Sometimes, the easiest way to get through the toughest situations is through alcohol.

Okay, that's not really accurate. But sometimes it helps. Especially when Twilight's got something to think through and it's been a long day and really, isn't it okay to puzzle through things at a bar at like 1am if you've got a friend there? It's better than drinking alone, and it isn't like she's drinking to forget her problems if she's trying to solve her problems instead?

Pinkie doesn't really care one way or the other. She's there for the cider.

Thanks to my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriends' boyfriend, my girlfriend's crush, and this dude I know for helping with editing and being supportive. You're all nerds.

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Thoughtful sad book horse
Sugar fuels the dazed mind
Liquor, the bladder
*rings a little gong ceremoniously*

You know, I wouldn't have though of Pinkie as a quiet drunk, but it works, somehow.

This sounds awesome

I'm glad you like it! I started this thinking "what if pinkie were a quiet drunk and twilight got somehow even more philosophical? And then went from there. I'm still not sure this has a plot tbh...

Waiting for comments
Suddenly, haiku appears
And makes my day nice

Thank you!

You're welcome

This really captures the spirit of some nights out drinking! It sure does feel empty...

This was a hilariously one sided conversation

That's some quality drunken philosophizing. And there's truth in it. Doing everything for everyone else and nothing to bring yourself joy isn't going to end well. But as Pinkie demonstrates, focusing solely on your own gratification can make you miss so much of life. Excellent work.

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