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Between Arstotzka and Equestria: Papers, Please - A_Storyteller

The border between Arstotzka and Equestria opens. Will these two words be able to coexist? And...How much can the events be influenced by the decisions of a simple checkpoint's Inspector? - A crossover between "Papers, Please" and MLP

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First day in Equestria

28 October, 1983 - H 6:30 to 18:00

There wasn’t as much sand left in the hourglass, a matter of fact that Hektor had to consider as he was finishing the reading of the Equestrian rule book. Fortunately, the time was quite enough to study all he was needed to know to properly do his job. The most interesting, yet worrying part, was the machine built in the booth to uncover the changeling creatures that could try to pass the border:

If there is a high likelihood that you face a changeling, a button placed under the left side of the desk will allow you to activate a high frequency sound that will affect the senses of the unwanted guest, putting it under enough stress to let it lose the needed concentration to keep its cover up; remember to instantly call the border guards outside the booth to place the creature under arrest, an action that you’ll be able to do by pressing the red button on your right.

<<To arrest it...and to save me if it will try to tear me apart.>> The Inspector added in his mind while turning the page to continue in his studying activity.

Checking documents...expiration dates...issuing city...there weren’t many differences from the work at the Arstotzkan side of the border.

A sense of satisfaction came when he read the part regarding the cutie mark, something unique for every pony and that could be used to confirm the traveller identity; finally, Hektor was able to understand what was the symbol he found on every Equestrian citizen...and it didn’t end there, as another part of the rule book attracted his attention in the same intensity as the previous one.

Travellers must wear clothes to be allowed. The Inspector can ask them to remove their clothes to check the cutie mark before allowing passage.

Thinking about the meeting had a short time ago, Hektor realized that Princess Twilight wasn’t wearing any sort of dress <<It’s probably natural for them>> he just thought before an amused smile made its way on his smile when it came in his mind that maybe the rule was added because an unfortunate Equestrian found himself, or worse herself, naked in the Arstotzkan winter, something that couldn’t be wished even to your worst foe.

Another part of the rule book caught his attention:

As requested by the Arstotzkan Ministry of Admissions, from now on all people that want to travel to the human world have to bring an entry ticket with the date on which the travel will happen.

<<Another paper to check...great.>> Hektor sighted, realizing that his work could only became much, much harder.

After he gained back the focus needed, his eyes travelled over all his equipment for the tenth time; apparently there wasn’t anything that escaped his examination.

The Inspector felt ready; he closed the book and gently put in on his right side, ready to be consulted whenever it was needed.

The hourglass was at its last round before the opening time, yet there was still time to do another thing: open the package the Princess mentioned earlier.

Finally, Hektor allowed his curiosity to take the lead in his head and, almost with the same curiosity of a child, he put the elegant white box on the desk; by its size, it had to be something not too big.

After unfolding the purple ribbon that was keeping the box closed, he slowly opened it, finding inside something that he wasn’t expecting:

A magnificent white shapka, similar to the one he was wearing, but with a more precise sewing style and made with more elegant material.

Amazed by what he was seeing, Hektor carefully took the fur hat from its package, looking with interest at every single detail. When he turned the hat to look at the front side, the image of two stylized Alicorns, one blue with a black themed mane and one white with a colorful bright mane, that were surrounding what were looking like a crescent, waning moon and a sun stunned him; it was so meticulously made that it would make any Arstotzkan famous fashion artist die of envy.

Hektor stared at the shapka in silence before putting it on the desk to free his hands, allowing him to take his Arstotzkan hat from his bald head, freeing it to make space for his new uniform piece.

<<It suits my head perfectly...and it’s way more comfortable that the previous one>> words that underlined how he was astonished by that wonderful piece of work. Only after a while he saw that at the bottom of the box that was containing the new fur hat, there was a clear white envelope.

While mumbling, the Inspector took it, finding a folded paper inside from which a delicate and sweet perfume spread, filling the whole booth.

Wondering about the content of the letter, Hektor opened it while positioning his shoulders on the backrest, enjoying the welcomed fact that for the first time he could really use a comfortable seat.

