• Published 12th Sep 2017
  • 1,925 Views, 124 Comments

CYOA: Bronytale - Amereep

An interactive story influenced by 'Undertale'. You're human and appear in Equestria for 24 hours. You can make friends if you wish, but you'll be stuck in Equestria and start becoming a pony if you do.

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"Remember when I said that I only had one chance to impress you?"

"Well its true, this isn't like some game where I can throw codes at random to appear."

"Each one of these links are placed solid."

"So when you find them."

"You'll know where to look next time."

"But there won't be a next time."

"And it's not because I'll win this."

"It's because you'll never come back again!"

"So I gotta do my best to impress you now!"

"Or to keep you stuck here on this chapter."


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