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No life with a computer + ponies = me. Go figure.


Cancelled! Sorry!

What happens when an average male teenage gamer, gets launched into a land of ponies while playing a game? Now, watch as Josh tries to survive in a place where magic really does exist, with the power of Garry's mod.

This will be bad won't it?

Rating is Teen for: Swearing and Violence.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 50 )

Hang on. Wasn't there already a story that did this thing?

Not the human in Equestria thing, we all know that's been done before, but the human having Gmod-flavored abilities.

What is a gmodder?

Yes Leone there was but I don't think it gets updated some with the creator. Now about this story I love it so far I hope to see an update soon.

7213507 its a sandbox game where you can manipulate physics and spawn stuff.

:rainbowlaugh:7213587 halo forge is better than gmod

7213507 garrys mod i think look it up :ajsmug:

7213246 Yeah. There was actually two, One being remembering Garry's mod, and another one who's nam escapes me...

7213614 halo is xbox exclusive and gmod is moddable thats the point, halo you can't make new gamemodes like jailbreak or have over 100 people on a single server much less 64, you can't make new weapons

7214077 Ok but the combats better in halo and there's nothing wrong with disagreeing If our modo is love and tolorence I would hate to see what the call of duty fandom is like

7215811 ... Oh sweet fucking celestia... Probably nukes...lots and lots of nukes

7283352 yep and that's why battlefield is better

7285985 freindship only in battlefield

This story looks awesome! It has a ton of potential and is well executed, keep up the good work!

7285985 I dont wanna spoil anything, but.... in the words of a genius: "IT NEEDS MORE EXPLOSIONS!!!!!"

In this one instance, Rainbow Dash attacking is reasonable, if not overkill. Some random creature trespassing in the royalty's palace? Yeah, that's not okay, but that doesn't mean you go out and attack it as soon as it's back is turned! And what was that about him hurting Rainbow Dash? When not standing there and getting attacked makes you the attacker, their is a flaw in your logic. The locking up is okay, he is trespassing but what's with the studying comment? They know he's sapient, he spoke to them, as such he should be treated as any other being in the eye the law, which should protect him from the violation of privacy such studying will no doubt contain. If they have such laws anyway. And why is everyone suddenly hemophobic? A little blood and suddenly it's too much? And what's with Rainbow Dash! You threw launched him across the room into a wall with your non-descript attack and you didn't realize he might bleed? Didn't feel too strongly about the opening.

It's an okay read so far, I await the next installment.

why would he show them his physgun knowing it could screw them over. Probably still has gravity, and toolgun, in gmod you can spawn the same tools over and over.

Well seeing as he can spawn things in taking away his Physics gun doesn't really effect him. other then that im glad this story is still going on.

I wonder if there will be some bullshit prophecy or something and I like how every story I read Celestia just thinks she has to regulate everything anyway
YAY Update!
please continue

I am glad that you are alright!:moustache:

Yeah, the ponies are dicks. I like it.
Bite me. (Don't actually bite me.)

it's good t know you're well

Is he going to find a way to unlock god mode soon?

How did he get rid of the physics gun if he doesn't know where they took it.

7712864 You can only do that with props not weapons i believe I've played gmod before.

7713637 More than me my friend I've honestly got no idea

7394492 Do remember Ponies and other beings in equestrian are thrown hard into objects and come out unscathed so the blood was a massive shock.


He saw a Yellow health counter that showed 50. He started to piece together what was going on. He had the powers of his favorite game. Garry's Mod

Are you sure its not Half-life?

7713637 Utility CLEAN UP WEAPONS button?

7712433 godmode are for the lazy USE ADMIN BALLS


Little friendly advice from one amateur writer to another; when writing speech, it goes into it's own separate paragraph. Example:

The man picked up the ball. "This ball is round." he said. He then started to bounce the ball.

This is incorrect.

The man picked up the ball.

"This ball is round." he said.

He then started to bounce the ball.

This is correct. Other than a few grammatical errors, this story is great. Keep up the good work.

Now, i've been on Gmod myself a long time.

If i were you, i'd go absolutely wild with SNPC's and the like, use them as meatshields, envoys, etc.

Also, i'd recommend putting a bit of space between each paragraph, it might not seem like much but believe me, it makes all the difference!

shouldn't have stayed in a place where they know where you are. You can easily no-clip out of there,
when is next chapter?

The story LIVES!!! see john I told you jumper cables and a car battery can bring the "Insert Whatever Here" Back from the "Insert Something Here"

Danke rücksichtslose experimente zu lebenden geschöpfen

8038757 [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=85&v=SrTeAI6lrbI]
This and the Nyan gun, Gbombs, Lightsaber, AND ALOT OF WEAPON MODS. I think thing will turn out pretty good.

Goodbye man we will miss ya

I hope that even though you aren't writing that you can still enjoy the fandom.

good bye and hope you get through what ever is happening or will.

Goodbye and rip :(
It sucks to see people who have interesting ideas stop cultivating them because of stuff going on. Hope whatever’s going on resolves itself

I wanted to see what was going to happen. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--

I read this even though it was canceled and enjoyed its stupidity combined with random stuff happening even with the errors it was a humorous fic that Manny would want to see live on.

Backward accelerated bhops are better.

Bye man, fun story

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