The content of the message was written with a clear, curved italic calligraphy...and the name written on the bottom took the human by surprise.

Dear Mister Inspector,

The fur hat you found in the box is the product of my personal work; as a matter of fact, my hooves were busy on it from the first sketch work to the final refinements.

To be fair, the marvellous Equestrian symbol was completely made by my sister, Sweetie Bell, who insisted on participating in its creation when I told her that it was for you.

It was interesting to work starting from the hat you gave to her, a gift that she is keeping as a rare treasure (I had to promise her that I would not damage it in any way to be able to study it).

I wish to let you know that I put all of my efforts to create the best piece I could; not only because it was asked of me by one of my best friends, but because I would like to thank you for how you protected my little sister in your world.

I will never be able to express enough gratitude for what you did and, despite what happened at the checkpoint, the way you treated Sweetie Belle is only more proof of the fact that you’re truly a gentleman (different from that rough blonde human of which I have a truly bad memory).

I wish you good work, Mister Inspector.

Miss Rarity Belle

P.S. Sweetie Belle asked me to salute you and she hopes that one day you’ll be able to visit her.

With a sincere glad face he slowly closed the letter, putting it back in its folder before storing it on one of his jacket pockets. There wasn’t any better way to begin his experience in the parallel world.

A look at the hourglass let him know that it was almost time to open the border; Hektor had just the time of adjusting the elegant shapka on his head, before turning it to let the sand fall again and to take with his hand the tube that would allow his voice to go out from the loudhailer placed on top of the booth.


With a deep breath he silently welcomed the first Equestrian that came through the door with an uncertain walk.

After a quick cough to clear his voice, Hektor gave a serious look at the earth pony that was standing in front of him before opening his mouth:

“Papers, please” he said with maybe too menacing a voice, as the poor pony he was facing looked too scared to take out what he was asked to show.

After realizing that the traveller was standing there as if frozen, Hektor tried to reassure him with a little smile “If I can’t check your documents, you’ll not be able to pass, mister.” The tone of voice he used appeared to have done the trick, as his interlocutor snapped up and looked for his papers.

“I-I’m sorry, Inspector” the stallion spoke with a still unsure voice “It’s the first time I have seen a human...I’m travelling to know your race and your lands better” he added while taking from the pocket of the brown jacket he was wearing a rectangular paper and a little beige sheet of paper.

After both of them were on his desk, Hektor mumbled something; with his right hand he swiftly took the little paper, on which there was written entry ticket, a little red stamp representing a stylized head of a pony and the writing E.B.O. on both sides and the date of that day. Everything seemed in order at a first look. Without losing any time, Hektor opened the passport, checking as always every detail.

<<Name...Ponyville...expiration date...everything matches.>> It was clear that he was putting all the efforts to check everything he needed.

“Is everything in order?” The stallion broke the silence with emotions that quickly passed from worried to calm when he saw the green approval stamp on his visa.

“Cause no trouble.” The Inspector said with a smile on his face while pointing with his hand at the door that led to the portal.

“It’s not my intention, sir...I wish you a good day.” The traveller replied shortly before moving on with a happy expression on his muzzle.

<<It wasn’t that hard.>> A thought that gave the Inspector the courage needed to face the new challenge with the proper attitude. “NEXT!”

“Griffon...name...surname...entry ticket please...you haven’t got it? It’s necessary the entry ticket to pass to the parallel world, no exceptions...please refrain from showing me your claws, or I’ll have to call the guards to arrest you! NEXT!”

“Entry ticket in order...documents in order...you can pass!”

“Oh...so you’re coming back home, miss. I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Equestria. Cause no trouble. Glory to Arstotzka! NEXT!”

“I’m sorry miss...Misty Fly, but the fact that you were busy for the ‘Wonderbolts training’ is not a justification to not renew your passport. NEXT!”

“You should wear heavier clothes to face the Arstotzkan temperature...are you sure you want to go through the portal anyway? It’s your choice, after all the documents are in order. Cause no trouble. NEXT!”

