then they both enter the farm and made their way towards the farmhouse. Joshua started to notice some people up ahead. The first was a young kid with amber colored eyes, a shade of red hair, lighter shade of red colored bow on her head, light yellow shirt, jean shorts, and boots. The second was an older girl, probably the same age as Fluttershy, with blond hair in a ponytail, green eyes, wearing a light brown stetson hat, light orange plaid button-up shirt with three red apples design on it, along with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. The third was a big guy with short darker shade of blonde, with green eyes as well, wearing a red plaid button-up shirt with a green apple design, along with a white undershirt, work gloves, jeans, and work boots. The fourth was sitting on a rocking chair on the porch of the farmhouse. She was an elder and was wearing the typical outfit that old farm people would wear, though a part of it had apple designs on it and another had an... apple pie design?

Joshua thought to himself, 'Wow! This family is really dedicated to their apples.'

The Fluttershy started to wave at them and yelled out, "Hey! Applejack!"

The one with the stetson hat turned their way and waved back. Then Applejack and the other two came up to them.

"Hey Fluttershy! How are ya?" Applejack asked before she turned towards Joshua. "An' who's this 'ere big fella?"

Before Fluttershy could answer, the kid gasped, "Wow! Is tha' a robot!? Where did ya fin' it?!"

Applejack replied to her, "Applebloom! Calm yerself."

"Sorry sis." Applebloom replied.

Joshua just chuckleed at the sight as Fluttershy replied, "This is Joshua. I found him appear from some vortex while I was getting medicine from Zecora's place. He asked me to lead him out of the forest, and I thought it would be nice if I show him around town."

That got Applejack's attention. Joshua guessed that vortexs and portals are kinda rare. Applejack replied, "A vortex, ya say?"

Then Applejack turned towards Joshua and extended her hand towards him, saying, "In any case, it's nice ta meet ya, Joshua, I'm Applejack."

Joshua shook her hand and replied, "It's nice to meet you, miss."

She waved off as she said, "Jus' call me Applejack." The she pointed to the kid, Applebloom.

"This 'ere is ma little sis', Applebloom..." said person waved as she smiled. Joshua, while a Kid at Heart, waved back as Applejack continued as she then pointed to the large guy, "This is our big brother, Macintosh..."

Mac just nodded his head and Joshua did the same as Applejack pointed out towards the sleeping elder on the porch, "and that is our granny, Granny Smith."

And before anyone else could reply, there was a shout from someone, "HEY! WATCH OUT!" and then a rainbow blur came out of nowhere and slamed into Joshua, except only he stood there like an unbreakable brick wall and the only person who got injured was a rainbow-hair girl with strong dark pink eyes, who was also the same age to both Fluttershy and Applejack. She wore a light blue hoodie jacket with a thundercloud and a multi-color lightning on the left side, a white t-shirt, ripped up jeans, black fingerless gloves, aviator sunglasses, and light blue tennis shoes. She also appear to have light blue feathered wings on her back, similar to Fluttershy's. She was on the ground in a dazed look on her face, or as Joshua like to put it, 'seeing stars'.

Then Fluttershy ran up and asked her,"Rainbow Dash! Are you alright?"

Rainbow Dash replied back, "Y-yeah. I just feel like I just crashed into a solid metal wall is all."

Then Applejack cut in, "Well Dash, ya did ram into Joshua here." as she pointed to the said person.

Dash then shook her head out of the daze, stands up, and asked, "Wait, who-" but stopped as she saw Joshua.

Her eyes widen just by his size, by only for a few seconds. Then she walked up to him, inspecting him. Then Dash knocked on his armor, around his chest piece, making a metal sound. After a few seconds of silence, Dash finally said, "Yep! I definetly crashed into him. The metal says it all."

Then Fluttershy cut in, "Rainbow Dash, this is Joshua. He's new here."

Applejack cutted in, "And appeared from a vortex in the Everfree."

Fluttershy nodded as Dash looked up at them and asked, "A vortex? In the Everfree?"

They both nodded in response. Dash then said, "Well, that's good, because Twilight said some energy surge that popped up in the middle of the day and send me here to get you guys. So if you found him from there, then that saves us the trouble from looking into it."

Applejack replied, "Well we should see Twilight then." then turned to her big brother and little sister and said, "You guys go on an' keep workin'. I'll come back later, okay?"

