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Dadab, the smartest Grunt in the Covenant, has mysteriously found himself in Equestria, and he's not alone. With him came an overly bossy Kig-Yar pirate, and a technophile Huragok. What shall the strange trio find in this magical new world? Glory? Fortune? Power? Or will they instead find more than they bargained for?

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 128 )

I'm going to give this story a chance. Let's see where this ride takes us. :ajsmug:

I like where this is going, I'll keep my eye on this for sure. Now I have only a few questions, since when do females (not sexists) fight in the Covenant? Will Kig-Jar only speak in her alien language? And finaly, what would Trixie wnt with a living ballon?:rainbowhuh:

2937904 Generally, females don't fight, but being a Ship Mistress, one of the jackal's perks is arming herself like her soldiers. I will have her eventually speak english to an extent, but for now, Dadab will be her...interpreter.

Lighter Than Some's role is part of the mystery. :trixieshiftright:

Love the story. Keep it up.

Keep it up, you're doing great.

Your doing great with the story. Keep it up.

So....Does this take place during 'Magic Duel' or before that? Just asking because the Trixie of that time would be likely to do something like this.

2941583 This story begins just before the events of 'Magic Duel', around the time of 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'. :trixieshiftleft:

*After reading the chapter* in my mind im saying "Shoot her shoot her shoot her shoot her shoot her shoot her

Comment posted by dj-chemicalz deleted Jul 27th, 2013

Aliens thats the first thing they think when they see them?

2944409 Hmmm, strange glowing armor, weird guns, and have you ever seen anything in the show the resembles a little walking crab-man with a gas mask?

Although I could see how Chur'R Yar the Jackal could be mistook for a dragon... :ajsmug:

Oh, Rarity is pissed. Nice chapter, keep it up.

Four people dislike grunts?! Or are they disappointed I didn't have the jackal shoot Rarity? :raritydespair:

This is a great story please though don't skip Dadabs explanations it be interesting to see how a grunt views the covenant.

2980600 I agree with you,that would be interesting

maybe it will be in the next chapter

I wonder if Dadab and the others will find out the truth about the "Journey" on Equestria?:rainbowhuh:

Dadab is a smart grunt, he'll find a way. Love the story, keep it up.

Comment posted by Deletethis22 deleted Aug 6th, 2013

2999650 Would you want to see a Human appear? Because I'm mainly just focused on Covenant in Equestria at the moment... :applejackunsure:

I've actually listened to contact harvest enough time that I could recite the writ of union almost as well as Dadab

2999658 I don't know how you would add in a human with out making it seem illogical although it is your story and it might be interesting how the human and Dadab and Ria would react to each other the only other suggestion I have is don't make Celestia some all powerful god that was around with the forerunners their are to many halo stories like that already.

2999775 Oh don't worry, this isn't like Halo: Imperial Equestria in that respect. Celestia and Luna are about as old as they are in the show.

2999786 oh I forgot to add don't forget for Dadab to explain the flood! Unless this is taking place before halo 1. Also great job keep it up

it exploded into a pink explosion

Huh. So you really can explode twice.

I bet Dadab is gonna take that fuel rod and blow that apes brains out:rainbowdetermined2:

Dadab wins! The brute would get his ass kicked by the grunt and mane six, I can tell.

i cant wait for dadab to frontflip grab the fuel road cannon and destroy him

I really doubt Dabab would easily kill the brute, because he is a Deacon, which mean he is a politican, not a soldier.

[Dadab Wins]

3131628 I always enjoyed taking down Brutes in H3 and H3: ODST by throwing their own german Stielhandgranate spike grenades at them. They always went berserk, trying to grenade hug you. Positively....crazy. :pinkiecrazy:

*points hoof* Dadab! I remember him now, and his engineer friend! Wow, the only nice covenant I actually hoped would survive their stories. Nice to read about him again after their untimely demise. Friggin brutes, always hated them. :trixieshiftleft:

((Comment made during the 3rd paragraph of the story.))

I remember Dadab, but does anyone remember Yayap? And his Elite friend, Zuka Zamamee? Of course you do :twilightsmile:

3139967 I was originally going to make them the main characters, but then that could lead to the UNSC getting involved, and I don't really want humans appearing in the story.

So instead I chose Dadab, The Shipmistress, and Lighter Than Some from Halo: Contact Harvest because it was at the start of the Human-Covenant war.

Isn't what they did gonna harm them in the longrun if they happen to go back into the Covenant?

3140272 Legit. I've been reading this story. "You seem nice, me like you. I go now to get gas so I don't die. Bye bye nice lady." Roflmao that was priceless :rainbowlaugh:

I take it you enjoy the Halo books. Did you read Halo Evolutions Vol II? Did you read The Mona Lisa? ... Wanna read a ponyified version of The Mona Lisa? :trixieshiftright:

3144032 I actually saw the motion comic version of the Mona Lisa. It was pretty creepy :fluttershbad:

Oh, I saw your story too. I'll have to give that one a read later today or tomorrow. Ponies fighting the flood, that should be interesting. :pinkiegasp:

3144106 Ossum possum :pinkiehappy: The story is better than the motion comic since there's a lot of stuff the comic leaves out like characters n' events n' stuff lol. Then add Ponies! :pinkiehappy:

....Damnit,Now IM gonna be running from grunts

So the covenant got their shit scared outta them?

3403153 Essentially, but then again, they don't know that the natives of the planet are talking equines. Regret likely assumes the planet to be inhabited by indescribable monsters. :pinkiehappy:

This keeps getting better and better. :)

Moar boar would like to politely request for moar.

This is just glorious... a trio of alien races who represents their races well. A 'stupid' grunt, a kleptomanic jackal and a building addicted flying turtle-eel.

.... Did Trixie doom Equestria, and then just save it for an indefinitely time? like this (the start)?

3403200 The horror, the horror!

3442008 Trixie And Relative Dimension in (Twilight) Sparkle

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