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[Update] Just Some News. AKA the Obligatory "Still not dead!" post · 7:12am Jun 3rd, 2018

Yeah, I'm more or less Undead at this point. I'm back, then I'm not, yada yada. I'd be surprised if there was anyone still here from the beginning. If they are, I'm most likely a small surprise that make them go like "Huh? That asshole is still alive?" whenever I pop up in their feed.

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No problem, haven't found the time to read just yet, but will soon.

Also, the Informant is a character in my story, Our Little Dystopia: Life in Unity. I haven't really gotten to explaining what he is in the story yet, but the basic summary (without spoiling the story too much) is that he's a sort of a notorious criminal in this city called Unity. His name is feared, due to the fact that if he wanted you dead, he'd have little trouble making that happen. However, at the same time, his name is sought after, as he is the person to contact when you need information that others don't want you to know about; hence his name.

That's the basics anyways. I was thinking of role playing him at one point in a group, but that died as I lost interest in RP. Kept the name cause I thought it was cool.

Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy Bone Daddy and Dead Tree.
Please do take the time to upvote the stuff you like and downvote what you hate! Drop comments and let me know your honest thoughts and opinions :)

So who are you The Informant to?

Hey, just want to say I like your stories... Keep up the good work.

They think that it will make me work faster...

2227056 No problem, though, you should be thanking your collaborator. He sure likes promoting you. :rainbowlaugh: Keep up the good work on your stories.

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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