• Published 12th Sep 2017
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CYOA: Bronytale - Amereep

An interactive story influenced by 'Undertale'. You're human and appear in Equestria for 24 hours. You can make friends if you wish, but you'll be stuck in Equestria and start becoming a pony if you do.

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Her eyes begin to wi-

"You are aware that I can just as easily send you straight back to the beginning, right? You should be grateful that I'm even giving you this chance to continue the story at all. There's no 'save file' programming here and returning to your chapter would be far more worse if I end it here for you. Finding the chapter you were on would be a sidetrack and an utter nightmare with the list of unreadable chapter titles in this tale."

"So just continue the story already!"


"Please, will you let me into your life?"



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