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After a historic agreement, the border between Arstotzka and Equestria will open, allowing the citizens of these two parallel universe to travel from one world to another.

Will these two words be able to coexist?

And above all...

How much can the events be influenced by the decisions of a simple checkpoint's Inspector?

This will be a crossover between "Papers, Please", a game developed some years ago, and "my little pony"

- Inspired by Arstrotzka Welcomes You: A Papers, Please Crossover. and this video
- Story developed with the HUGE contribution of VocareAdVacui (Prologue, chapters 1-2) and Jay Tarrant (chapters 2+) as proofreaders.
- Cover art taken from the game "Papers, Please"

[N.B.] TAGS could change as the story progress.
Added "Violence" TAG for the presence of minor violence scenes.
References to "Alcohol" and "Cigarettes".

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 140 )

I'd say help the young girl, out of good will

great story so far. you've actually made what appears to be a very good crossover between two things I didn't initially see as compatible.

I'm really happy for that. I hope you'll continue to like the story :)

Hmmm. A good start, but a rather dissapointing showing from Rarity there.


Great story, looking forward for more chapters, one issue thou in the second chapter
Rarity throws a fit cause Hector assume Sweetie to be her daughter, but he didn't.
So either I missed a line or you did.


Thanks for the letting me know about the mistake; something in the copy-paste operation from the draft file went wrong 😐

I hope you'll continue to enjoy this ride.

Have a nice day :)

Wow, this is an interesting story....
I'm just gonna... like this.... bookmark... cool

I was hoping to read a comment like this!!! 😄

Any idea when the next chapter is coming out?

You’re a good person indeed Hector, you did the right thing, you can be proud of yourself. Better watch out for M. Vonel.

Beautiful chapter, and I like the way you portrayed discord as well. I'm half expecting rarity to come with a fire in her eyes and do anything short of breaking the law to get her sister back. Actually scrap that, I'm totally expecting it. And I can't wait!!!:pinkiehappy:

It was at this Moment that Made him knew: he was screwed.rarity is back. And Not Happy

God damn clif hanger, you did this on purpose. :flutterrage:

The life of inspector is never easy... an arstozkan nonetheless

A nice problem to solve indeed :S

Suspence add that bit of pepper I like in a story :D

And later on it will become more...complicated...

To all the readers: I wanted just to let you know that I'm really happy you're enjoying the story. I hope you'll continue to take this trip with me :)

You can be proud of yourself, Hector! But the M.O.A. message confuses me, or have I overlooked something?


M.O.A stands for, Ministry of Admissions, so Hektor's boss. Due to Hektor giving away the hat and glove to Sweetie Belle and Lyra respectively, the cost of them was deducted from his daily (I think) paycheck.

Does this clear it up?


- Jay

I know what the M.O.A. is, I was just confused why the message was sent. And thanks for clearing it up.

I am loving this story, hope to read more soon! :twilightsmile:

Jay already answered for me :D

I couldn't be more precise! :D

I'm happy to read that. I hope you'll like next chapters too :)

Nice to hear such kind words of praise.

Nice to See the Apple Family here. I guess Hector's job will be harder the Next day

Yay terrorist human or from the other side

Yes, those are the two options.

“It was as if they’re taking their role lightly, as if it was all some kind of game”

Sadly, I can see Derpy being that pony.

'The day was ended cause of terrorist attack'

Hector may be loyal to his job, but still has a good heart, I like thart, it’s sadly rare to see today. And you showed the situtation perfectly, one foreign guy causes trouble and in a blink of an eye, everyone turns on said foreign’s race/orgin. KInda eypexted Apple Bloom to be with them, but I guess after what happened to Sweetie Belle, it might be better she stays home.

I wonder if Jorgi will reference the 'inspector of the game' to Hector... and I wonder what ending this takes in

As long as she does not have expired documents

Taken from the previous chapter:

“You’re funny, Inspector...you remind me of an old friend of mine.”

Sounds familiar? :D

Bringing Applebloom after what happened the previous days would be a baaaaad idea.

hmmm you do have a point... but I wonder if he is in jail, ran away alone or with family... oooor he is perfect employee

I enjoyed it but the Plan behind it dosen't sound Good:twilightoops: but i like the idea of Hector Working in equestria. They should have Made it that we also Check Papiers of those wanting to leave, instead of those who enter. And i Think it will be difficult to explain this to katia


I don't understand what you mean. From what I gather, he is going to Equestria to monitor those who want to cross over into Arstotzka, and the person who replaces him will monitor those who want to go to Equestria. Thus, they technically do control who comes and goes.


- Jay

Well, ingame, you only Check papers of those wanting to enter the state but Never the side wanting to leave. Hector would Check the papers of those wanting to leave, instead of just those wanting to enter, a Change never happening in the Game

I get what you mean. I always assumed (and continue to do so) that Hektor was in charge of the Arstotzkan side, and once they crossed over, all papers were assumed to be correct, and they could explore the new world as they pleased. That would explain why Hektor only dealt with those leaving. Now though, Arstotzka controls those entering from Equestria, and leaving Arstotzka. It is a little confusing, but works well enough.

While reading this, I can't help but use the accent JackSepticEye used in his Papers, Please videos.

It was even funny to see all of his flirting attempts with Applejack failing, as she wasn’t minding them...or understanding them.

Oof, denied access.

Was Worth the wait. We all know you can do it, Hector. Nice to See you gave Flash sentry a apperence.

The Holy Reign of Equestria took the same decision, allowing everybody from their world to come here. Therefore, there are no more the restrictions regarding the Arstotzkan or Equestrian citizenship to pass.

A, so there is no problem with O.C.s that are not form Equestria, but from New-MoonRacer

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