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Not much of a brony, but still I do like the show time to time. I like it enough to be one but not obsessed, but still. I'm a Fallout series fan, as well as a Halo freak, Bioshock enthusiast, + more


Paladin Knight Vaughn of the Brotherhood of Steel from the Capital Wasteland was sent on a lone mission to investigate the strange occurrences around Fort Constantine, but when he arrives, a portal opens up and fell to the land of Equestria. How will he get back home? Will he ever return? That remains to be seen....

(Warning: The MLP characters are humanized but with some traits, such as pesasi having wings and the unicorns, while not having a horn, use magic with their hands. Also is from Fallout 3 but with the Fallout 4 style, such as the power armors actually being mech suits and such, and a few other types of crossovers.) NOW CANCELED FOR REVISIONED

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why is it when ever this guy speaks I hear the storytellers voice?

6665476 Thanks, I try my best.:twilightsmile:

6665540 IDK, but I guess it happens to some of us:applejackunsure:

Nice start :trixieshiftright::ajsmug: However, I've noticed a couple of mistakes

'Maybe I am in Heaven, and maybe she's one of those angels that the bible exclaimed.'

I don't think that a book, even if it's a religious text, is able to exclaim. I guess you intended something like described or narrated.

To e continued.....


6665699 sry, I tend to try and use other words and the 'To be continued' part, usually some of the buttons don't work all the time:twilightsheepish:

6665707 Nah, don't worry. You did a nice work so far, only try to don't rush too much the narration, and try to write the numbers in word form

the six girls

instead of

the 6 girls

When he said "War never changes", I imagined that his face morphed into that of Ron Perlman's.

Comment posted by Alpha777 deleted Nov 25th, 2015

In the name of steel, die, you filthy monsters!

Nice, but the chapter is too short and the events are rushed, you didn't explained how Chrysalis managed to arrive inside the city with her troops without being spotted, or even described what the Changelings look like in this universe: are they the same of the show or do they have a more anthropomorphic or even human shape?

can't say i like this, it rolls weird on the brain.

Huh, eh, I'm kind of on the fence about this, eh, Vaughn seems too.... Casual, I guess, and self insert-y. I do like the name Vaughn though.

6686628 Well he has to be to keep his sanity, plus after the shit anyone had been through from the wasteland, being transported to a world of magic and harmony does nothing to you, because of the shit Vaughn has been through, like in New York(no joke).

P.S. A lot of shit happens in New York City, so that means people seen a lot of shit happened.

6684565 That line is better than I thought of.:pinkiegasp:Do you mind if I use that instead?

And the fact that the chapter 'For the Brotherhood' was made right after the previous chapter 'The Capital, Love, and Past Memories' was made, you should know:applejackunsure:

they're more human with some traits like Fluttershy look completely human but also having her wings. While characters like Twilight won't have their horns, the still use their magic, just with their hands, but I guess the changelings could look like in the picture:applejackunsure:

Oh god, this shit again, I'm sorry, but I can't read this anymore, these types of stories that rely on prophecies should have stayed in 2011, not only is it unoriginal, its cliche and predictable as fuck.

Is this story on hiatus? I've been looking for the new chapter for a while now

6758717 I'm waiting for some people to comment me of who they want Vaughn to see next from other video games, anime, and/or other. There is a blog about it.

Soooooo now we have a Bioshock cameo? I don't really know what to think

6776289 it does say in the description that there would be other crossovers of any kind.:applejackunsure:

6776468 Yeah but were you expecting General Deathshead from Wolfenstein the New Order being involve at the end of the chapter 'For the Brotherhood'?:ajsmug:

Well I like where this is going, it makes sense with the title. People in power armor suits, knight of steel Oh Yeah!:pinkiehappy:

6776896 Then that is what should expect, the unexpected.:ajsmug:

Good man for wanting to surprise. I like it :raritywink:

6777058 of course cause the only way to keep the viewers interest is surprises that they never expect.:twilightsmile:

Nice job mate. Love what you did with bringing a big daddy and a little sister in. ;}

Uh, wouldn't Fluttershy run and hide from someone like Vaughn?

Nice job on pulling off (for now at least) a DUAL crossover. I haven't seen many writers that are able to do that.

6778081 Which one? when Fluttershy first met Vaughn or with the big daddy?:rainbowderp:

6778275 Thanks, but that is just the beginning for now.:pinkiecrazy:

I just re-edited the chapter 'The Beast and the Innocent from Atlantis' into a longer chapter.

Ok so far so good, but you might need to fix up some of this chapter, mainly the point of view, your kind of going from first to third person views in some of your paragraghs. But this is a good start for the chapter

Paladin Knight is not a Brotherhood rank kind of redundant like Colonel Sergeant.

Are there going to be more bad guys and heros? Now gets me thinking, what else's would the natzis have or work with

Why does It feel like his name IS Knight

6797730 Its actually his rank well part of it.:twilightsmile:

well the one I made up I guess:twilightsheepish:

Wait which version of scorpion is it?
Is it the old scorpion or the new one in mortal Kombat x

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