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Stories Never End · 4:37pm Nov 17th, 2017

Would you guys be interested in seeing one-shots of the aftermath of the main storyline? I like the universe and as much as I try to branch away, I kinda want to write more of it. I'm getting back into writing.

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I've been studying Karate for a around 17 years, and I'm a SCUBA Divemaster and Rescue Diver. My best story is A Colt to Forget, followed by its sequel, and then TOML. Currently writing ITWBY and background stories. I make sure to do research on what I write before I write it, but there are things that I miss, which my readers helpfully point out to me.
Check my blog posts if you're looking for updated info.

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2253566 Exactly what is gonna be in the collab!

That sounds like it could be fun. Fair warning, though, I specialize in HiE stories and combat scenes. Also witty and snarky conversations with lots of innuendos.

Are you interested in doing a collaboration story with me? It has Kilala97 characters.

i am both glad and sad to see "That Others May Live" to an end it was an amazing read thank you so much

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