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When blinded by uncontrollable emotions, mistakes are often made. Sometimes those mistakes create the worst problems, and sometimes those mistakes take you down a better path. Universe fans know her as the forgotten jester. Equestrian enthusiasts know her as the Element of Laughter. They share the same purpose -- and now they share the same world.

Spoiler alert for Steven Universe: The Movie.

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"I take it that's not supposed to be some sort of party favor?" Pinkie asked with a nervous grin.

All around brilliant and very enjoyable story.:pinkiehappy:

"Yeah, actually, I got one thing," the being said. To Twilight's horror, the being extended her neck so her head slithered over to Twilight like a snake. Her voice lowered to a sinister level once they were face to face. "You should've gone for my head too."

Right on my reference organ

Pinkie reached into her mane and produced an accordion. She started playing it while doing a jig on her hind legs, dancing around Spinel and singing, “Familiar, doesn’t this seem familiar? Familiar, like something you recently did. Familiar, throwing Rainbow in a tree. Familiar, like swinging your cool scythe at me?”

Oh lord you're trying to kill me🤣🤣🤣🤣

S'good to see spinel finding redemption without so much grief
That's Saturday morning ponies for ya

Loving it! :o And it's not often I can't find errors. :x

Aw that's butts. I always hate losing something I worked hard on!

Also this is just my opinion, but I feel that Spinel calmed down way too quick there. Even in the movie she punched a rock before going limp. :O

Chrysalis rolled to her feet

hah found an error! hooves not feet x)

Excellent chapter. That fight scene was thrilling and fun!

Short and sweet. Ended too soon! D: But I enjoyed it immensely. Good jorb!

This was surprisingly well done! I'm just wondering why this doesn't have more attention! Good Job!

And of course, Discord can basically do anything.

... Which begs the question of why they don't just say "Hey, Discord. This thing's injecting a poison that will kill Fluttershy's house. Could you turn it into peanut brittle?"

Yes, he doesn't want ponies to grow dependent on him, but acknolwedging the draconequus in the room would be nice.

Minor gripe about conflict-destroying draconequi aside, wonderful work. Especially how Pink vs. Pink results in a perfect stalemate. Thank you for a most heartwarming read... though hopefully Spinel will still be willing to act as the Diamonds' jester/Pink substitute. Darn giant clingy space rocks...

Aww, I wanted to see what they thought of "Drift Away"

Comment posted by Nooby1332C deleted Apr 28th, 2020

How do you think they would react if told about how the bio-poison is going to kill all organic life on the planet, including Equestria, within 41 hours, as well as what the Rejuvenator does and its history.

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