They both nodded and headed back to work and both Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Joshua head to town to meet Twilight.

To be Continued...

Chapter 4 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 2)

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Chapter 4 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 2)

It's been a few minutes since they left the apple farm and Dash was asking Joshua questions...

"So... Joshua, was it? What are you? Some kind of golem?" Dash asked.

Joshua answered, "No, I'm human. The thing I'm wearing is a Winterized T-51b Power Armor, my first and favorite."

Dash's eyes widened in glee as she replied, "Did you say power armor?! Like in those science fiction books!?"

Joshua chuckled a little before answering, "Trust me. Where I'm from, it's a reality to us, along with domesticated robots, fusion-powered transports, and all sorts of things... but..."

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash looked at Joshua as he paused for a second, then continued, "... war never changes."

That surprised the three of the Mane Six, but Fluttershy was slightly surprised since Joshua had already mentioned to her that his home is a wasteland resulted by war.

Applejack then asked him, "H-how bad was this war ya talkin' 'bout?"

He replied, "Bad enough that it has infected the entire world, destroy many cities and countries, and almost wiped out the entire human race, along with the wildlife. And the fact that it has been two centuries since this happened, not alot has changed, except beginning to get worst, but at the same time, better. Slowly, but surly."

Now this revelation truly shocked the three. It's not everyday they hear about a war, let alone almost destroying the entire planet and killing off an entire race of sentient beings and the wildlife, two centuries ago.

Fluttershy then asked him, "How is it getting better?"

"Well, ever since I came around, I've been helping the people out in the wasteland out with their problems and giving them hope. They basically think of me as some kind of hero or Messiah, since there were a few people who called me by those names." He answered.

Dash then asked, "And do yourself think your a hero or this 'Messiah' they claimed you to be?"

Joshua shook his head and replied, "No. I thought of myself as someone who just helps people because it's the right thing to do. Nothing more; nothing less. Besides, I'm just fighting the 'Good Fight', as my friend, Three Dog, says it."

As they just arrived in town, Rainbow Dash was about to ask another question until a pink blur came out of nowhere.

"RAINBOW DASH!!!!" the pink haired girl screamed as she tackled Dash in a hug. The girl's pink hair was slightly darker shade of pink than Fluttershy's is, and was poofy like cotton candy. She was wearing a pink shirt with some blue and yellow balloon designs on it, a white jacket with some pink on it, a pink skirt, wearing white knee high socks with pink stripes, and pink tennis shoes. She appeared to be on an endless sugar rush since the look on the others' faces says that they are used to it.

Rainbow Dash struggled as she replied, "Pinkie Pie! Can't breathe!"

Pinkie Pie then let Dash go and was bouncing around as she replied, "Sorry Dashie! I'm just so excited to meet Joshua!"

That made him uncomfortable, since he just met her without saying his own name to her.

Applejack then asked, "Wait, how did ya know his name, Pinkie?"

"OH! I know alot about him! I know he's part of a faction known as the Brotherhood of Steel as a Paladin, He came from an underground Vault labeled '101', that he pranked the entire Vault with his best friend, Amata, and many more!" Pinkie Pie replied.

At this point, Joshua was now disturbed by this. He thought, 'How the fuck does she know this?! Especially the prank! Nobody knows that but me and Amata!'

Then he noticed that she was gone. Her friends seemed to noticed this and he looked around, until...

"HI!" she shouted as she revealed herself. This scared the living daylights out of him because of two things. The first was that she caught him by surprised. The second was that she had somehow appeared on top of his head now.

He screamed, "WHAT THE FU-!" but was cut short as he fell on his back.

Pinkie Pie was now standing right next to him as he quickly stood up. He asked her, "Good Golly Holly! How the Hell did you do that? And how do you know so much?!"

She giggled as she replied, "Well, DUH! I'm Pinkie Pie!"

He responded, "That does not explain much."

But she did not answer as she bounced away. Joshua then turned towards the three and asked, "How does she do that? And how does she knows so much about me?"

Dash replied, "I don't know. In-fact, nobody knows. It's just her thing. She just knows things that we don't know. Just don't try to figure her out, though. Twilight tried to and she ended up crazy."

