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Here to show you what real creativity is. I'm rusty at animation and haven't set up my voice recorder, but I write alot and try to bring a fresh look to it.


You, a human, found yourself in one of the most unexpected places to be in, Equestria. While many would love the opportunity, you actually want to get back home to your world. Wither you find this to be a gift or a curse is beside the point as you are only given 24 hours to live in this world before returning home.

However, there is a way you can stay permanently; you'll have to make a friend. The downside is that for every friend you make, you'll become a little bit more like a pony.

So the question is; do you accept others and slowly lose your human identity, or will you retain your features by pushing others away?

A 'choose your own adventure' story that is influenced by 'Undertale'. You wont see any of the game characters, but you'll get a vague sense of the game by similar elements; like the branching routes. Each character you'll encounter will have a 'battle' style similar to a text based game (Quiz, Puzzle, ect).

This is meant to be read in one sitting, so make sure you have some free time before reading.

You better be friendly, otherwise.... you're gonna have a bad time.

Chapters (197)
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Comments ( 124 )

I literally JUST got into the game today (not playing it, but just having interest in it at all)...
Of course, that was through reading about the genocide route and thoroughly spoiling myself.

This is an odd coincidence.

I just read this, and I'm not sure if I got the Pacifist Route or the Neutral Route

I LOVE this ending.

definitely Neutral

"She'll defiantly help you!" the filly confirms.


I'm all for exploiting Pinkie Logic but this is too much. :twilightoops:

I love this ending too.


and that's how we know we know this is the flowey of this universe cause' you know both worlds motive are... freindship and love

where is question none of the above? :trixieshiftright:

Ohh 😑 really and on this route too

You begin to notice that a lot of them are starting to stare at you. Your appearance must be new to them and a lot more are looking and talking amongst themselves. You decide that its probably best to go to a less secluded area for the remainder of your time here in this world and out into the fields; looking up at the mo

wait wa

you have two options 1. insult her or 2. gloat

● So you got that job as janitor after all.

that is a joke I'd make

"Do you wanna have a fun time?"

I thought this was the get home route not the genocide route

"It's a beautiful night outside. crickets are chirping, stars are twinkling... on nights like these, humans like you...."
"Should be playing depressing video games."

okay that caught me off gaurd

"Just give me a chance. Once you get to know me, you'll realize that I can be as sweet as a cinnamon roll. NYEH HEH HEH !"

payprus joke really

take one step forward and get ready for a bad time


it is on like donkey kong

"It's nice to see you too, Discord." the shroom glares at the princess who seems amused at what she said, "I mean 'Mooshy'."


❤ D̳̖͎͈̠̘i͇̖̬ͮś͍͔ͭͣ̌̆c̨͈̹̟̙̰͛̂̈ͯ̃o̒ͩ̄ṙ̼̼̥͎̯̠̟̍ͧ̚d̵̦̗͎̠̩̝ͅ ͏ï͔̙̯͈̖̮̠ͥͨ̐̕s̗̦̠̐ͨ ̫̙̖̟̮́̚ͅs̶͙̮̤̻͐͒̊c͏h̗̣̖͓̓͡e̟̾͌̐ͩͫ̃͆m̬̔͊̓͒ͮͪ̉͟i̝͙ͦǹ̠̹́g͇ͧ̊̽̏́͋ͅ ❤

"Show me the determination of the human soul!"





this is something straight outta the og undertale


Curse you copy ant paste functions!

If you mind me asking, how many possible endings are there?

Oh wait, I'm asking the wrong person. My bad.

'Apparently he doesn't need a hug'

The most false sentence in the history of existance


Choosing Mercy here actually makes it think that you choose fight. Might want to fix that.


Thank you. Working with all these links is a real nightmare of utter confusion for me at times.

...I just realized I could have just spammed tab to get through Pinkie's section of the story

Don't test my patients and just pick 'NO'."

patients should be spelled patience.

I am disappointed with myself due to how many times I've read this without noticing that.


I always thought they were spelled the same, mainly when I'm at a doctors office. I thought the word 'patients' took many meanings there as I'm seeking medical treatment as well as having to wait at least 45 minutes before the doctor could see me, so I would have to be 'patience' and wait.

I'm bad at this

Well, in the spirit of Undertale, I choose..........

Next ⇒

Damnit. I don't know what to try first because...well, we know what Flowey is like.

'annoying dog'


Reeeeeal subtle :rainbowlaugh:

This "Mercy" link on this one takes me to the "Fight" one and the "Fight" link takes me to the "Mercy" one. You should probably fix that. :twilightsheepish:

I like this story/game. I'll have to play/read again later! :pinkiehappy: There are some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there and the earlier chapters seem kind of clunky in their wording, but it's a nice homage to UnderTale and a nice adaptation to MLP. :twilightsmile:

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