Despite minor objections and some too talkative guests, the work was going smoother than expected.

The thing that hit Hektor’s mind was the faces of the ones he was facing; on the majority of them he could read happiness, curiosity and, especially, a sense of energy from all the hazards and the difficulties of the life that was hard to find on the faces of the travellers he met in Arstotzka. It was as if that place was...happier.

All of his thoughts were interrupted by a sudden flash that came from the entrance of the booth; when the human turned his attention to that direction, he saw a pony who was keeping between his hooves what appeared to be a camera “What?” the newcomer asked with a calm tone while walking toward the Inspector’s desk “There was no rule regarding not taking any photos.”

Hektor sighed, figuring out that what he heard wasn’t wrong, before looking with a serious look at the dark black sunglasses that the pony was wearing, something that didn’t allow him to see his eyes.

“Papers, please.” Hektor did not have the time to speak before the traveller was already taking from a pocket of his bright orange coat what he was asked for. For reasons he wasn’t able to explain, his attention suddenly moved to the coat of the stallion he was facing, which was...reflecting the light, somehow.

“I’m a crystal pony, if you’re wondering.” the pony spoke while bowing his head to one side “Never seen one?”

“Not at all.” Hektor admitted while opening the passport given to him “Reason of travel, Mister...Flash Truth?”

“Curiosity...I want to explore your world, to see how you live.” The pony smiled with an expression that only confirmed his words “And I’ll bring my camera with me to immortalise the best memories I’ll have in your world.”

<<It’s funny to see how the sense of mystery that can cover an unexplored place can make a sad place like Arstotzka interesting>> Hektor thought while smiling a little after realizing that all the papers were in order.

“You can pass.” Hektor simply said while putting the approval stamp on the traveller visa “Cause no trouble...and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.” he added while handing back the papers.

A quick nod and a smile were the last things the human saw before the crystal pony walked out from the booth, leaving it silent and empty.

<<Adventure, a will of learning, fortune...the same things people from my part of the border are looking for when coming here.>> Hektor shrugged his shoulders, laughing a little at his own words <<The more I do this job, the more I see that we’re more similar than we would think.>>

Despite what he was feeling, Hektor knew that there wasn’t time to lose himself in thought or consideration regarding life or ideals; he was a gear of a greater machine that had to work...a gear that couldn’t stop moving.


“I have not to check your documents, miss...no, not because they’re surely in order, but because you’re not wearing a dress as stated in the rules. It’s no use to give me your pass...you want to give me it anyway? If you insist...heres a denial stamp.”

“Yes, I kept my human form...no, it’s only for the Arstotzkan Inspector. If you want to come again to Equestria, you’ll have to make yourself comfortable with your unicorn form. NEXT!”

“Your photo is different...so is the issuing city I read from the rule book. DENIED!”

“No entry ticket...DENIED!”

“Mister, the entry ticket is not enough. I need your passport...you don’t have it? Uhm...this substitution ticket with the denial stamp will be enough. NEXT!”

<<So many denials...I wonder if the previous Inspector would allow them to come in to Arstotzka.>> Hektor thought shortly before looking at the blue maned guard that he knew previously that was walking towards him.

“Mister Flash Sentry. Is something wrong?” The human asked when he saw a worried expression on the soldier.

“There are three Griffons that want to come in together...two soldiers and a diplomat I think. Shall I let them enter?”

The Inspector looked silently at the orange stallion for a moment, before clearing his voice “Can they be trusted? By your expression, I would say not.” His voice was as serious as his face, a thing that the soldier sensed quickly.

“There is not a nice past between Equestria and Griffonia...it’s not easy to completely trust them, even in times of peace.” Flash Sentry answered while placing his spear’s wooden tip on the ground “Despite my personal feeling towards them, I don’t think they’ll try something harmful with all the guards outside.”

Hektor brought a hand to his chin, thinking for a second about the situation.

“An ambassador and his escort you said...I don’t want to cause an eventual diplomatic incident.” He adjusted his shapka to let it better fit his head, before continuing “Let them pass. I’ll check their documents all at once.”

