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I'm Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony from a little girls show (Yes, I was originally a human). Many people ask how a human can become a pony, now I'm just going to tell them to go read this. Honestly, I have no idea why my DNA decided to go nuts, it just happened. A lot has happened in three years, I've had strange dreams about being a pony, my body has decided wants to be equine in nature, and gone on tons of adventures with my five best friends. Now stop looking at the description and get on with it.

This is pretty popular for being my first story. Thanks guys!

Thanks to DeepThought for being my editor.

Wow. Its been one year since I posted this. Looking back...yeah ok I was a newbie when I wrote this and it shows. Geez I have improved a lot. I cringe every time I reread it. I mean just...UGHHHH *shudders*GOD I was so bad its embarrassing. I could rewrite it but I think I'll leave it the way it is as a way to show myself how much better I've gotten. Anyway thanks for reading!

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2893560 dude you comment on every thing, oops just checked the tag your right :rainbowderp:

This story's problem is that there's nothing interesting about it. It's just a generic pony story. Where's the emotion? Where's the excitement? You take too long in the beginning going over unimportant and unnecessary details, and when we finally get to the good stuff, we get... that. What's really frustrating about this story is that there's nothing actually wrong with it. From a technical standpoint, the pacing (aside from that first part I mentioned), grammar, and spelling are pretty much impeccable. If there was something wrong with those, I could've helped you, but this lies in that zone of mediocrity where it's too good for me to give advice, but it's not good enough to be considered good.

I give this neither an upvote nor a downvote.

2893649 like I said I'm gonna fix it up later today. I know, its kinda shitty, that's what happens when I want to get some thing done and I rush. Now that I'm awake I'm gonna start working on it prettty soon so ya

OK gonna work on it more later dont have time right now.:rainbowhuh:

Well.... THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rainbowkiss: WAIT!! Does this mean your character is THE Rainbow Dash who is on the show?! :rainbowderp:

2896006 yup. i came up with this story in my head while daydreaming in various classes at school. Mainly because (I have no idea why) I kinda wish I WAS good ol' RD. I put it on here because If i told my friends they would think i am crazy.:rainbowdetermined2:

There we go. Now that you've rewritten it, it's much better now.

2898234 Ya. like i said, I was rushing the first time

Yep. That's a bit like I did, before I got an account. I wrote it all in a journal before that. :pinkiehappy: Then my friends got a hold of it. :twilightoops: Turns out they're fine with it and one of them is a brony, or do I call her a pegasister? Anyway.... This is a good story so far. 5 derpys for you. :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

Yay, I've finished the third chapter and am editing. Will post tommarrow (I totaly spelt that wrong)



(I remember it as tom-or-row.)

U no crazy. I became a brony while trying to spite my friend, a brony. And topped him on the bronomeder in ten seconds flat!

OK:rainbowderp:? well this is doing about ten times better than I expected.:rainbowdetermined2:

'I'm loving this so far, but I have one problem with this chapter

"A sonic cone? I must be going at least mach 5!"

MACH 1! :flutterrage:

And I realize it might be character exaggeration, if so im sorry and have a pinkie!


3001984 actually I picked up mach 5 before the rainboom and mach 10 after here:

3009479 Ooooohhhhkeeeyyy then, sure I guess I could do that. Sorta maybe kinda.


2:38 AM CST


5:32 AM CST

I think you meant PM with these. I don't think Rainbow Dash even knows that 2:38 AM or 5:32 AM even exist.

Nice plot twist. :twistnerd: ...No, not that kind of Twist.

(Warning! Warning! Brain Malfunction)


I quickly turned and shouted at her, "Hey! Rare!"
"Yes dear?" She said head turned in my direction, before she realized what had happened.

I found that hilarious for some reason.

Can not wait for next chapter. Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

Dude ikr it's boring you can't listen to your damn music in class you get your phone taken up if it is in class sure you get sodas but seriously we need some bucking down time we work all day it is so boring I wanna become rainbow dash her life is so much fun I mean seriously :rainbowdetermined2:

-"Ya" is spelled "yeah".
-Nobody uses 747s for commercial passenger flights anymore. They have been retired for quite a while, even considering the time this story takes place in.

When is chapter 9 gonna be out this is an awesome fic I would say omgosh irk if I saw u flying as rd:rainbowkiss:

P.S. KEEP MAKING MORE STORIES YOU WILL GET OVER TIME :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2:

Great references from the first 2 episodes and from Sonic Rainboom

3085267 Just so you all know, I HATE writing. Every story I write is because I come up with epic-self-promotion-adventure-thing in my head, then said story screams at me until I write it here and share :pinkiehappy:

I have six or seven stories floating around in my head, dagnammit




Nein said the Revan,I said "Nevermore"

I think that this story has an interesting premise but that it glosses over a lot of important issues that would arise from the events in question occurring.

In particular, how the friends and family of the characters in question are reacting to and dealing with it all.
Also, the characters who were living parallel lives seem remarkably unconcerned about recent events and unworried for the future. Or at least Rainbow Dash is.

3085830 To be honest thats just my personality. My atitude is summed up as 'shit happens'. seems sorta the way RD works too.

3085392 Just think that by hating writing encourages you to write more. You just have to choose the best out of the stories to write:pinkiehappy:

3086103 did i mention that one of them is an off shoot of this? AKA exact same exept with RD gaining shapeshifting abilitys. rainbow spartan!! but thats for the future

I would have gone to the Con but my ma said No, too expensive



And an internet!

*Insert an Internet here*


Have watched this story grow since the first chapter, and have enjoyed it since. Keep up the good work. Also, nice new story pic.

Surprise big not

That video you redirected me to was funny. Thanks. :moustache:

2896719 No offense but that is a complete rip off of five score divided by four. it may have been accidental but still WAY to similar.

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