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As a new Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash is less than enthused about getting weather duty over Ponyville: nothing but fluffy clouds for a whole week. However, things change when she finds a way to entertain others, and more importantly: herself!

Winner of the Second Colorful Characters contest, starring Rainbow Dash, in the Qulls and Sofas Speedwriting Group. Also featured by Seattle's Angels!

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A very worthy contest winner! As Randomspagetti pointed out, this has an exceptionally true to the show feeling.
Dialogue and characterisation is handled very well, and the sweet, slice of life feel plot is complemented really well by the writing.
Really good piece mate! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Been funnier if Pinkie had somehow emerged from the canon.

"Hey Dashie, what's going on?"
"Pinkie... how are you doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"sighs Nothing, Pinkie. Nothing."
That would indeed have been funny. XD

I loved it. And I like Take to the Sky too.

that was good...but I think it should be longer:twilightsheepish:
and it was also good cause...THERE IS NO SOARINDASH HERE:pinkiecrazy:

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