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In times of old and new and now, we seek stories of greatness and wow. But what of the lessons we gained from tales of old? Will they withstand the test of time, be worth as much as gold?
An old dragon, wise and long-lived, sits in his cave, way up high; with a treasure reaching as far as the open sky.
Who shall claim it, and when, and where? And will it prove to be a prize most fair?
Time waits not for the champion to come by, so the dragon wonders, will his hoard with him die?

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Just an amazing story!!!

I'm honestly not sure what to say.... This story was fantastic, but that doesn't quite do it justice. Just Wow.

I swear, stories like they simply don't get enough credit, bravo! :pinkiehappy:

I can't describe this.....

Simple, yet beautiful.

A sense of rythm, that matches it and carries the soul and love it has.


Have you tried submitting this to Equestria Daily Author?

great story my friend bavo:pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I didn't really expect people to like it that much.

*wakes up, does homework, logs onto fimfiction, sees that an amazing story he had read yesterday has 58 view but only 14 likes thus far...* You have got to be kidding, this is unacceptable! This should have like... 50 likes already!

UNACCEPTABLE!!! :flutterrage:

Oh my fucking god that was amazing.
This story, deserves fucking applause my friend, for rhyming the whole thing is ridiculous *proceeds to clap vigorously while nearly crying*
That ending was also depressing in it's own way

Well done my friend.

Nice, but some parts don't rhyme.....

5 stars very good!

i cri evrytiem. :fluttercry:

I was deeply moved by this story. thank you. it reminds me of a story, in which twilight, after having ascended, seeks help from an ancient dragon, as she tries to understand her immortality. it was called elder knowledge by the big lebowski. it was truly a gem. when spike receives the three diamond gem, I believe it says that someone still remembers him, and knows what the item means to him.

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