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Welcome all to "Brony Martial Artiest" An group for those who train in every form of style ranging from Hapkido to Kendo and even kickboxing. You can also discuss about martial arts as we'll find stories that have this aspect!

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:twilightangry2:Capoeira contemporânea Brasileira.

Kudoki, Si Lum Hun gar Kung Fu. (Basically northern and southern style kung fu). Been at it for nearly two years:scootangel:

Mixed Martial Arts is my thing.:raritywink:

Also, the title of this group should be "Brony Martial Artists", not "Artistes". An artiste is a professional entertainer, esp. a singer or dancer.

Kuk Sool Won and Wing Chun for me. Still new to the first one.

Uechiryu Karate for me (yellow belt-kyukyu).
Liking this idea for a group.

Isshinryu Karate is my style, and I've been studying for thirteen years. Started when I was four and never stopped, and it's become the most central part of who I am. I love karate.

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