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Lt Rainbow Slash

Writer. Pilot. Historian. Gamer. Part-time Soldier. Canadian. Runner. Vancouverite. Brony.

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Story status

How I Became Rainbow Dash: Complete
Winged Defender: CANCELLED
Danger Zone: Complete
From One Hell to Another: Complete
Equestria Rules the Waves: Being Written

Bout me

I'm just your average teenage brony going about my life. I'm 20 and have just graduated from high school. I live in the greater Vancouver area. I am also a former Canadian Army Reservist with the Seaforth Highland Regiment of Canada.

My likes? Well first of all I'm a bit of a gamer, my favorite game being War Thunder. I also like Halo, Xcom, and World of Tanks/Warships. I also love flying. Preferably fast...

Best pony? RD or LD. Why? Because they remind me of myself, as well as sharing their love for flight. LD because like her I dreamed of being a fighter pilot, and my school grades are so shit that there is basically zero chance of that happening, while LD dreamed of being a wonderbolt but fucked it up. Enough resemblance for me.

My heritage? Well by my grand parents; I'm quarter Brit, quarter Canadian, quarter Mexican, and quarter Liechtensteiner. What? Liechtenstein is a real country. Just click the link.

What sort of stuff do I write? Well…I enjoy writing things that I have come up with in my down time (read as: Daydreaming in my free time). They just yell at me to share. As you could guess they are heavily influenced by things I like, such as fighter jets, Halo, and even WW2.

Anyway Lt Slash out!

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Thanks for faving Unlike Any Other!

Glad you enjoyed Friendship Space!


Hey there, thanks for adding The Worst of All Possible Worlds to your shelf! I appreciate it!

Thanks for faving Il Duce e la Principessa!

Thank you for favouriting 'Adventures in the Weather Patrol'. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 146 - 150 of 150
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