Flash Sentry nodded before walking out from the booth; after a few moments, two heavily armored Griffons made their way into the room, followed by an elegant third giant bird who was wearing a regal mantel and what appeared to be an elegant golden necklace.

It was strange to see how the two winged guards smiled at him, as if they recognized the one they were facing. Hektor looked at them without a clue, trying to figure out what were they thinking, before the elegant one began to speak with a proud, solemn voice.

“Greetings, Inspector. My name is Kaeloth, representative of the Griffonia Kingdom.” A respectful bow impressed the human, as he didn’t expect such behaviour towards him “I was delegated by my motherland to go to Arstotzka in order to meet and plant the seeds of a prosperous future cooperation with the parallel world.”

“I have to ask for your papers, mister ambassador...and the ones of your escort, too.” Hektor tried to show clearly the deep respect for the authority he was facing by speaking with a proper tone of voice “There are protocols to follow...I hope you’ll understand.”

A smirk grew on the Griffon face “My two guards were right when they told me that you humans follow strict rules and have a deep discipline...like us. It was a good choice to send them to your belonging world as explorers.”

When he said that, the focus of the Inspector went on to both the guards, who were taking in their claws the papers needed, realizing that they resembled the two bird winged people he saw days ago at the Arstotzkan checkpoint.

All of them had a regular entry ticket...all the information on their passports were correct...expiration dates were far from coming...everything was in order, to Hektor’s joy <<An error there could mean trouble...I was lucky.>>

“Everything is in order.” Hektor said while putting the approval stamp on all the three visas with quick moves “You can proceed to the portal.” He added after a quick nod.

“I will remember to mention to your superiors the punctual and meticulous work you’re doing here...unlike the one the Equestrians were doing, according to what I read from the newspapers.” a small malicious laugh, coming from the three griffons, spread in all the booth “Now, if you’ll excuse us, there are important matters to attend to. We salute you, Mister Inspector.”

The two soldiers silently saluted the human by bowing their head in his direction, giving him a determined yet respectful look before following Kaeloth to the exit of the booth.

<<Arstotzka and Griffonia will probably get along well, judging by what is written in the book Princess twilight gave me>> Hektor thought without even realizing that Flash Sentry was coming inside the booth.

“Now it will be clear to you why we can’t really get along with them” a sense of sadness covered by an apparent angry face showed on the blue maned soldier “They’ll always think of themselves as the best race, showing disrespect for others.”

“I can assure you that it’s not a problem just of this world.” The words came out from the Inspector’s mouth with a bitter tone “To tell the truth, till now I find you Equestrians more friendly that most of the Arstotzkan people.”

“It’s nice to hear that, mister Inspector.” The soldier regained his usual smile “I hope to have time to talk with you about your world...I would like to know it better.”

“I think we’ll have the chance one day...but now we have to continue to allow in who is waiting outside.” Suddenly Hektor changed his expression and pointed with his eyes at the entrance of the room.

“Oh...right.” Flash Sentry smiled embarrassed “Better to go back to our duty...but we both have an agreement.” he added before returning to his position outside the booth.

Hektor shrugged his shoulder and smiled before calling in the next in the line.

“Papers, please...no entry ticket, no allowance. DENIED!”

“Have a good travel on your way to Kolechia, mister. APPROVED!”

“On the passport it’s stated that you’re an unicorn, but I see no horn on your head and instead two wings...DENIED!”

“NEXT!” Hektor could hear his voice coming out from the external megaphone distorted in a bizarre way <<I should ask the M.O.A. if our audio system could be implemented in this booth.>>

“Hektooooor, my friend!!” A loud familiar joyous voice woke him from his thoughts “I told you that I would come to find you if you would decide to come here to Equestria.”

It wasn’t needed to look at who was coming in; it was clear that the one who was coming in was a known goat beard wielder. It was strange for Hektor to see the real Discord form; even if he had the chance to see his face in his passport photo, the fact that his body was like some kind of fusion between various animal was strange to face.