Joshua was still disturbed by this, but nodded his head and went with it. Then the three went towards the same direction Pinkie Pie went, heading towards Twilight's place.

To be Continued...

Chapter 5 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 3)

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Chapter 5 - Welcome to Ponyville (Part 3)

As they walked further in town, everyone was staring at Joshua, since he's the only one who really stands out, considering he's still wearing his power armor. Joshua couldn't blame them though, after all. They continued onward further into town in silence as Joshua was lost in thought.

'These people should consider themselves lucky. Living in a world where most of their days are peaceful and not have to worry about anything that could attack them, like in my world. Even then, there are still dangers about this world, except it doesn't happen everyday like it's normal for them... I think.' he thought to himself until Fluttershy caught his attention.

Joshua looked towards Fluttershy and noticed that she seemed concerned about something. She asked, "Are you okay? You seemed very quiet."

This caught both Applejack's and Dash's attention as they turned towards Joshua, waiting for an answer.

He replied, "Don't worry, I'm fine. Just thinking some things over. Nothing to worry about."

The three nodded and we continued on towards this library that their friend, Twilight, lives in.

After a minute and a half, they finally arrived at the library... which happens to be a large tree house. As in, the tree was hollowed out and made into a house.

Then when they arrived at the front door, Rainbow Dash knocked and waited for a few seconds until they heard a young male voice...

"H-hang on! I'll be right there!"

Then after a second, the door opened and revealed a young male that seems to be at the age of twelve with green spiky hair, green eyes that seemed reptilian in nature, wearing a purple zip-up hoodie, a green t-shirt, tan cargo shorts, and black shoes.

"Oh! Hey! Twilight was expecting you..." he paused as he noticed Joshua. He then asked, "Uh... who's that behind you?"

Dash replied, "Don't worry, Spike. He's with us."

Spike nodded, “Oh, alright. Come in, Twilight was expecting you guys.”

As they entered, they were met with a girl, Twilight Sparkle, Joshua figured. She had purplish hair with a few pink strands of hair in a line, with purple eyes, she was wearing a somewhat typical librarian outfit, with some of her color schemes. The design in Twilight’s shirt was a purple star surrounded by smaller stars and appeared to have wings as well, except purple. The second girl also had purple hair, except it was smooth, like it was groomed. Her eyes were blue, and seemed to be wearing a fashionable outfit, with three diamond designs on it. And finally there’s...

“HI JOSHUA!” Pinkie shouted out to him.

Joshua sighed, then muttered, “Pink devil...”

Twilight and her stylish friend had a dumbfound look on their faces as they looked in his direction. Though both have their own reactions included into them. Twilight had a curious look on her, while the fashionist looked horrified for some reason.

Twilight then spoke, “So... you’re this Joshua, Pinkie told us about?

Then the fashionist spoke, “Pinkie Pie, deary, you never mention Joshua wearing whatever horrid thing he’s wearing.”

Joshua spoke out towards the fashionist, “Hey! Don’t dis the armor!”

Then Applejack spoke out, “Rarity, is this really the time to talk about fashion sense?”

Rarity replied, “Oh! Sorry, Mr. Joshua.”

He replied, “Eh, just Joshua would be fine, or Josh.”

Then Twilight spoke up, “Anyway... let me be the one to welcome you to Ponyville, Joshua. But right now...” but then she paused as Dash came up to her.

“Actually Twilight, Joshua was the source of the disturbance in the Everfree. Fluttershy just happened to be nearby when it happened.” Dash said.

That gave Twilight a surprise, just by seeing it on her face was enough indication to Joshua.

Twilight, after a few seconds of silence, spoke, “Well... this changes things. Well, Fluttershy, could you tell me how did you find him?”

Fluttershy nodded and began explaining on how she met Joshua, while the said person was lost in thought...

Well, come to think of it, this IS a whole new adventure for me. I wonder how this would go.

Location: Everfree Forest; earlier that day, around Joshua’s arrival...

There were two people watching from afar as they witness the arrival of the Lone Wanderer, then the interaction between the native and the said person, one said the other, “This might be a challenge for us.”

The second replied, “I know, and I’m sure as hell know that Colonel Autumn will not be happy about this. We should report back.”

Then the two retreated back to their secret headquarters that is now home for the U.S. government remnants, the Enclave.

To be Continued...