“I see deep surprise on your face, Inspector...I like it!” the Lord of Chaos said while walking near the human with both of his arms spreaded “I love to leave in awe any pony, or in your case people, close to me. But we’re losing ourselves in futile chit-chats, are we?”

“Are you coming back to Arstotzka, mister Discord? I hope you kept the documents your friends gave you...if I remember correctly, they should still be valid.” Hektor looked at Discord with a hint of a smile on his face; despite the weird behaviour, he was still someone wherewith he shared opinions and sensations, someone that he was able to know.

“Maybe I’ll visit your world again...but now there is moooore pressing business to attend to. I’ve a tough schedule: tea with Fluttershy, pranking Rainbow Dash, thinking about ideas to spread good old chaos in such a boring place like Ponyville...so I have to cut it short.” While talking, Discord acted like he was pulling invisible sleeves up his arms “I made you a promise regarding the time I would see you again here in Equestria.” he added with a sincere yet worrying giggle.

Hektor sighed at those words “If I remember correctly, you said that you would transform me into something, but I have to say to you that-”

“Good memory indeed, Hektor.” a long smile brightened Discord’s face “And I had to think a lot about it...but after a veeeery long nap, I was able to find the new form that would perfectly fit you.”

“Mister Discord, please...can we do this another time? There are Equestrians, not only are they waiting for their turn to cross the border, the fact that you can’t-”

“They can wait.” The God of Chaos, with a slightly annoyed face, interrupted again the Inspector “I have to keep my promise at once.” In a likely cerimonial way, he rose his lion like arm “I hope you’ll enjoy becoming a passport yourself ...I’ll be sure to stamp a nice red denial stamp on it.”

Shortly after his words, he snapped the finger of his paw...only to find himself in a death like silence and with the eyes of the human fixed on him.

“Come on! Really??” He tried repeatedly to snap his fingers, hoping to have the result he was looking for “There should be a nice pink cloud all around you, ready to disappear only after you had become a passport...I imagined a nice elegant cover, too.” By his expression, it was clear that he was really disappointed.

“Magic in the border booth doesn’t work. I tried to warn you.” Calmly, Hektor shrugged his shoulders while trying to cover the amusement he was feeling in that moment behind a neutral, serious face.

Discord looked at the human with an astonished expression and with his mouth wide open, as his jaw was going so low that it could hit the floor “That’s not fair! I don’t like cheaters!” Both of his lion paw and eagle claws were placed on his hips “I meant for the removal of this ugly feature...and I refuse to move from here until this problem is fixed. I think this is a serious violation of the rights of the God of Ch-OUCH”

Suddenly Discord jumped from his place, feeling something sharp that slightly hit his back; after looking behind him, he saw a blue maned guard that was pointing the sharp point of the spear to him “Ehi! You could hurt someone with that thing, you know that?” he asked while massaging the hurt point with both of his animal hands.

“I’m sorry mister Discord, but I had specific instructions in case you came here bringing trouble.” the orange stallion said while taking back his weapon.

Amused by what he heard, Discord laughed and crossed his arms in front of him “Specific instructions, you say? By the egghead I presume? I’m very curious to know what she thought of to stop me...I’m the God of Chaos after all and she knows that it’s impossible to *YAWN* make me do what she *YAWN* wants to…”

Discord stretched his arms in the air before letting out another loud yawn; he laughed again with a tired face “I feel pretty tired...maybe.” He stopped to look for a moment at the point of the spear Flash Sentry was holding in his right hoof “Sleeping poison on it *YAWN* very clever, I have to admit.” That was all he was able to say before falling on the floor, unconscious.

“Fortunately it worked.” A sigh of relief came from the guard’s mouth “I don’t what would we do if the idea that Princess Twilight had, did not have the effects she hoped.” he added while looking at the sleeping God of Chaos, whose expression in that moment was more innocent than the one of a foal.

“You’re much more innocent than in Arstotzka...in the same situation, one of the guard stunned him with a hit behind his neck.” Hektor spoke while looking at the guard that was gently putting Discord on his back, who was filling the booth with loud snores.

“Why should a guard hurt someone when he’s not doing anything harmful?” the stallion asked looking with a puzzled expression at the human Inspector “A guard should use force only as a last resource, that’s what they taught me at the Guards Academy...is it not the same in your world?”

“Let’s say that there is a different code of behaviour from where I come from.” The human replied while his mind was filled with considerations regarding what he had stated. In the movements of the soldier there was care, attention in not causing any other harm to the one he was carrying away...something that probably would not happen in Arstotzka...something on which there was to think about.

“I’ll ask someone to carry him to Fluttershy cottage; see you later.” Flash Sentry saluted with a sincere smile before leaving the Inspector in his thoughts...something that lasted just a few moments, as Hektor didn’t want to have his mind busy on thoughts...he didn’t want to lose time.

A quick look at the hourglass informed him that there were just a few hours left before the end of the day. The stream of sand that was slowly passing from the top half to the bottom was somehow relaxing...Hektor shook his head, realizing that of all the things he could do in that moment, relaxing was not contemplated.


“Papers, please...no entry ticket? DENIED!”

“Arstotzkan citizenship...expiration date is good...welcome back home. Glory to Arstotzka! NEXT!”

“Cloudsdale...entry ticket is good...maybe some heavier clothes would be better, considering the cold temperatures but...APPROVED!”

“No entry ticket and misspelled issuing city...you Equestrian should be more careful to-”

“I’m Yashin Romanov”

The hand with the denial stamper stopped his fast race to the passport of the earth pony that was standing in front of the desk. Hektor’s mouth muted completely: he was the one mentioned by Varusov early in the morning.

The silence in the booth was the total opposite of the confusion that was bothering Hektor’s head...why does he have documents with false information? Why did they recommend him? When did he arrived in Equestria?

“They’re waiting for my report at the Ministry of Admissions.” The flat and cold tone of voice of the earth pony was a perfect match with his blue empty eyes; there was something creepy about him.

The look of the Inspector passed many times between the traveller, his passport and the stamper...in that moment, both the Arstotzkan Government and the one he was facing were asking him to do the exact opposite of what his duty was.

Did he really have to do that? Could he just do his job, rejecting him as the rules asked?

Too many questions...and the stare of the one that was standing in front of him underlined the fact that there was no room for thought in that moment.


First on the ink, then on the visa...that was the travel made from the approval stamper.

When the green stamp was on the passport, a smirk grew on the Arstotzkan pony like citizen “I’ll inform the M.O.A. about your good work. Glory to Arstotzka” he said while taking his documents before slowly walking out from the booth.

In the silence that followed, a strange sound that looked like something that was sliding somewhere spread in the room; a dark cylinder shaped container fell from a tube of which, for the whole day, Hektor didn’t realize it’s existence. It took him few moments to understand that there was something inside and; after lifting the closed cap, he was able to take out its contents; a rolled white little piece of paper on which there was an acronym that he had already seen on Equestrians documents.


Travellers allowed with improper documents

Please refrain from doing it again, or penalties will be applied

<<Even the warning messages are softer>> Hektor thought while calling in the next in the line, not before letting out a sigh that could perfectly symbolize what he was feeling in that moment.

After a brief silence he rose his head, ready to resume his job.




After that last message, Hektor let himself go on the backrest of his chair; he felt as weak as if he had lifted a one thousand kilo rock.

“You made good work, Inspector.” Flash Sentry voice let Hektor lower his head to look at the smiling stallion that was coming his way “There were way more rejected ponies than the previous day, something that means you had good control...and that people at the Equestrian Border Office should do a better job.” he added before looking at the white message on the desk.

“I made a mistake, as you can see.” Hektor said with a face that involuntarily could betray the anger he was feeling for what he was forced to do.

“It happens...everybody could make mistakes, the important part is to learn from them.” It was somehow nice to see the guard trying to cheer him up in every way <<You should know the truth>> Hektor thought while smiling at the stallion, despite everything.

“I think you’re tired, mister Inspector. You can go back to your world now, we’ll close the portal when you pass through it.”

“Thanks” Hektor stood up from his chair, taking the other Arstotzkan shapka he had left under the desk before approaching the door that leaded to the portal.

“Before you go...I have to ask you to give me the anti magic necklace.”

The request of the guard surprised him for a moment, especially for the consequences it could have on him. “You have not to worry; the effects of it will last enough to allow you to reach the portal without transforming into an Equestrian” Flash Sentry’s explanation came just in time to allow Hektor to regain the calm.

The human took some steps to reach the guard while taking the chain around his neck to grab what he was asked for; before lifting it, Hektor changed expression for a moment, realizing that he was forgetting something.

“Before I go, can I ask for a favor?” At the questioning look of the guard, the Inspector smiled a little “Nothing too hard to do I hope...I need to give a thing to someone here in Equestria. Do you know how could I do that?”

Flash Sentry smiled brightly “If you need to deliver something, you can give it to me, so that I can deliver it to the Ponyville post office.”

While nodding, Hektor took from a pocket the Orvech Vodka recipe he brought, giving the piece of paper to the one that was standing in front of him “It has to be delivered to two siblings called Applejack and Big Mac. If I remember correctly, they live in-”

“Sweet Apple Acres. Everybody here in Ponyville knows them.” Flash interrupted him laughing a little “Do not worry. I’ll make sure that your letter will be in the bag of our beloved post mare...she’s a nice pony, even if a bit clumsy.” He added while putting the letter inside his armor in front of the look of the Inspector that, judging from his face, wasn’t quite happy hearing that news.

“You should get going before it becomes too dark, mister Inspector.” Flash Sentry’s suggestion was instantly followed by the human that, after giving back the necklace to him, walked fast towards the door to the portal.

“I wish you a good evening.” A moment of silence preceded the continuation of his speaking “You can call me Hektor if you want. After all, we’ll have to work together from now on.”

The blue maned soldier smiled happily “Then it’s mister Hektor from now on. I wish you a good evening, too.”

Without saying anything more, Hektor walked fast paced to the portal, hoping to not find himself mutated in some kind of pony before reaching it.


29 October, 1983 - H 02:00 - ???

A light gray smoke was filling the little room where two people were standing; between them, there was just a wooden desk and two chairs that, despite their usefulness, had been left empty.

“The first contacts established by our agent were good...I think we were able to persuade them in making contacts with us.” The voice of the blonde M.O.A. officer was calm and satisfied...two feelings that were underlined by the way he was smoking his cigarette.

“I’ll ask my superiors to send an undercover diplomat to this great hive, as they call their capital city.” The flat tone of Vonel was the total opposite of Varusov’s way of speaking “Having this changeling attack was an useful thing, after all.”

Varusov nodded slowly while enjoying the taste of the cigarette smoke; a brief moment of silence allowed him to breathe out both what he was greedily keeping in his mouth “Today Arstotzka was able to find a powerful ally in Equestria too...those Griffonians look like a powerful nation to have contact with.”

The black agent with his hands behind his back walked slowly towards the door “I’ll make sure to find a way to infiltrate some spies in their ranks to better watch them.” He stretched out his hand to reach the handle of the door before looking back at his interlocutor “Speaking of people to watch, you better watch how mister Popov acts...until now he’s doing good, but nobody could tell how he’ll behave in the next days.”

“He’ll not cause any trouble. He has no expectations about his life and he just wants to earn money to live...two thing that guarantee trust.” A grin grew on his face after those words.

“The most important thing is that he’ll not cause problems to Arstotzkan plans...it would be your responsibility, too.” With a serious look, Vonel opened the door before going out from the room without saying anything more.

Vonel was left alone with his thoughts and his cigarette, two good companions to have in that moment of reflection caused by those last words. There were plans to make, things to check...and a head to firmly keep on the shoulders.

Author's Note:

Finally the new chapter is out.

I wish to sincerely thank Niclove for allowing me to host his OC in the story. It was nice to think about the scene regarding him and Hektor. I hope you'll like it Nic :)

I wish you all a good week-end and an enjoyable read.



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